Chapter 9 - Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 9

But they really have gone too far in humiliating me, thought Veronica. “He’s not at home. Come back later.” Rachel closed the gate right away, not wanting to waste her breath talking to Veronica. However, Veronica seemed to have predicted that Rachel would do so; she pushed the gate open and went inside before Rachel could close it. Rachel flew into a rage. “What are you doing, Veronica? Get out at once!” “Who is it, Mom?” Tiffany happened to come downstairs. Upon seeing Veronica, she couldn’t help feeling annoyed. “What are you doing here, Veronica? This is my home!” They’re my closest kin, yet they loathe me so much, thought Veronica. Her heart twinged, but she looked calm and unperturbed. “Nothing. I just want to get my compensation for saving Young Master Matthew.” Her words were met with Rachel’s ridicule. “What does that have to do with you? Tiffy’s the one who saved him.” The one sitting before Rachel was also her biological daughter; but Rachel, who lived in the lap of luxury, disliked Veronica, who was from the depths of the country. She couldn’t help feeling that this country girl was rude, unreasonable, uncouth, and unpresentable. If the outsiders learn about Veronica’s existence, it might ruin Tiffy’s and my perfect image in the eyes of the public. Veronica looked sidelong at Rachel before turning to look at Tiffany with a laugh. “You two have proved yourself to be mother and daughter. Both of you can lie without turning a hair. You two are really as bold as brass, I’m afraid.” “Shut the f*ck up, Veronica!” Tiffany chided. As she really didn’t want to see Veronica, she said to Rachel, “Mom, she’s here for money. Just give her 50,000 and tell her to get out as soon as possible.” “Yeah, you’re right, Tiffy.” Rachel nodded. “I’ll go upstairs and get her the cash right away.” However, Veronica said shockingly, “Since the Larsons have lots of money, give me the 100 million that I deserve for saving Young Master Matthew’s life so that we won’t owe each other anything anymore.” “Don’t be too insatiable, Veronica!” Tiffany glared at her. “We’ll only give you 100,000 at most.” “We’ll give you 100,000, but you have to leave Bloomstead at once after getting the money. As for the Kingses, they’ll only acknowledge Tiffy as the one who saved Young Master Matthew’s life. Moreover, you said you saved his life, but do you have any evidence of that?” Rachel asked. “You think I’ll have no way to prove it after you all deleted the footage and stole the ring, huh? Don’t forget it was recorded

on the food delivery app that I had ridden past the intersection that day.” Veronica flashed the cell phone in her hand. Then, she continued, “Well, the food delivery record can’t prove 100-percent that it was me who saved Matthew’s life, but Tiffany didn’t even receive a food delivery order that day. Wouldn’t Matthew get suspicious? Anyway, rather than getting myself in trouble without getting the reward from him, I’d prefer to grant Tiffany’s wish.” In reality, Veronica didn’t deliver the takeout to the customer that day, so she couldn’t prove that she had passed through the road. This was also why she didn’t speak out and refute Tiffany when the latter lied in front of Matthew. In other words, the food delivery app wasn’t sufficient as evidence, but it could be used to ‘scare’ the Larsons, who had a guilty conscience. “How dare you!” Tiffany didn’t expect Veronica to have a card up her sleeve. Fearing that Veronica might expose her lies in front of Matthew, she asked, “How much do you want?” “Since you were the one who gave birth to me, Mrs. Larson, I’ll give you all a 90% discount. Give me 10 million.” Rachel replied, “10 million? What nonsense are you talking about?” Tiffany said, “You really are insane, Veronica!” The mother and daughter couldn’t bow to Veronica’s threats, of course. How dare someone from the depths of the country demand such an exorbitant price? Without wasting her breath, Veronica stood up and pretended to leave. “Since you two don’t agree to it, I’ll go to Old Mrs. Kings. She’s the Kings Family’s matriarch, so she’ll give the final word.” Tiffany had yet to figure out how Elizabeth got to know Veronica or why she was so partial to the latter. Consequently, she couldn’t help feeling that Veronica’s existence was a major threat to her. “Wait a minute,” she called out to Veronica. “Mom and I have to discuss this with Dad, so wait here,” she said while taking Rachel’s hand. “Mom, let’s go upstairs and call Dad.” With that, the mother and daughter went upstairs, whereas Veronica waited downstairs. However, the Larsons were too despicable. Fearing that they might be discussing some mean tricks upstairs, Veronica went upstairs worriedly. Dragon’s Creek Villa was an old villa that was built some years ago, so its soundproofing wasn’t very good. Veronica could vaguely hear the conversation between Tiffany and Rachel while standing at the door. She listened for a while, but she didn’t hear anything like which dirty tricks they would be using against her or her adoptive parents from their conversation. Inwardly, she couldn’t help mocking herself for being overcautious and somewhat paranoid, and she got ready to go downstairs. Just then, however, she heard words like “adoptive

parents” and “car accident.” As she couldn’t make out the sentences clearly, she pressed her ear against the door and listened carefully out of curiosity. “Veronica’s insatiable, and she’s the spitting image of me. If we keep her around, she’ll become a threat to us. And besides, Old Mrs. Kings likes her so much. How am I gonna get married to Matthew with her existence?” “That being said, Tiffy, we’ve crippled her adoptive father in the car accident in order to force her to donate her bone marrow to your brother. Don’t tell me you’re gonna lay a hand on her even?” “Are you stupid, Mom? As long as Veronica’s alive, she’ll hinder me from marrying into the Kings Family! That’s unless… you can make her a vegetable too!” As Tiffany spoke of this, her voice went up a few octaves all of a sudden; she got somewhat anxious. Standing outside the door, Veronica heard every word Tiffany had said, which sent a chill running down her spine. Still, she only felt her blood boiling. Over two months ago, Floch Larson and Rachel suddenly showed up before Veronica, saying they could bring her back to the Larson Family on condition that she donate her bone marrow to her leukemic younger brother. They had no choice but to go to Veronica because Tiffany’s bone marrow didn’t match his. Naturally, Veronica refused, which was why her adoptive parents suddenly had a car accident a month ago. After her adoptive parents were hospitalized with grave injuries, Floch and Rachel showed up again, saying they could treat her adoptive parents for free as long as she was willing to donate her bone marrow to the Larson Family’s youngest son. At the time, Veronica was a little suspicious of the car accident, as well as Floch and Rachel’s sudden appearance. But in the end, she thought that they wouldn’t go so far as to resort to such cruel means as her biological parents. Alas… She was too naive. Breathing fire at once, Veronica trembled all over with rage. She held onto the doorknob, wanting to burst into the room and confront them.