Chapter 9 - Fated To The Cursed Lycan Prince

Sylvia's POV:

My body was so close to Rufus.His hands on my back felt hard as iron.I felt like crying but there were no tears left in me anymore.I regretted staying to find pants.I should have left when he told me to! There was stinging feeling on my chin.It must have been scratched by his claws.I brought up my hands to push him away, but I failed.I looked at him in fear, and he was also starring sharply at me.

It felt like there was a storm brewing in his deep eyes.

He reached up and touched my neck, which made me freeze up.

I did not forget about the rumors about his cruelty.I even heard one time that he had once snapped the neck of a she-wolf in bed.

He had been looking at my neck for quite a long time.

What was he going to do? Was he thinking of ways to break my neck? I mustered up all my strength to push him away.

He paused and stared at my face before slowly approaching again.

There was not much expression on his face, but his eyes were dark and had some kind of emotion I couldn't fathom.

He lowered his head to face me.

I closed my eyes in fear, but suddenly, I could feel the wound on my chin getting licked.

His tongue felt warm and it numbed the back of my head.

This action felt gentle beyond words.

In fact, if people saw us right now, they could think that we were a loving couple.

No.I couldn't afford to have such thoughts.I just held my breath and didn't dare to move, but the small hairs on my arms stood on end.I made sure to avoid eye contact and only stared into the nothingness.I was afraid of disgruntling him for fear that he would eat me alive.

He then wrapped his arms around me tightly.

Any tighter and it would have strangled me to death.I had no choice but to lean on his firm chest and hear his strong heartbeat.

It was beginning to suffocate me.

Just when I thought I was about to run out of air, his grip on my body loosened and his head lowered down to my neck.

"Don't go,"

Prince Rufus whispered in my ear.

I was too scared to move.I just let him hold me.

Not long after, his breathing became light and steady.

Did Rufus just fall asleep? I gently poked his waist, but he didn't move.

I blinked and saw him gradually return to his human form.

The silver fur and sharp claws retracted back into his skin.

His two fluffy wolf ears were the last to go.

I noticed that the insides of his ears were pink.

Usually, wolves had black ears.

I had never seen ears like his.

It actually looked cute and kind of funny, because it didn't match Rufus' cold and intimidating temperament at all.

When I saw that he was indeed soundly asleep, I couldn't help but reach up and feel his ears.

They were much softer than I thought.I retracted my hand and tried to push him off.I saw my clothes in the corner, but it seemed that they had been ripped to shreds.I had no choice but to put on Rufus' coat.

Upon checking my trousers, I found that they could still be worn somehow.

Damn it, Shawn! I cursed him in my heart.

Knowing Shawn, he would never give up until he got what he wanted.

Now that he was also the Alpha, it would be so much easier for him to have me killed.

My future here was dangerous.I needed to get out of here as soon as possible.

Fortunately, there were no more guards at the door.

"My dear, you should take this opportunity to escape now.As Shawn dared to hurt you then, he will definitely try and hurt you more in the future.This is outrageous! You are the daughter of the former Beta, I can't believe he-"

"Yana, I'm nothing but the daughter of a traitor to these people, a lowly slave.To them, I am a worthless piece of trash that they can just throw around." I interrupted my wolf.

"Okay, but we must take this chance at survival first.This is the only way we can still have our revenge."

"But where will we go? If we leave our pack, we're going to become rogues."

Frustration filled my heart.

"Follow your mother's instructions before she died.Go find your father.Then, plan your revenge."

Yana suggested something I had not tried considering before.

"I could, but my mother didn't tell me anything about my father.I don't know..."

"Sylvia, it really won't be easy.But if we stay here, we won't even have a chance at all!" I paused.

Yana was right.

Now that Shawn and I were in conflict, staying in the pack was a death wish.I guessed I would have to go and find my father to fulfill my mother's last wish.I turned around and left the room, heading to the border of the territory.

While everyone was indulging in the banquet, now would be a good time to escape.I moved carefully in high alert at all times, carefully avoiding the werewolves patrolling.

When I could see the border of the pack's territory, I was filled with relief.I didn't see anyone guarding the border.

Just as I was about to cross over, I heard clapping behind me.

My chest tightened as the lights lit up one by one.I closed my eyes and sighed.I was doomed.

"Get her!"

Shawn ordered his men.

A ferocious werewolf instantly pounced on my shoulder.

"Let me go!"

I shot a glare at Shawn.I did not expect him to know that I was going to escape.

"Save you strength in bed, Sylvia," Shawn said, his eyes lustfully looking me up and down.

"You're such a slut.You really do pounce on men when you see them!"

All of a sudden, his eyes turned dark with anger.He barked out another cold order.

"Guards, get the slut's clothes off of her!"