Hey, My Twins Babies

Hey, My Twins Babies

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Synopsis about Hey, My Twins Babies

The Hey, My Twins Babies novel series by author Joel Riley has been updated on Swnovels.com. Novel Hey, My Twins Babies in the genre of Romance, drama, ... tells about the troubled love of the male and female leads. Currently, the Hey, My Twins Babies novel series is updating the fastest content on the market and continuously on the website. Please visit daily to read FULL Hey, My Twins Babies books or download free PDF novel Hey, My Twins Babies hereBrain was the unattainable domineering president, while her status was humble. She gave birth to a twin. Was it a gift from God, or is it bad luck? She buried everything in the past, took his astronomical reward and disappeared. Four years later, she came home with her daughter, and before she got off the plane, “Mommy, there was the little brother looking at us." She looked in the direction of her daughter's finger -- a cute boy and a tall man -- They looked alike...
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Chapter 1 An Accident

Winnie Chambers sat on the freezing chair of the hospital, feeling miserable and sad.Her father died in a car accident, and her mother was dying for many of her organs got injured. Thoughher sister did not hurt much, she got fainted by the bloody scene and now was still in coma.It was identified that her father should take full liability of the accident, and Winnie should compensatefor the dead driver and an

Chapter 2 A Great Shame

This man didn't want to know anything about this woman. As long as things went well they would nothave anything to do with each other. Now he just wanted to do what he had to do."Take off your clothes and lie on the bed."The man's cold voice rang out in a low command."Do you hear me? Now."The woman had no any action, so once again he showed his domineering manner, as if the woman inthe darkness were his slav

Chapter 3 The Hen That Lays no Eggs

Forty minutes later, the man did come.This time Winnie was very good. She took off her clothes and lay on the bed without waiting for theman's command. She thought that only if she was meek enough could a man give her a chance.After the passion, Winnie's two hands were tightly around the man, forcing him to stay on her body."I want to go out. An hour will do."Winnie's words made the man suddenly angry. He sh

Chapter 4 DNA Solves Everything

Winnie's tears could not help falling drop by drop on the child's body, even if she didn’t want to, she hadto give the child to his father.Because Winnie needed money, because Winnie was not able to raise him.There was too much helplessness for a person’s life. What she was facing was the cruelest thing.Forty minutes later, there was a knock on the door.Winnie turned off the lights in the room before letting

Chapter 5 Triple Price for a Boy

The man correctly located the couch and sat down before he spoke."It will come out three days later."There was no anger in the man’s voice, but it was still cold.Winnie tiptoed up to the man. She was already very familiar with the environment here, and could stillaccurately find the man's position without light."What do you want? Do you want to talk with me?"Winnie didn’t think he would come here for no reas

Chapter 6 Meet in an Airplane

Four years later.The plane was flying smoothly above the clouds, but the little boy in the first class seat was fidgeting."Daddy."Tentatively, the boy called out to the man who had fallen asleep next to him."Daddy"Seeing the man didn't respond, the boy gently pushed the man with his hand this time."Yes?"The man woke up."What is it?His voice was steady and introverted, but it felt no warmth."Dad, I need to go

Chapter 7 First Day at Work

On the way back to the city from the cemetery."It seems like it has changed a lot in four years."Winnie sighed with emotion."Yes, a lot. You've changed, too. You used to dress formally, but now you have changed your style."When Daenerys caught a glimpse of Winnie in the rearview mirror, and found her had changed a lot.When they met at the airport, Daenerys thought she had made a mistake.She was wearing simpl

Chapter 8 That is It

Brian led a group of people to come to the office of software department with great and mighty vigourand majestic momentum no one could reach.When opening the door of the meeting room, his deep eyes first fell on Winnie's face. When seeingWinnie was still full of confidence, Brian frowned.When everyone was seated, the host declared the opening of the meeting."First let’s welcome Ms. Winnie, a software engine

Chapter 9 Meet Luke Johnson

Winnie drove to the kindergarten. She was surprised to see Megan coming out with Brian's son."Mommy."Megan sprang at Winnie's arms happily. Luke showed an envy look."Hello, Auntie.""Hello, Luke, I did not expect to see you again. I am glad to see you."Winnie was glad, let go ofMegan and squatted down to give Luke a big hug."I am glad too."Luke gave Winnie a hug with an unfamiliar action."Mummy, Luke is in a

Chapter 10 An Extra Person in the Bed

In the evening, the hotel room was lively. People were drinking happily for the arrival of Winnie.Winnie was happy, but she didn't drink too much wine. After all, she needed to take care of her child, sodrinking too much was inconvenient."I would like to propose a toast to Miss Chambers. I hope we can have better cooperation in the future."Seth was already slightly drunk and did not know how many times he ha