Chapter 9 - Hey, My Twins Babies

Winnie drove to the kindergarten. She was surprised to see Megan coming out with Brian's son.


Megan sprang at Winnie's arms happily. Luke showed an envy look.

"Hello, Auntie."

"Hello, Luke, I did not expect to see you again. I am glad to see you."

Winnie was glad, let go ofMegan and squatted down to give Luke a big hug.

"I am glad too."

Luke gave Winnie a hug with an unfamiliar action.

"Mummy, Luke is in a class with me, and he takes care of me."

Megan explained and seemed to be more excited than Winnie.

"Oh, what a coincidence. Thanks for your care, Luke..."

Compared to his ice-cold father, Luke was a sunshine boy.

"You are welcome. It is my pleasure"

Luke said like a small adult. For the first time he felt himself important. AndWinnie’s hug was warm.

"Little cute, you are so sweet, I like you."

Winnie pinched Luke's face in a spoiled manner, but her heart was bitter.

"It's time to go home, Little Young Master."

A man suddenly appeared. Winnie looked back, and when she turned to see Luke, there was no smile on his face.

"Auntie, I should go home. Goodbye, Auntie, goodbye, Megan."

"Oh, ok, see you tomorrow."

"Goodbye, Luke."

Luke followed the man to leave. Looking at the weak figure and thinking of his smile suddenly disappeared, Winnie had a kind of bitter feeling in heart.

"Mommy, can you give me a brother, too, so that he can protect me?"

In the car, Megan asked innocently.

Winnie’s eyes went dark and suddenly felt a sharp pain.

"Luke can protect you."

If that child had not been sent away, he would now be as big as Luke.

In the next morning, Winnie sent Megan to the kindergarten and deliberately waited for a while, but she did not see Luke, perhaps he came earlier.

It was the second day of work, which was the start of the official work mode.

The first batch of phones ready for the market were already taking shape, and now the conference was discussing the software and chip configuration of each model.

TodaLKrian was not there and she was more at ease. No one picked on her, and she would not go against anyone.

"Based on the data you have given me, I have given my opinion on the configuration of each phone. I have detailed description on the processor, memory, camera, even the sensor and screen. I have also made detailed comments on the user interface and application software. Seth, please report to Mr. Bennet. If he is not satisfied, I will make improvements."

From the beginning of the meeting to now, Winnie was almost the only one explaining. Her professional knowledge attracted admiration from everyone, which was quite different from her yesterday.

"Ok, I'll go to the president's office after the meeting."

Seth admired Winnie, who was young but had outstanding achievements.

"Please convey this to me, Seth. My advice is to have high configuration and strong performance, and the price must be affordable. If we do that, we will be able to crack the market with our first phones."

Winnie added, passing on her ideas to Seth. She really didn't want to see that ice face.

"I will. Miss Chambers, there is the last item. The design department just sent this phone. It is a high- end phone. Please have a look at the design drawings, it would be better to reduce the cost."

Winnie took over the information in Seth's hand and looked through it, but she frowned when she saw the design.

"This mobile phone has been listed by other manufacturers, if we produce it, we are imitating. Without innovation, it's hard for consumers to remember us."

"This phone is not novel enough, and my advice is either to have good configuration or don't put it into production."

Winnie was not convinced about this foldable phone, saying it had no appeal other than its price.

"But the cost will be high with good configuration. If it's higher than other brands, we have no advantage."

Seth elaborated his views.

"That's why I say we can't follow the footsteps of others. We have to innovate. Let the design department study it. That's my personal opinion and it's up to Mr. Bennet to decide."

As Winnie's words fell, there was silence for a moment.

"Seth, wait for two minutes, I will configure this phone."

Winniestill felt unease, but her work was limited to the hardware and software inside the phone. She just had to do her job. It didn't seem to matter to her what products the company would launch.

A few minutes later, Winnie used a computer to make a two configuration sheets. Which one to choose was their business.

"Miss Chambers, didn't you say that this phone is better not be on the market?"

Seth asked in bewilderment.

"I said it was my opinion. Despite the fact that I gave the configuration sheet, I still stand by my opinion. You can report to Mr. Bennet."

Winnie said and began to tidy up her files and computer.

At the end of the meeting, the video screen in the president's office locked on Winnie.

Brian's eyes were deep, and his eyebrows were uplifted.

He was watchingWinnie’s performance at the meeting. She was very serious and confident in her work, and she was in control of her professional knowledge.

In the eyes of Brian, Winnie's work experience and age were not consistent.

"Mr. Bennet, shall we request MT to change her?"

Klara asked.

"I'll be watching for a while."

This woman was still valuable. He must continue to observe and must not miss the talent.

"Tell the design department to redesign a high-end phone."

Thinking ofWinnie’s opinion, Brian was angry. Even a software engineer knew that the design was an imitation. Didn't those professional designers he hired at his high salary know that?

"I'll inform them."

Not long after Klara went out, Seth came to report the work.

Brian had seen the whole meeting, so it was not necessary for Seth to elaborate.

He carefully looked through Winnie's configuration sheet, and his face gradually eased down.

"There is no need to improve. Except for high-end phones, they all start to put into production according to this configuration sheet."

Brian could not find a flaw inWinnie’s configuration sheet.

"Seth, please inform the staff of your department to have dinner tonight to welcome Miss Chambers."

"Ok. Mr. Bennet, how about the high-end phone?"

Seth did not know why Brian did not give opinion on high-end phone.

"Give me your opinion first."

Brian said indifferently.

"I just studied Miss Chambers's opinion and the two configuration sheets she gave me. I think Miss Chambers's analysis is reasonable. My opinion is that we don’t produce. And if we need to produce it, we should make it with low configuration and can not put the high-end phone into the market."

Seth gave his opinion.

"I will communicate with Miss Chambers. Even if this model does not use in high-end phones, we have to have high-end phones. Otherwise we will be positioned as inferior."

Brian's deep eyes make people unpredictable, he wanted to be more based on the brand.