I'm A Quadrillionaire

I'm A Quadrillionaire

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Synopsis about I'm A Quadrillionaire

Read I'm A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereDavid Lidell vomited blood and passed out when he was enraged by his rival in love. When he woke up, he realized he had obtained a super lavish system, and it was asking him to spend a quadrillion dollars. After that, David embarked on the journey toward the pinnacle of his life. David, “I’m not going to pretend anymore. For your information, I am a quadrillionaire…”
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Chapter 1

“David, let’s break up!”In a small and secluded forest on the side of the field in South River University.Sarah Jensen said to her boyfriend, David Lidell.“Sarah, why? What did I do wrong? Why do you have to be so heartless?” David asked, slightlyemotional.They were both friends from high school and had started dating when they were in senior three.Even though David’s family background was not that great, he

Chapter 2

David was still contemplating the genuineness of this super lavish system when the door of theinfirmary was pushed open.A beautiful woman in her thirties came in wearing a white coat.This was the doctor overseeing the university’s infirmary. Her name was Christine Shelton, and shewas 32 years old. She had been married for a few years and she did not have kids yet. Furthermore,her husband was the boss of a sm

Chapter 3

Pearl Warner had been a lobby manager in this eight-star hotel for more than three years. She hadseen a lot of rich people and she had also seen a lot of them with a net worth of billions to tens ofbillions of dollars. After all, the people who could enter this place would at least be worth something.Even though they could refund the money in the membership card and there were a lot of bigconglomerates who w

Chapter 4

After David finished his meal and was walking out of the eight-star hotel, he looked at the hotelentrance behind him. Pearl and a few attendants were sending him off while bowing. At that moment,David felt that the world was truly wonderful.‘Who is Sarah Jensen anyway?‘If I am willing, I can have a harem right now.’What should he do next?Of course, he should buy a house.David did not want to stay in the dorm

Chapter 5

The moment they stepped through the door, David was stunned. There was no doubt, this was the bestunit as the decorations and design were all extremely luxurious.David walked to the french window that was 3 meters high and more than 10 meters wide. As helooked out at the scenery in front of him, he felt like he was on top of the world.“Mr. Lidell, this is the best unit in Block 1. The glass on the french win

Chapter 6

After David closed Instagram, he opened TikTok.When he was bored, he liked to scroll through TikTok.When he saw that the streamer he followed, Cheri was streaming, he quickly clicked to join the stream.Cheri was a streamer that David followed a long time ago on TikTok. He followed her since she firststarted streaming, which was about a year ago.David could be regarded as her first batch of fans. She started

Chapter 7

Claire was lying in bed in her dormitory and she could not sleep.Tonight, her three roommates went on a blind date with the boys from the male dormitory.She found an excuse and said she was not feeling well so she did not have to go. In reality, she did notjoin this kind of activity. After all, her family background was not as good as the other three. Her familyhad basically used every penny they had to send

Chapter 8

David brought Pearl to a Porsche dealership.When the two of them walked through the door, a beautiful saleslady walked over to them.She spotted the two of them got out of a Benz G-Class, and judging from what David was wearing, helooked like a rich kid.Thus, she asked enthusiastically, “Sir, Miss, are you here to buy a car?”“Yes!” David replied.“May I know what model you’re looking for?”“Do you have stock fo

Chapter 9

“Do you want to move in with me then? I can’t stay in such a big house by myself. This way, you caneven save on rent.”David did not know why he said that. Rationally, he had only known Pearl for two days and it was sosudden for him to invite her to stay with him. However, since he said it, he still felt a little longing in hisheart.Actually, David did not know how petty and low he was when he was with Sarah.

Chapter 10

At this moment…On the 33rd floor of the Golden Leaf Hotel.Inside the chairman’s office.The general manager of Golden Leaf Hotel Sean Caldwell was standing opposite a man who was in histhirties.The man was sitting on the chairman’s seat. He was reclined in the chair and his legs were on thedesk.This man was Golden Leaf Hotel’s chairman Hugh Greene. At the same time, he was also the biggestshareholder of the h