Chapter 2 - I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack


The people here immediately sank into a bizarre silence.

Everyone then stared at Chu Tianye in astonishment.

The features of this little boy were exquisite, and his large beautiful eyes were simply the same as the other young masters of the Chu Family!

Could it be that this kid really had the bloodline of the Chu Family?

Lin Wanru didn’t see this kid earlier. At this moment, her eyes were trained on Chu Tianye’s face, and her fists clenched tightly at the next moment.

The others here had never met Chu Cichen before so they had no idea that the features of this child were actually 50% to 60% similar to him!

Clearly, Shen Ruotong was also dumbstruck. “Shen Ruojing, what do you mean? Could it be that this little b*s…this child’s father is Young Master Mo or Young Master Yuan?”

Chu Cimo was a horny guy.

On the other hand, Chu Ciyuan was an illegitimate child of the Chu Family, so his status wasn’t high.

It might really be possible that Shen Ruojing had a relationship with either one of these two…

The surrounding people immediately revealed envious expressions.

Although she couldn’t be compared to Miss Lin, if there was a chance that she could build a connection with the Chu Family, who would dare to bully her in the future?

Before Shen Ruojing spoke, Lin Wanru aggressively interrupted her. “Shen Ruojing, this isn’t the place to chat. This matter concerns the reputation of the Chu Family, so it’s better for you to talk to Matriarch Chu directly. Please come with me.”

Under the gazes of everyone, Shen Ruojing was invited to the VIP resting room by Lin Wanru.

As the only six-star hotel in Sea City, one had to pass through a huge garden from the lobby to the VIP resting room.

Although Shen Ruojing had often attended banquets in the past, she had never seen someone capable of reserving the entire hotel as the celebration venue. The Chu Family was indeed the richest family in Sea City.

Chu Tianye pranced around and followed her. At this moment, his eyes were bright as he surveyed the surroundings. “Mommy, daddy’s family seems to be very rich!”

He had checked earlier and discovered that this hotel was a property that belonged to the Chu Family.

There were valuable plants and trees that were worth millions here.

There were also rockery and an artificial lake that were worth tens of millions here!

The entire hotel emanated the smell of money. He really liked this place!

Seeing that her child’s expression was akin to a money-grubber, Shen Ruojing twitched her lips. When she recalled that Matriarch Chu was also a money-grubber, she could only sigh helplessly—truly, some traits are passed down in a family!

Since there were no outsiders now, Lin Wanru immediately retracted her expression of false civility and mocked, “You must have been living very badly during these few years. You have even nurtured your son into a country bumpkin!”

Hearing this, Chu Tianye rolled his eyes and pursed his lips. “Things are really tough for my mommy these few years as the prices of goods are going up. It would be much easier if all women were like you!”

Lin Wanru didn’t understand. “Like me?”

Chu Tianye stuck his tongue out. “A slut!”



Lin Wanru didn’t lose her temper, but her gaze was like a venomous snake when she glared at Chu Tianye. She suddenly spoke sinisterly, “Toss this little bastard into the lake for me!”

The artificial lake was connected to the rivers outside, so the water flow was very rapid. If a child who fell in didn’t manage to get out of the water in time, they would be washed away and might end up dying without a complete body!

If the kid was gone, how else would Shen Ruojing verify that he had the Chu Family’s blood?

The two bodyguards behind Lin Wanru were her trusted aides. Hence, one of them stopped Shen Ruojing, while the other went to capture Chu Tianye.

Shen Ruojing angrily spoke, “His father is Chu Cichen, who dares to touch him?”

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanru didn’t panic. She coldly laughed. “So what? Let me tell you this. Young Master Chen and I are both in a happy relationship. We will not permit this child to break us up!”

Happy relationship…

If they really succeeded in the engagement, what did her relationship five years ago with Chu Cichen count as?


Shen Ruojing calmly spoke, “I want to meet Chu Cichen.”

She disliked misunderstandings. For some matters, it was better to make things clear face-to-face.

Lin Wanru fiddled with her fingers. “How can someone so lowly like you meet Young Master Chen just because you want to? And what are the two of you in a daze for?! Quickly drown this little b*stard for me!”

