Chapter 10 - The Alpha's Curse The Enemy Within

"May I help you?" came his deep, throaty voice. I swear I would have been turned on if it wasn't for the anger brewing in me.

"As a matter of fact, you may," I bit out angrily, squaring my shoulders while folding my hands against my chest. My eyes held his stare.

Killian pulled away from his table, he carelessly tossed the quill pen in his hand on the table, his eyes coldly sizing me up.

"First and foremost, you are to knock and wait for my response before abruptly barging into my office," he warned, glaring coldly at me. "And secondly," he placed his hand under his chin. "When addressing me, you lose that damn tone." His voice was brutally cold, which only seemed to aggravate me further. "What do you want?"

I held my stance, still locking eyes with him. "I'd like to think I'm not a prisoner in my own pack. I've been here for days now, and I haven't stepped out of my chamber, not once, let alone left the castle walls. You know, I am not a dog that you can keep locked up in its cell, Killi–" I held back the last word, adding stubbornly, "Alpha"

He was shameless. Not a single remorse in his eyes after I caught him with his damned lover. My heart burned, and I couldn't stop the tears that gathered in them, but my gaze refused to leave his.

"So, what are you saying?" I felt his eyes wander over my body, keeping a straight face.

"Firstly, I hate having my meals alone in my chamber. I want to go down like everyone else," I said, forcing my emotions out of my voice.

Killian's cold eyes regarded me thoroughly. For a split second, I thought I saw a flash of emotion stalk his amber eyes. That was impossible, though.

"Fine. I'll have that taken care of." He retracted his stare from me, shifting it to the pile of papers on his table. "If that's all, you may take your leave now."

"No, I still have more to say." I remained fixed on my spot.

Releasing an exhausting sigh, Killian's gaze met mine again. He folded his hand on his chest.

"What?" he gestured with his hands.

"I want to leave the castle and—"

Before I could finish my sentence in peace, Killian's deep voice interrupted me.

"Leave the castle?" His eyes were turning dark, anger taking a toll on his voice.

I nodded, trying to hide my fear. "Yes, my chamber feels suffocating. I want to see the pack, and be able to take strolls, receiving some fresh air."

His eyes softened as soon as I was done, but as usual, his expression was stoic. He was silent as if considering my words.

Finally, he nodded again. "That's also fine. I will arrange something with Riannon. You can leave now."

"I still have more to say," I voiced, hearing my own words echoing in my head.

Killian seemed pissed, very pissed like he couldn't wait for me to just vanish from his sight.

"What now, Sheila?" His voice was getting sharper and pointer, losing his patience.

"Even though you hate me, and do have a lover beside you," I paused, finding the right words, as Killian seemed interested in what I had to say. "I'm still the Luna of this pack, and I want to be involved in everything that concerns the pack."

I was surprised he didn't reproach me. "In what way?"

I drew in some air. "I could be involved with the Packs' training." His eyes ran over my body for the briefest seconds before he spoke.


"Why?" My lips rushed a response. I really wanted to train. I always wanted to, but my father never allowed it, as I was never allowed to leave the packhouse. It was bad enough that I didn't have a wolf like other wolves. I was already at a disadvantage. The least I could do was learn how to defend myself being the Luna of this pack.

"Because I said no," he growled, stopping any further argument.

"I really don't understand you. What do you want from me? I am the Luna of this pack, it's been bad enough that I've been silently rejected by my mate who has a lover. I already feel so useless and incapable as a mate and Luna, at least allow me to do something for myself, I'm not some dog that needs to be locked up in its cage!" I yelled in rage, and tears rushed from my eyes, burning my eyes.

Killian was staring at me with a blank expression. Suddenly, his gaze avoided mine. He was up on his feet, moving to the window bars, sending his back to me. "I will think about it. You may leave now."

Without sparing another glance at me, I left the office, finding Ria outside the door. Her eyes were bright with smiles.

I quirked my brows at her.

"The Alpha has given me permission to show you around the pack."

I released a smile even though it didn't reach my heart.

But after leaving the castle walls, I realized how suffocated I had felt. The air outside the pack was divine and nerve-calming. Ria was a darling. She showed me around the pack, but not everywhere. Killian had a very large pack, even larger than my father's. There was even a quarter for the Crescent North witches, as I was told by Ria. I could really see why it was the largest pack in the whole of North Central.

Ria left me in the Pack's garden; it was beautiful. There was this thing about flowers that always seemed to calm me. I plucked some marigolds and roses, inhaling their scent. I inhaled more flowers in front of me, trying to overlook the chest pains I kept getting. It was uncomfortable. I had to press my hand on my chest in a futile attempt to make it ache less. But nothing worked. I knew the pain was as a result of Killian's infidelity, if it could be called that. Even though we were not mated yet, and he hadn't marked me as his, I could still feel the pain.

I shook from my thoughts when short, unusual sounds escaped from the woods. I looked behind, and Ria had not yet returned. I took a few steps further.

"Is someone there?" There was nothing in response. The eerie silence made my heart race with fear. The hairs on my skin rose in panic; something was wrong. I turned around to run, but I was confused about which direction actually went to the castle.

My confusion was instantly replaced with fear when I heard loud growls behind me. I turned around, and my eyes widened in horror as three brown wolves emerged from the woods. They appeared hungry, if not angry, as their eyes scanned me like a predator would a prey. I felt the fast beating of my heart. It made my legs weaken.

Slowly, the wolves walked closer as I staggered backward. This made their ferocious growling get louder. I couldn't run, at least not in my human legs, as I would never outrun them. I didn't have a chance.

I looked around me, hoping to find someone that could actually come to my rescue. But there was no one. My racing heart sped faster as the wolves stealthily approached me.

My heart fell in defeat as I soon realized this could actually be it for me. The thought that I might actually die today sent my bones trembling against their joints. There was no way I could survive an attack from these wolves. They were huge and vicious, and I didn't have a wolf to aid my speedy recovery. I was doomed.

The wolves snarled angrily and prepared to lunge at me. In a second, they leaped in the air, and I released a deafening cry, falling to the ground, and shutting my eyes.

Immediately, a loud growl rippled through the air. I opened my eyes, and from nowhere, a big black wolf jumped in front of me. It was thrice the size of the former wolves. The wolf tilted his head and glanced my way as if inspecting me to see if I was hurt. His eyes were glowing a brighter shade of yellow than the sun. Killian. I recognized those gazes. His attention was pulled away by the growling that sounded from the wolves. They were more than ready for a fight.

Killian's burning eyes found mine again, and suddenly, I heard his thundering voice in my head. "Run, Sheila! Run!"

I was frozen on the ground. I wanted to move, but I couldn't get my legs into motion.

Killian's hard gaze met mine again, and he yelled more frustratedly in my head.

"Shift, now!" It was a command from my mate and alpha, which I was obliged to obey. But that was something impossible to do. I couldn't shift. I didn't have a wolf, and Killian didn't know that.

His eyes narrowed on me, confusedly, when the three wolves launched forward, pouncing on Killian.

I let out a frightened cry.