Chapter 10 - I'm A Quadrillionaire

At this moment…

On the 33rd floor of the Golden Leaf Hotel.

Inside the chairman’s office.

The general manager of Golden Leaf Hotel Sean Caldwell was standing opposite a man who was in his thirties.

The man was sitting on the chairman’s seat. He was reclined in the chair and his legs were on the desk.

This man was Golden Leaf Hotel’s chairman Hugh Greene. At the same time, he was also the biggest shareholder of the hotel.

“Sean, did anything happen in the hotel recently?” Hugh asked.

He came to South River Province for business, so he dropped by while he was at it. This occasion was purely by coincidence. Normally, he would only drop by once or twice a year.

“Mr. Greene, everything’s great in the hotel. The business is rising steadily and there’s a 20% growth compared to the same quarter last year,” replied Sean.

“Not bad. Sean, you did a good job. Your bonus at the end of the year will be doubled and the staff’s bonus will increase 50%.”

“Thank you, Mr. Greene!” Sean bowed and said.

“Alright, go on with your business if there’s nothing else. I just dropped by to have a look. I’ll leave soon,” Hugh said nonchalantly.

After Sean contemplated for a while, he said, “Mr. Greene, I need to tell you something. Yesterday, a customer signed up for a membership card here and immediately topped up 100 million.”

“Oh? Using his name or his company’s name?” Hugh was interested.

“With his name. Yesterday, he ate a meal that cost one million five hundred thousand. He even asked the hotel to prepare his meal every day using only the best ingredients. If he can’t come, he asked us to just throw it away.”

“Why does he sound like a parvenu to me? How old is he?”

“Based on his information, he’s 21 and he seems to be a student from SRU.”

“21? A student? He’s topping up 100 million just for food? Have you met this person?”

“Mr. Greene, I didn’t. The lobby manager Pearl Warner served him yesterday.”

“Get me Pearl Warner.”

“Yes, Mr. Greene!”

Sean immediately barked into the walkie-talkie, “Is Ms. Warner here? Answer if you hear me!”

Soon, a voice answered from the walkie-talkie, “Mr. Caldwell, Ms. Warner went out this morning and she’s not back yet.”

Sean peered at Hugh and said into the walkie-talkie, “Which one of you knows what she’s doing?”

“No idea. She didn’t tell us.”

Sean did not say anything anymore. He looked at Hugh and said, “Mr. Greene, I’ll call her now.”

Hugh answered with a blank face, “No need. We’ll wait here and see when she comes back. Sean, a staff member is not in the hotel during work hours, and she even left without saying anything. Is this how you manage your staff?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Greene. It’s my mistake. I’ll manage them better and I’ll reorganize the hotel,” Sean answered carefully.

At this moment, he was a little angry inside. What was going on with Pearl? She was pretty good at her job, so why did she let him down at this crucial moment and cause him to get scolded?

The two of them did not say anything. Hugh lowered his head to play with his phone while Sean stood rooted to the spot. He did not dare to move and only hoped that Pearl would come back soon.

After the two of them went back to the hotel, David went straight to the private room for his meal.

Meanwhile, Pearl ran straight to the general manager, Sean’s, office. Just now, someone at the front desk told her that the manager was looking for her.

When she saw that the general manager was not there, Pearl took out her walkie-talkie and asked, “Mr. Caldwell, hello, this is Pearl. I’m in front of your office now. May I know where you are?”

Sean’s legs were turning numb from standing in the chairmans’ office when he finally heard Pearl’s voice.

So, he replied, “Pearl, come to the chairman’s office.”

When Pearl heard Sean asking her to go to the chairman’s office, she was shocked. Judging from Sean’s voice, it seemed that something was wrong.

The chairman must be here if he was asking her to go to the chairman’s office. Mr. Greene was a very mysterious person. She had been working in this hotel for more than three years, but she could only see him during their annual dinner. This time, he was asking her to meet him, but she was not here during working hours!

If she did not handle this well, she would lose her job. She was not confident about David yet, so if she lost this job, it would be a lot of trouble.

Pearl quickly walked to the chairman’s office.

A few minutes later…

She arrived at the door to the chairman’s office.

Knock knock!

Pearl knocked twice on the door.

“Come in.” A deep and powerful voice came from inside.

Pearl pushed the door open and saw the general manager, Sean, standing inside. The chairman Hugh was sitting opposite him.

“Mr. Greene, Mr. Caldwell, hello, my name is Pearl Warner.” Pearl closed the door and walked over before greeting timidly.

When Hugh saw Pearl walking in after her introduction, he examined her closely. She was beautiful and had a hot body. Her uniform accentuated her charm of a professional working woman. He did not

think that there would be such an amazing woman in the hotel. Her talents were completely wasted on being a lobby manager.

“Ms. Warner, you left your post during work hours, and you didn’t even tell anyone. How did you manage to get this job as a lobby manager?” Hugh lectured sternly.

When Pearl heard Hugh lecturing her immediately, she was extremely nervous. She could not handle the aura from these people in leadership positions. However, she still explained, “I’m sorry, Mr. Greene. I left my post without explicit approval because I needed to accompany a guest.”

“Accompany a customer? When did our hotel’s lobby manager start to need to accompany our guest? Is it because it’s required by the hotel or are you thinking of currying favors with that person?” Hugh asked sharply.

He understood these women who wanted to leap to fame and wealth overnight. They would do anything to achieve their goals, and obviously, he felt that Pearl was this kind of woman.

The moment he saw Pearl, he had a good impression of her. However, when he heard that she was going to accompany a hotel guest, he felt that Pearl was also that kind of woman because these women would always do such things. She said she was accompanying a guest, and it could mean a lot of things from eating and drinking together, to even sleeping together.

“Mr. Greene, you can penalize me or fire me, but please don’t insult me. Mr. Lidell wanted to buy a car today and he drove a car over, so that’s why he asked me to help drive the car back. Mr. Lidell is also the VIP of our hotel, so that’s why I went,” Pearl said, a little angry.

Pearl felt aggrieved. Hugh thought she was a woman who would sleep with anyone as long as there was money. She could not accept this because at the very least, her body was still clean right now.

She was 27, and in this society that was filled with temptations, it was not easy for a woman as beautiful as her to resist the temptations.

“Who is Mr. Lidell?” Hugh asked.

“It should be the VIP who topped up 100 million yesterday.” This time, it was Sean who answered.

“Where is he now?”

“Mer. Lidell is eating in Private Room 3.” Now, it was Pearl who answered.

“Come, let’s go meet this VIP. I want to see if you’re telling the truth, Ms. Warner.”

After Hugh said that, he got up and left his office with Sean and Pearl hurrying after him.