Just when the guard almost caught Chu Tianye, the little fellow agilely squeezed his way out from under his arm.

Meanwhile, Shen Ruojing didn’t run to him but directly grabbed Lin Wanru’s neck instead. She then forcefully dragged her onto the railings by the lake. As long as she released her hand, Lin Wanru would fall in.

How would the two guards still dare to capture Chu Tianye like this? They hurriedly rushed over.

Shen Ruojing calmly spoke, “Don’t come over.”

Lin Wanru was badly frightened. “Shen Ruojing, what are you doing?”

“Get Chu Cichen to meet me.”

Lin Wanru felt so much hatred that she gritted her teeth. “Young Master Chen’s flight got delayed, so he basically won’t come here tonight and will head straight back to their residence. You should just give up!”

She would definitely not permit the two of them to meet!

At this moment, the butler of the Chu Family heard the commotion and came over with a few other guards.

A hint of light gleamed in Lin Wanru’s eyes. All of a sudden, Lin Wanru exerted force and pushed Shen Ruojing away so she fell into the lake herself!

“Shen Ruojing pushed me into the lake!”

“Quickly come and save me!”

After that, a few guards jumped into the water and Lin Wanru was soon saved. Her eyes were red. “Butler, just now she said that her son belongs to Young Master Mo…but she then changed her words and said her son belongs to Young Master Yuan, she even said that her son belongs to Young Master Chen. I merely exposed her lies, but she grew angry from embarrassment and directly pushed me into the lake…”

The butler’s face turned black from rage. He directly commanded the guards here. “Capture them! They truly must be tired of living since they dared to cause trouble for the Chu Family!”

Lin Wanru heaved a sigh of relief.

After capturing Shen Ruojing, wouldn’t she be the one to decide how Shen Ruojing would be dealt with?!

She then whispered to her two trusted subordinates, “Break the limbs of the adult and toss her out. Also, drown this little b*stard but make it look like he slips in carelessly.”

Although Lin Wanru’s volume wasn’t loud, the shape of her mouth was clearly seen by Shen Ruojing!

Hence, Shen Ruojing frowned. She was now being surrounded by over ten guards.

As for Chu Tianye, he winked at her.

His daddy didn’t want to come? Luckily, he was prepared and had sent his younger sister to the airport to fetch his daddy.


At the airport.

Chu Cichen just got off the plane and was walking toward the airport’s exit.

His figure was tall and sturdy, and there seemed to be a perpetual chill that shrouded him. As he exuded a sense of tyranny and there were guards in front and behind him, ordinary people basically wouldn’t be able to get close to him.

Just when he arrived at the VIP pick-up gate, he saw Lu Chen wearing a shirt with flower prints and holding the leash tied to a samoyed standing there.

Beside him, there was a beautiful little girl hugging a fearsome-looking cloth puppet. She was staring at the dog with rapt attention.

Chu Xiaomeng was pulling the corners of her clothes.

She didn’t like to interact with humans as she had mild symptoms of social phobia. Hence, she didn’t really like to talk to strangers.

B…but this dog was so adorableeee!

She then summoned her courage and walked toward Lu Cheng. “Uncle, can I pet the little doggy?”

Her cutesy voice really made it impossible for Lu Cheng to reject her.

Lu Cheng teased her. “I will let you pet it if you call big bro.”

(Am I so old? I haven’t even gotten married yet, okay?!)

Chu Xiaomeng widened her beautiful eyes.

She didn’t understand why this man made this request, but she still decided to compromise. “Uncle, can I pat big bro?”



Lu Chen was dumbfounded.

Cold air suddenly gushed over and Lu Cheng turned his head in surprise. “Bro Chen, you’ve finally arrived. Let me tell you how this little girl bullied me…”

He was really depressed that he was fooled by this little girl.

Chu Cichen then frowned in disdain before turning to look at the little girl.

However, he saw that the little girl was now staring directly at him. A few seconds later, joy appeared on her face as her bright and crisp voice rang out, “Daddy! Quickly go and save mommy and elder brother!”

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