Chapter 9 - Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 9

Unexpectedly, the first person she saw was actually her husband.

Diana thought that she was mistaken. She rubbed her eyes twice to confirm that it was really Julian.

The main character today was Kayla, and the reception banquet was also held for her. What was Julian doing here?

Diana was curious, and slowly walked toward this side.

Kate had sharp eyes and saw through Diana’s intentions at a glance. ‘I knew that you wouldn’t be honest!’

Even though Diana had promised she wouldn’t come to the front yard, she couldn’t keep her promise at all!

Kate settled Kayla down, then turned around angrily, and walked toward Diana.

She couldn’t wait to slap Diana and relieve the hatred in her heart!

“Get out of here!” Kate glared at Diana, then called for the maids to attack Diana.

Diana naturally wouldn’t let others touch her, especially now that she had a baby in her stomach.

But right now, there was a disparity in power. She didn’t bring anyone from the Fulcher family with her, so she could only pin her hopes on Julian.

“Julian!” Diana shouted. “Save me! Save me!”

Julian turned his head immediately when he heard the shout. He saw Diana, who was drenched, at a glance.

Kayla was beside him. She also followed his line of sight to look in that direction. “Is that my sister?”

Having said that, Kayla started approaching Diana.

“Don’t go there!” Julian grabbed Kayla, startling her.

“Julian, you’re hurting me.”

Julian quickly let go of his hand. “I’ll take you to the banquet first.”

He still didn’t know the reason why Diana came here, but he definitely wouldn’t let Diana meet Kayla face to face.

Fortunately, Kayla was obedient. She immediately turned around and left.

When they arrived at the banquet, Kayla suddenly slipped and kissed Julian at the moment Julian turned around.

Everyone in the banquet saw it!

Although Julian was a little startled, he thought Kayla probably thought that it was okay for her to do so as he promised that he was going to divorce Diana soon. So, he smiled and said, “Wait here for me.”

Kayla blushed and nodded shyly.

As soon as Julian left, the guests gathered around and began to gossip. “Oh my god! Are you still together with Mr. Julian?”

Julian didn’t have the time to listen to their conversation. He simply quickened his pace and wanted to go over to see how Diana was doing.

Although Diana was far away, she could see all of Julian and the woman’s movements clearly.

They were hugging and kissing, acting intimately, as if they were lovers.

Julian didn’t have the slightest intention to avoid suspicion, even when in full view of the public.

He really did have another woman! Was that why he wanted a divorce?

To make matters worse, that woman was also someone who knew her sister, Kayla.

He knew that there were too many unexplainable incidents between her and Kayla, yet he still came.

There was a moment when Diana felt that her sanity was completely gone. She wanted to recklessly rush toward Julian to see who exactly that woman was.

However, the distance between them was too far, and the maids’ strength was too great. Even if Diana cried out and desperately tried to go after Kayla, she could not move in the slightest.

On the other hand, Julian was already walking toward her.

“Who’s that woman?” Diana couldn’t even shed tears, and she only felt a deep hole burrowing in her heart. She yelled, “I’m asking you! Who is she?!”

The man who was intimate with her last night was extremely indifferent today. “You have no right to know.”

“Were the roses for her?!”

“How did you know that I bought roses?” Julian shot Diana a puzzled look. He got quite annoyed when he took out her cell phone and opened the couple locator software. “Were you tailing me?”

No one in this world dared to treat him like this!


The cell phone shattered.

The surrounding air seemed to freeze, and even the sound of breathing couldn’t be heard.

On the other hand, Diana’s disappointment had reached its peak.

Julian explained to her, “I bought roses, but I didn’t give them to her. She doesn’t like roses.”

Diana broke into a laugh.

It turned out that the flowers she was looking forward to were something someone else didn’t like or wanted.

She was even stupidly waiting for him to bring flowers home and apologize last night!

When Julian saw the disheartened look on Diana’s face, he opened his thin lips slightly. “I’m willing to take the initiative to raise the terms of the compensation for the divorce by another hundred million dollars.”

Diana stared at him incredulously. “Is there nothing else you want to explain to me?”

“Are you still dissatisfied?” Julian was a little impatient. “Diana, don’t be too greedy.”

All was said and done, he still thought that she only wanted his money!

In truth, she did not want his money at all.

“We have lived together for three years, but only today did I understand that no matter how well you treat me, I can never reach your level, nor do I have the qualifications to stand by your side.”

They were unequal.

All this time, she thought he was forced to divorce her. In actuality, it was because he never did love her.

Diana felt as if she had been stabbed in her heart, and her heart was bleeding. Despite that, there was still a smile on her face.

The redemption she thought she had received three years ago at Winnington Mansion was nothing more than unrequited love on her part.

Dianna wrapped the cloak that was already stained with the foul-smelling stench around her body. She looked at Julian and said, “Let’s talk about the divorce in detail when you get home.”

There was no need to let this matter drag on any further.

Julian loosened his tie as he watched her limp away. His eyes swept over the person who had stopped her just now, and the expression in his eyes gradually darkened.

That night, Diana had already prepared the divorce agreement and was waiting for him when Julian returned home.

She had a pen in her hand, and got straight to the point. “I have only one condition for the divorce.”

Was three hundred million dollars still not enough to satisfy her?

She didn’t even have the slightest nostalgia for this marriage.

Julian suppressed his dissatisfaction toward her and threw the bag in his hand toward her.


Diana lowered her head. It was something from the congee shop she liked.

“Julian Fulcher.” She didn’t pick up the bag, but simply stared at the man in front of her angrily. “What the hell do you take me for?”

He would give her candy to appease her when he thought of her, and let others hurt her when he didn’t want to see her.

She couldn’t bear such ups and downs!

“What can I take you for?” Julian obviously didn’t want to say more. “Today, at Winnington Mansion…”

“Stop talking!” Diana had restrained her emotions the entire day. Now, all the grief and anger she thought she could suppress suddenly surged out of her. She stood up immediately and shouted, “Isn’t it enough that I’m willing to get a divorce? I don’t want your money, the house, or the car, but please don’t bring that woman up in front of me!”

She didn’t want to hear it.

She didn’t even want to think about the way Julian and that other woman were acting intimately and spending time together.

Tears flowed down Diana’s cheeks. “Although the distance was far away, I could still see the way you were embracing her, and how she kissed you… You… You have no shame at all!”

She was obviously scolding him, but for some reason, Julian was elated.

“You didn’t see her face clearly, did you?”

Diana sneered. She laughed sarcastically as she asked, “Why? The great Mr. Julian is also afraid of something? Are you afraid I’ll hurt her?”

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