I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

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Synopsis about I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Read I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack by Mr.Yan. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereEveryone knew that after the young lady Miss Shen was abandoned by a wild man, she became self-indulgent and fell pregnant without marrying. After she was driven out of her house, she fell into a state of despair. The infamous Shen Ruojing, however, appeared at the birthday banquet of the Chu family’s old madam. Everyone taunted her. “The ones who send millions in gift money sit at one table, while those who send tens of millions in gift money sit at the other.” “Miss Shen, how much did you give?” The crowd waited for her to make a fool of herself, but Shen Ruojing pulled out an adorable little boy from behind her and said, “Excuse me Madam, which table will your eldest grandson sit at?” *** Both mother and son were brought into the Chu family, and Shen Ruojing wanted to spend her daze lazing about, but was met with rejection from the family in various ways. “We have first-class hackers, music masters, tech experts… Everyone is well-known in this family. What do you bring?” Shen Ruojing rubbed her chin. “Well, all of those things you mentioned… I know a little bit of everything.” Her three adorable babies stood beside her and nodded in unison, “We can testify that Mommy does know a little bit of everything!”
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Chapter 1

: Which Table Should Someone Who Gave You A Grandson Get?What would it feel like if my boyfriend was extremely energetic?Shen Ruojing slowly woke up and felt a headache when she recalled the intense battle last night.Who would have thought that the impossibly beautiful man last night would have such shockingstamina? It was like he didn’t know fatigue and actually did her…several times!Was he too excited beca

Chapter 2

“…”The people here immediately sank into a bizarre silence.Everyone then stared at Chu Tianye in astonishment.The features of this little boy were exquisite, and his large beautiful eyes were simply the same as theother young masters of the Chu Family!Could it be that this kid really had the bloodline of the Chu Family?Lin Wanru didn’t see this kid earlier. At this moment, her eyes were trained on Chu Tianye

Chapter 3

Chu Xiaomeng’s cutesy voice caused everyone to be stunned.Lu Cheng and the guards all turned to look at Chu Cichen in shock.When did their boss have a daughter?Chu Cichen then stared at the little girl in front of him.She was indeed beautiful and her long black hair reached her shoulders. Moreover, her pair of peachblossom eyes were extremely clear, and her little cheeks were filled with baby fats. Although

Chapter 4

Shen Ruojing slowed her steps.After that, a smile appeared on her face. She didn’t expect that she would have such feelings ofhomesickness.She then quickened her pace once more. But just when she was two meters away from Chu Cichen,two bodyguards stepped out and blocked her.She didn’t mind and asked the most crucial question first, “You want to be engaged to Lin Wanru?”If this matter was real, there was no l

Chapter 5

“No need.”Chu Cichen coldly said, “I was only plotted against once.”Matriarch Chu felt extremely regretful in her heart.However, she understood Chu Cichen’s objection. Back then, there was definitely a reason why he wasplotted against. In addition, she also found out by chance that her son had someone he loved. It wasjust that he and his lover were separated due to some unknown reasons.This was also the reas

Chapter 6

: Shen Qianhui’s RealizationWhen Shen Ruojing picked up the call, a coy female voice could be heard. “Darling, I personallyverified this for you and delayed my sleep. You have to remember that you owe me a favor, alrighty?”“Mn.”“I really envy you, retiring at such a young age and living a relaxed life. Look at how busy I am, I’mreally pitiful…”Shen Ruojing interrupted her, “So, what are the results?”“They ar

Chapter 7

: Searching For the Children’s FatherSeeing that Shen Qianhui was in a daze and didn’t seem to have heard her clearly, Shen Ruojingpulled her back two steps before walking up to Madam Lin.She spoke calmly, “Your shoes aren’t cleaned properly.”Madam Lin sneered. “Why? Do you want to beg for mercy too? Let me tell you, that’s impossible!”At the next moment...Splash!Shen Ruojing picked up the fishbowl next to h

Chapter 8

: You’re Fired!At the Chu Corporation’s lobby.Shen Ruojing narrowed her eyes and looked at the security guards surrounding her.This group of people carried electric batons. They had clearly come prepared. The Chu Corporation’ssecurity team wasn’t to be underestimated.On the other hand, the receptionist raised her chin slightly and said sarcastically, “Shen Ruojing, MissLin is about to get engaged to Mr. Chu,

Chapter 9

: Another Child?When the woman spoke, her expression didn’t seem to be fake, and he actually felt that her wordswere true.However, when his gaze swept over Chu Yu, he immediately abolished the thought.He had only slept with a single woman, so how was it possible that he would have two children? Thatwould be too absurd.He frowned and directly entered the study.Matriarch Chu looked at his departing back and wa

Chapter 10

: Drawing a Sample from Chu TianyeJust when Chu Cichen was planning to look for a DNA testing institution, a car hastily parked outside ina rush and Lin Wanru got off. Her face was filled with anxiousness as she walked toward Chu Cichen.However, she was blocked by the guards when she reached a distance of five meters.Chu Cichen specially instructed his guards not to let her get close to him.Lin Wanru shouted