Chapter 2 - Hey, My Twins Babies

This man didn't want to know anything about this woman. As long as things went well they would not have anything to do with each other. Now he just wanted to do what he had to do.

"Take off your clothes and lie on the bed."

The man's cold voice rang out in a low command.

"Do you hear me? Now."

The woman had no any action, so once again he showed his domineering manner, as if the woman in the darkness were his slave.

Winnie was frightened by the cold voice. When she was to take off clothes, the phone rang.

The sound of the phone was scary in the silence and darkness, but when she saw the caller ID, it gave her a glimmer of hope.


Winnie quickly picked up the phone, but the other side did not give her a chance to speak.

"Winnie, you need money, I can give you a chance. We've been dating for a long time, and you haven't even let me touch you. Now all you have to do is coming over here at once, climb into my bed and serve me well, and I'll pay you for your mother's treatment."

The words over the phone made Winnie’s hope once again dissipated.


"Don't call my name, you don't deserve it."

Winnie wanted to explain, but she was disgusted to such an extent.

"Will you calm down and listen to me? Do you think it fair to me that you have sentenced me to death on the words of others? Do we really love each other? Do we..."

Winnie said with a little self-esteem, but the mand over the phone had no patience.

"No need to explain, this is my only chance to you, you only have the right to choose rather than explain."

Winnie was like falling into the ice cave. Her cheap self-esteem had been trampled and her heart had no feeling of pain.

The only thing that made her less humble was this man.

"I've found a man, and he's giving me more money than you can afford. It is over between us, and I hope you will not be deceived again."

As the words fell, the mobile phone had been ruthlessly smashed to corner. Then she angrily began to undress herself, until she lay naked on the bed.

At this time her body felt cold and her heart was like having a thick layer of ice.

Winnie's phone call was obviously from a man, which made this man frowned and said in a sarcastic manner.

"You can’t geta penny if you're not a virgin."

The cold warning was a great shame to Winnie. How could she end up like this? She was not even trusted.

"You will know."

For money, she could only pretend to be strong.

Winnie was a virgin. When the man touched her, she trembled all over, but with the man's warm palm moved back and forth, she felt hot.

The man felt Winnie’s reaction, but it satisfied him, until his force broke through the barrier, he was sure that the woman under him was clean.

Winnie was tormented and powerless, lying naked on the bed. The pain of the lower part of the body was still there. The residual temperature of the room did not subside, but she heard the cod voice of the man.

"These days you are in ovulation period, so you are not allowed to leave. I will come over at any time."

The man had quickly put on the bathrobe, with his back to Winnie, speaking coldly.

The man took two steps forward and stopped.

"I warn you, follow the rules since you have taken the money, or you'll pay the consequences."

In this way, Winnie was left the strange and dark bedroom by this cruel man.

At the moment she finally breathed a sigh of relief, with tears flowing down.

The next day the man came again and Winnie was performing her duties again, but the situation was much better than the day before.

After the passion, before she could fell his breath, the man got up. Winnie felt cold for that.

The room was still dark, but Winnie sat up and wrapped her body in a sheet.

"May I... May I go out this afternoon?"

Winnie asked tentatively.

But the cold voice disappointed her.

"No, if you go out, give the money back."

The man quickly straightened himself up and strode away.

"Wait, when can I go out?"

Winnie continued to ask.


The man walked to the door as if he hadn't heard her.

Out of anxiety, Winnie directly jumped out of bed naked and blocked in front of the man, with her back to the cold door panel. It was a seamless contact with the man.

The man bumped into the woman's warm body. He was not excited but angry.

"Get out of my way."

The loud roar scared Winnie, but she insisted.

"I'll just say what I want to say and get out of the way."

"I know you don't trust me, and I know I'll break the rules by leaving, but..."

"Shut up, no buts. I'll throw you out of this room if you don't get out of my way."

The cold voice once again sounded, frightening Winnie.

“Don't be angry, Sir. I just want to know when I can go out. I won't run, I won't see anyone, and you can get someone to follow me if you're worried. I......"

Winnie wanted to shout back, but her situation at this time did not allowed her to do that.

"For the last time, get out of ..."

Before he could finish his words, the woman kissed on his lips.

It was the only way Winnie could think of to calm the man down.

With cold eyes and frowning, the man pushed Winnie away from him.


Winnie fell to the ground. She failed to stop the man or get a chance to get out.

The man left in an arrogant way. Winnie staggered up to turn on the indoor chandelier.

She shed tears at this moment.

Ever since she was born, when had she been so wronged? It was no different from being imprisoned. Her family was destroyed and she was betrayed by her boyfriend. Who would be more miserable than her? How could she make her life so miserable?

After wiping the blood off her arm, Winnie turned off the light. She came to the window, pulled open the curtain with a small gap, and she could see the man’s tall and straight back.

She had long legs, steady steps, straight suits and meticulous hair. His back could let the girls scream, but the man was a shame for Winnie in her lifetime. She would not forget this back for a lifetime.

The telephone was broken and she could not contact the hospital. She was locked up and could not go out. She was almost mad.

When a maid came to bring her dinner, she begged for a long time before she could borrow her mobile phone and call the nurse.

She was relieved to learn that her mother and sister were fine for the time being.

Now all she had to do was persuade men to let her go out and pay her mother's medical bills.

Winnie opened the door and called the maid.

"Tell your boss that my temperature is rising and it's the perfect time to ovulate and he'd better come over."

Winnie thought it was the only way to see the man, so she did not care about the consequence.