Chapter 8 - Fated To The Cursed Lycan Prince

Rufus' POV:

I never expected that this was how I would meet my mate.She had fear in her eyes.

Her body looked so fragile and frail, especially that my coat was obviously too big for her.

I saw her lips tremble slightly as her beautiful doe eyes looked up at me.My heart trembled like it never did.I wanted to comfort her, but my head began to ache again.

This time I felt even more painful than a while ago, which meant that I was about to break into madness soon.

"Go," I said to her in a harsh tone, trying to keep the beast inside.

She thought that something was wrong and didn't leave.

Instead, she reached out to touch me.

But I could feel my reason fade away.I was about to lose control of myself any second now.

"Fuck off now!"

In desperation, I pushed her away.

With the fear back in her eyes, she scampered to the side like a little rabbit.I took a deep breath and clenched my fists, trying to suppress the restless desire in my heart.I should at least wait for her to leave.

Omar was also doing his part in trying to keep me sane for a little longer.

But why was she still here? I felt a slight movement behind me.

Sometimes I could hear her breath close to me, other times it would sound farther.

She was moving around the room.

Finally, I was on my last strain of sanity.I grabbed her and pressed her to the floor.I could feel the beast within me about to break through.I was in so much pain that I had to let out a scream.

"What are you still doing here?" I asked her, my eyes wide with craze.

"I..I need pants," she squeaked out.

Her face was deathly pale.

I gasped out loud, feeling the pain in my head spread to my body.I was gradually losing myself.

Slowly, fur began to grow out of my back and my claws started to come out, pressing on the girl's neck.

There was a desire in me to pierce her throat brutally.

But I could also still feel some reason in myself, telling me not to hurt the person in front of me.

Her sweet citrus scent filled my nose.

The clean, floral fragrance soothed my madness a little bit.I was trying to restrain the beast from coming out, but I could not let go of the person I was holding under me.

She was very scared.

With tears in her eyes, she struggled against my grip and begged me to let her go.

But at this time, I could not stop the bloodthirstiness and anger from clouding my reasoning anymore.

I tried to hold on to this woman, hoping that her scent would save me.I was absolutely addicted to her scent and couldn't help but bury my face in her neck.I wanted to drown myself in this intoxicating fragrance.

The girl in my arms pounded my chest with her fists, but it only did so much as tickle me.I got a little impatient and grabbed her hands.

As she struggled, the smell of blood now filled my nose.

But instead of triggering my desire to kill and destroy, my mind had gone quiet all of a sudden.

The headache seemed to be less painful now.

Although my head was still in a mess, at least my vision was starting to get clearer.

I approached the girl subconsciously.

It was her strong scent that softened my heart and made my headache disappear into thin air.I was now relaxed.I even felt like I was walking on clouds.I tightened my arms around her and didn't want to let go, like a dragon that wanted to guard its treasure forever.