Chapter 9 - The Alpha's Curse The Enemy Within

I woke up earlier today. I left Thea asleep in her bed, naked. I didn't want to wake her up. For the past few days, I've been spending my nights in her chamber. This is an attempt to get Sheila out of my mind. Frankly, it hasn't been much of a success. I'm trying my best, and so is Ryker, but I just can't seem to forget the insane moment that I felt Sheila's lips on mine. Her soft and warm body folded against mine. It's driving me crazy. She's all I think of these days, even when I'm with Thea. At this rate, I might lose the sanity I'm fighting to keep.

I just finished my morning training with the pack's army and showered in my chamber. I left my chamber and headed down to my office. There were some pending matters relating to the pack that I needed to attend to.

My wolf, Ryker, paced at the back of my head. He's been doing that for the last couple of days. He's been strangely restless and on alert, as if expecting something bad to happen. Well, I simply think he's like that because of the coming crescent moon rising. It was a big deal for us. It was on the night of the crescent moon, my father heartlessly placed a curse on me, affecting the pack. That night still haunted me, I was only a child then, having witnessed the death of my mother at the hands of her own mate. It was too much to handle. I detested that man more than anything in my life.

I shook from my thought at the opening of the door. I looked up and Thea's beautiful face came into my view. She approached me with a cup of brewed ginger tea.

"I brought some tea for you, Killian," Her sweet voice greeted me. She's so nice and beautiful. I feel really guilty, having her yet thinking of someone else. Thea didn't deserve any of this. She deserved better, after everything she's been through.

It's been only a few months already since I met her, frankly, I could say our meeting was predestined by fate itself. She was found at the borders of my pack. She was alone and didn't have the stench of a rogue. The moment I laid my eyes on her, I felt the connection between us. It was like magic itself, and she had the mark of the goddess in the shape of a moon, exactly as the witch had told me. I knew then that she was the one. Her fate had already been tied to mine. Thea was injured badly then, which caused her to lose her wolf. It took some time for her to open up to me, and I found out her pack had been attacked by rogues, and she witnessed the deaths of her parents. It was by sheer luck she survived. Instantly, I felt the need and urge to protect her, to care for her. And that hasn't changed, but deep down it wasn't the same as before.

I sighed, feeling Thea's soft lips on mine. She began kissing me, and I pulled her in for more. Her kisses became demanding, and I went with the flow, caging her body in my arms. In short minutes, I slammed her against the table, running my hands over her body. My lips left her lips, feasting on her body. Her soft moans sounded in my ears. It was pleasing to the ears. I pushed down the sleeve of her dress so I could get more access to her skin. My hands had found their way underneath her long silken dress, making their way up to her ass. Just then, a sharp knock sounded on the door, interrupting us. It made me groan. Before I could answer, the door was pushed open and she walked in, and she gasped. Sheila.

Why was she here?

Confusion filled my eyes. The shocked gasp I heard from Sheila forced me to pull away from Thea. My wolf, Ryker, howled in my head, demanding I do.

My eyes fell on Sheila's perfect face. As much as I hated to admit it, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Never had anyone looked at me with such innocence and purity.

My heart shattered.

There was hurt and shock in her eyes. I felt an overpowering urge to run to her, and take the unbearable pain imprinted in those blue eyes of hers. Ryker was raging mad, fighting me for control. He had completely lost it. He hated the pain in her eyes, and so did I, but the breaking truth was that we caused her pain.

Sheila's gaze shifted to Thea, but not a single word left her mouth. Her beautiful lips parted a little. It made me want to reach out to her and kiss it.

Her eyes fell back on me, connecting with mine. I couldn't pull away, nor could I run to her. I could feel Thea's heated gaze on me. I couldn't even look her way.

"Do you mind?" Thea cleared her throat, her voice breaking our gaze. It was then I realized her dress was still undone, and my hands were on her. I pulled away instantly, while Sheila spun around and left the room. I had to force myself to not run after her.

Masking my emotions, I turned to Thea, whose gaze burned through me. "I have some matters to tend to. I'll see you in your chamber." I forced the words out of my lips no matter how they sounded. I couldn't think clearly with her beside me.

Thankfully, Thea nodded with a smile, placing a kiss on my lips. After fixing her dress, she left my office.

I was torn. As I paced around, for the first time in the longest time, Ryker lost control. The last time he lost control was years ago when my own father murdered my mother, right before my eyes. And that familiar rage found me today.

I couldn't stay still. I wanted to see Sheila. I had to see her. She was really hurt. I hurt her.

I groaned, feeling frustrated.


Sheila's point of view

I ran outside, my eyes streamed with tears.

I couldn't take the pain, running straight to my chamber. I could hear Ria's hasty footsteps chasing after me as she called out to me. I didn't stop till I reached my chamber, crashing on the bed that was ready to receive me. The emotions suffocating my chest were too intense to bear. The door opened and Ria rushed to me, engulfing me in her arms. I leaned into her arms, I didn't hold back my tears, I released them all crying into her arms.

It was unbearable. Finding my mate in the arms of his lover made my heart ache. I knew this was expected but, regardless, it hurt me to the bones. The image of her naked body in his arms broke my soul.

Ria kept stroking my hair, rubbing circles on my back with her other hand while muttering comforting words to me.

I really didn't understand why he couldn't just love me. It made me feel pathetic and unworthy. And I hated these feelings.

I hated his silent rejection.

Abruptly, I jerked on my feet like I was suddenly possessed. I was filled with rage. Ria's wide eyes were on me. I wiped off the tears that had stained my face.

"What happened? Are you feeling okay now?" she asked, with concerns, all of which I appreciated. But I doubt I will ever feel okay.

As I turned to the door, Ria was quick to stop me. "Where are you going?"

"To see your Alpha." I sidestepped her, leaving my chamber. I walked to his office, mentally preparing myself this time for the real reason I went there in the first place.

I knocked on the door while Ria was beside me and waited patiently for a response.

After a few seconds with no reply, I knocked again, and my ears picked up an angry growl from the other side of the door.

He was angry. Good. because I was too.

"Come on in," he grunted.

I turned to Ria, who shot a pleading look at me, asking me to reconsider my decision.

I nodded assuringly to her, holding on to the doorknob as I walked in.

I shut the door behind me, turning to face Killian. His frosty eyes pulled right up to mine from behind his table. His lover was not in the room.

He regarded me for a long time, with his expression unreadable.

"May I help you?" came his deep, throaty voice. I swear I would have been turned on if it wasn't for the anger brewing in me.

"As a matter of fact, you may," I bit out angrily, squaring my shoulders while folding my hands against my chest. My eyes held his stare.