Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Biliionaire Husband

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Chapter: 823
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Synopsis about Her Biliionaire Husband

Read Her Biliionaire Husband by NovelSquare. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here"Save me and I'll give you 100 million!" When she accidentally rescued the man, she realized that he was the richest man in the city! The richest president had eyes on her and stalked her to marry him. "100 million is for your dowry!" With a raised eyebrow, she rejected the offer. "The money is promised to me as a reward. As for the person, sorry, I'm not interested!" "How about one billion?" The cheeky, yet domineering president even suggested, "Perhaps, I can offer myself as the reward!"
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Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 1

Chapter 1The story began at a hospital. Veronica Murphy, a young lady of slight build, rushed to the emergencyregistration counter while carrying a bloodied man on her back with all her strength. She said hurriedly,“This guy needs emergency treatment! He passed out in a car accident.” Veronica felt that today wasreally not her day. She was riding her motorcycle on her way to deliver takeouts when a Ferrari n

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 2

Chapter 2A ninth-degree black belt holder in Taekwondo, Veronica tried to fend Matthew off, but she couldn’t holdher own against him at this very moment. “Let go of me, you *sshole!” “How dare you play hard to getwith me right now after drugging me…” “What nonsense are you talking about? I’m here… for themoney!” Veronica struggled against the man, but it wasn’t until her fingers touched his skin t

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 3

Chapter 3Elizabeth turned around, her severe expression instantly easing into a benign smile as she walked upto Veronica. “You’re Veronica?” Veronica disliked Matthew, and she felt nothing toward Elizabeth. Still,she asked out of courtesy, “What can I do for you, madam?” Elizabeth’s smile broadened into acheerful grin at the word ‘madam.’ “Your looks are average, but you’ve got quite a smooth tong

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 4

Chapter 4“N-No, it’s not necessary.” The reward of 100 million was tempting, of course, but it was Matthew thatTiffany really had her eye on. She shook her head with a gentle smile, saying, “Even if it was someoneelse who was in danger that day, I would’ve saved them as well. And besides, no one would just watchfrom the sidelines and do nothing in that kind of situation.” Matthew replied, “If you

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 5

Chapter 5In the living room of the Kings Residence, Veronica, who had been forcibly brought here, made up anexcuse in an attempt to leave. “It’s getting late, madam. I’ve got to go to the hospital to deliver meals tomy parents.” However, Elizabeth replied kindly, “I’ve sent someone to get your parents transferred tothe Kings Family’s private hospital. They’ll be taken care of by professionals, so

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 6

Chapter 6Tiffany didn’t expect Veronica to react so quickly. Before she could do anything, the latter had slappedher twice across the face, making her ears buzz. She was angry and exasperated, but she couldn’tmake a scene with Veronica here. “Shut your mouth! Who are you calling ‘sis’?” she replied under herbreath while enduring the pain in her cheek. “But luckily, you were clever enough to not sp

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 7

Chapter 7Elizabeth said to Veronica, “Veronica, just stay here for the next two days and keep me company.”Veronica knew she had offended Matthew, but she didn’t want to grovel to the Larsons for the sake ofher adoptive parents, so she had no choice but to lean on Elizabeth right now. After all, Elizabeth didn’tseem to feel any animosity toward her. “I don’t understand. Why do you want me to keep y

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 8

Chapter 8“Yeah, I-I do.” Sensing the man’s chilly vibes—which were like that of a demon coming from hell—made Veronica feel so close to death for the very first time. Out of the instinct to survive, she noddedvigorously. “I want to, of course. But how can I prove it?” “Great.” The chilly expression on Matthew’sstony face eased, and his medium-sized lips curved into a barely perceptible smile. Then

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 9

Chapter 9But they really have gone too far in humiliating me, thought Veronica. “He’s not at home. Come backlater.” Rachel closed the gate right away, not wanting to waste her breath talking to Veronica. However,Veronica seemed to have predicted that Rachel would do so; she pushed the gate open and wentinside before Rachel could close it. Rachel flew into a rage. “What are you doing, Veronica? Get

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 10

Chapter 10Calm down, calm down… Veronica felt hostility from the Larsons. If she were to barge in right now, shewould only shatter the peace between her and the family, and they would be even more tempted to killher off. Given the power the Larson Family held, they wouldn’t break a sweat to take her out. Besides,with her adoptive parents still living, what were they supposed to do if anything were