Chapter 7 - The Alpha's Curse The Enemy Within

My entire body felt like it had been struck by lightning, and my senses were on overdrive. I couldn't think. I couldn't breathe. With Killian's lips on mine.

His scent and touch consumed my body, making me weak and needy inside. It ignited electrifying sparks that caused my body to respond to his. He held my waist firmly and tugged on my bottom lip and sucked it gently.

I moaned, Killian took the opportunity to dive his tongue into my mouth. My legs going weak and losing their strength, I collapsed into Killian's strong arms, and he welcomed me with his hands around my body.

Killian sent his hand into my hair and tugged me closer to him while his lips kept exploring my mouth. It was magic. Being kissed by Killian made everything around me disappear and seem irrelevant. I had no idea what we were even arguing about a minute ago. I got lost in the sensation.

Oh, goddess! What was this man doing to me? Was it safe to feel this way around a man that didn't even belong to me? But I can't help the way he makes me feel.

It felt nice having every piece of me molded to every piece of him. I moaned and ran my hands up his chest, trying to keep up with his possessive kisses. He placed more pressure on my lips as his tongue kept tasting every corner of my mouth.

I whimpered as he groaned more, caressing my body. I became hungry for more. I slid my hands under his chest, grinding my hips against his. My hands traveled up his back, finding his hair, which I tugged roughly. I continued grinding my hips against his like my life depended on it. I wanted badly to feel him against my bare skin. To have him inside me. Suddenly, I hated the modesty of our clothes that stood between our skins.

Killian growled against my lips as he lifted me off the floor and carried me into his arms, pinning me to his chest as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He reached for the bed, and I felt my back pressed against the bed with Killian's body on me. I trembled beneath his huge body.

I was panting so hard as his lips left my mouth and trailed feathery kisses to my neck, where his mark was supposed to be. He sucked on my neck, his hands slipping under my dress. I felt his touch on my skin, leaving a sensual burning trail that I was getting used to, then all of a sudden, Killian froze on the spot.

Why did he stop?

His eyes pulled up to meet mine, and I stared at him with confusion. The dark mist had cleared from his eyes, seeming to have woken him up from whatever trance he was in. Killian jerked away from me like I was a plague and rose from the bed, muttering strings of curses as he stared down at me with hate in his eyes.

What did I do now?

Killian ran his finger through his blonde hair, staring down at me on the bed. With an undecipherable glance sent my way, he stormed out of my chamber, leaving me alone.

I fell back on the bed, fighting the urge to scream into the pillows. What the hell is wrong with me? How could I let myself fall so deeply? My body still hadn't returned to normal; I felt too hot for my liking, and only Killian Reid could quench this intense hunger within me.

I hated this feeling.


Third-person point of view

Kaiser Black jumped from his horse, leaving its reins in the hands of one of the pack warriors. His legs moved swiftly as he hurried inside the pack house. His face showing not a single inkling to his thoughts. He walked past the long corridors, quickening his steps as he took a turn into the Alphas' quarters. One last turn and he approached the tall door at the end of the hallway. He gave a sharp knock before pushing the door open. His eyes scanned the room until they fell on the beautiful woman sitting on a chair while combing her hair.

The woman's eyes shot up, noticing him. "Kai, what happened? You look—" The woman yanked from her chair, her worried eyes gauging Kaiser.

"I am fine, Denise. It's really nothing. Where is my brother? " He questioned the woman hastily. She could sense the utmost urgency laced in his tone, and spoke quickly.

"The office." She replied. Without wasting a second, Kaiser started towards the door, ambling with speed to his brother's office. As soon as he reached the door, it was jerked open.

The room was dim as usual. Only the blazing fire at every corner of the room attempted to provide what little warmth and light it could afford. But it wasn't enough.

At the end of the large office, a tall and huge figure was positioned behind the wooden table, immersed in the pile of papers that were scattered on his table. He didn't gaze up.

Kaiser sighed, shutting the door behind him and stalking across the room. "Still working late, brother? "

Kaiser settled into the chair opposite the man, but his words failed to get any reaction from the man. Both brothers shared a similar resemblance. They both had bodies that seemed to have been sculpted by the gods, and hair that fell to their sides that had the color of shady brown. While Kaiser Black's eyes were deep hazel, the other man had dark magenta eyes which fitted him quite well.

"The Luna ceremony for the Crescent North Pack was held tonight." Placing his elbows on the table, Kaiser rubbed his chin, ignoring the usual grunt that always escaped from his brother's lips at the mention of that pack.

"Leonardo, I went there." As Kaiser spoke, his voice became soft. But the man, Leonard, still didn't respond, busying himself by diving his quill pen into the pool of black ink on the table. Though he wasn't saying anything, his facial expression held the words, "Why did you even go there?"

Kaiser ignored Leonardo's unsaid concerns. "Leo, I saw—" Kaiser paused, seeming to consider a thought for a quarter-second before continuing. "Her"

The last words seemed to have had some kind of magic, because Leonardo stopped moving, his dark magenta eyes falling on his brother. His grip on the brush was firm, almost in an attempt to snap it into two.

"Does she really—" He stopped his words, swallowing a hard lump. It was obvious he was having a hard time completing those words.

But Kaiser nodded, nonetheless, "She looks absolutely different, but I can feel it. It's her." He sounded more certain as his words left his lips.

"You cannot be that sure; it's been a long time," Leonardo said.

Kaiser seemed to be slightly offended by his brother's words. He retracted his elbow from the table, leaning into his chair. "I would recognize her alright. She is really—"

"Enough, Kaiser." Leonardo shut his eyes, pinching the skin on his forehead. He was frustrated; they all were. "Please," He added, pleadingly, brushing back a tendril of his brown hair.

"I don't like her there," Kaiser said again after a while. "Why Killian, of all people? Why?" Kaiser could hear the subtle growls that left his brother's lips. He hated everything about the Crescent North Pack. It was like a sour taste in the mouth. No matter how they tried to get rid of it, the name of that cursed pack always left a stench behind.

"This changes everything, right?" Kaiser rubbed his palm against his face, looking at his brother.

Leonardo released a curt, "No" in response. "It changes nothing"

"Then what do we do now?" Another question came from Kaiser Black.

Leonardo pulled his eyes to meet his brother's. He knew Kaiser would not like what he had to say, but they'd already exhausted so many years, they couldn't ruin everything now. It was difficult, Leonardo could admit, but his decision was for the best. "We cannot afford any more mistakes, brother."

It showed on Kaiser's face that he didn't like what his brother was saying, but still, he listened.

"Remember, we can't trust anyone. So, we do what we've been doing for the last fourteen years," Leonardo said.

"Which is?" came Kaiser's voice.

"We keep waiting. I promise we will have our revenge on everyone who ruined our lives. Only then can we take what is ours," Leonardo concluded, his eyes imploring his brother.

Kaiser released a firm sigh of resolve. "Fine. But I can't promise to stay away,"

Leonardo wanted to kick against it. But he knew his brother too well. Nothing he could say would make him stay far away from the Crescent North Pack. So, he resigned with a sigh. "Just don't ruin anything."