Chapter 8 - Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 8

“I’m embarrassing myself in front of you.” Kayla hurriedly wiped her tears away and took the opportunity to put her cell phone away. “I…I was adopted. I wouldn’t dare to return if it weren’t for you, much less find out that they actually still care so much about me.”

“You’re worth it.” Julian couldn’t help but feel distressed when he thought of how Kayla went abroad when she was suffering from stomach cancer. She did all that in order not to worry him and to make the Winnington family feel at ease, as well as to allow Diana experience a family’s warmth.

They grew up together, and Kayla even saved his life.

How could he not care about her?

Kayla always seemed to be thinking about others. “I wonder if Mommy and the others are tired after preparing so many things.”

“Don’t be too kind,” Julian said. “You should think about yourself more. All of us will be happy as long as you’re happy.”

“What about my sister?” Kayla suddenly asked. “Dad and Mom are so good to me, and you’re divorcing her for my sake. Will she be unhappy when she finds out?”

Having said that, she did not wait for Julian to answer, but raised her hand immediately and swore righteously, “But I guarantee that if my sister is unhappy and says that she wants Dad, Mom, and you, I definitely won’t take anything from her!”

She was very serious when she said this. “Because… It feels as if I robbed her of everything.”

“Don’t spout nonsense!”

Julian’s voice rose. “Whether it’s me or the Winnington family, you didn’t take anything from Diana. It’s not your fault.”

In fact, he was fully aware that his marriage with Diana was his fault. Their marriage should not have started.

Plus, Mr. Winnington was the reason Diana and Kayla were in such an awkward state.

Their backgrounds were far more complicated than imagined.

Anyway, Kayla was completely innocent.

As for Diana…

For some reason, when Julian recalled the way she had waited obediently for him to blow dry her hair last night…

He frowned and forced himself to look at Kayla a few times. The impulse in his heart slowly calmed down.

Only love could help him.

Julian assumed that the reason he could calm down so quickly was because he loved Kayla.

As for Diana, there was no need to restrain himself. After all, there was no love involved.

Julian’s eyes were clear. He then called Noel in front of Kayla, as if to give the latter reassurance. “Noel, did Madam discuss the terms of the divorce with the lawyer after waking up?”

“Not yet,” Noel said. “Madam said that her conditions can only be agreed upon when you are present.”

Was she still planning to ask for an unjustly large amount of money?

Julian’s face showed no worry, but his disgust for Diana increased even more. Even the scene where he blow dried her hair for her last night repulsed him.

It was time for him to settle the divorce quickly. “Okay, tell her that I’ll listen to her conditions when I go back tonight.”

He wanted to see how many conditions she would ask for before she was willing to leave.

The speed of his driving suddenly rose. Kayla was caught off guard and was almost thrown off the passenger seat. She finally managed to stabilize herself, but did not blame Julian and instead said softly, “Julian, is my sister…refusing to leave?”

“No.” Julian was afraid that Kaya would think too much. “The divorce is going well.”

Kayla nodded and did not ask any more questions. Her cheeks puffed, as if she was mustering a lot of courage. She then held Julian’s hand gently as he held onto the steering wheel.

Julian turned to look at Kayla. Her face was already flushed red.

Julian pursed his lips and then smiled as he said, “I’ll get the driver with us next time.”

He meant that he would let her hold his hand next time.

Kayla quickly let go of his hand, but her face seemed to become redder and redder. She nodded meekly and said, “Okay.”

The car soon arrived at Winnington Mansion.

Diana appeared almost in tandem with them.

As soon as Diana got out of the car, a basin of foul-smelling water was poured directly on her. “Unlucky wench! What are you doing here!”

The person who spoke up was none other than her own biological mother, Kate.

They haven’t met in three years, but her mother still hated her!

Diana shuddered because of Kate’s anger, but she endured it and said, “I came here for something.”

She had to go into Winnington Mansion today.

Yet, Kate was suddenly panic-stricken. She quickly walked toward Diana and pushed Diana away. “You’re no longer part of the Winnington family since you’re already a married woman. What do you possibly need to do here?!”

Diana didn’t understand why Kate could be so cruel and ruthless toward her every time they met.

Although she had been apprehensively thinking about calling Kate “Mom” when she was on the way here, she didn’t do it in the end.

She clenched her fists and looked at the luxury cars parked outside Winnington Mansion, as well as the festive atmosphere in the courtyard. She pretended not to care as she wiped her face and squeezed the foul-smelling water from her body. “Can’t I come over to take a look?”

“You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?!” Kate burst into tears. “It’s already been three years! Three years since you married into the Fulcher family and you haven’t been back once! Your younger sister’s finally home today and you’re already here to cause trouble. Do you really want to see me die?!”

Younger sister…

Diana was taken aback. “Kayla’s back?”

Kate nodded. She had a pleading look in her eyes as she begged, “She just came back. I beg you! Don’t appear in front of her, okay? That child is kind hearted and delicate, and I’m afraid that her

thoughts will run wild if she sees you. I’ll really die if she leaves Winnington Mansion again because of her unwarranted guilt!”

She was kind hearted, she was delicate, her thoughts would run wild, and she would feel unwarranted guilt.

That was completely unnecessary.

Diana didn’t know how Kate linked all these absurd things together. Kayla, who was brought in as a child, was obviously the one who snatched everything that originally belonged to her!

Her parents, her identity…even her life.

If Kayla was really as kind hearted as they claimed, she wouldn’t be hiding behind everyone’s back and act like a complete victim!

Instead, Diana ended up becoming the target of public criticism.

But Diana knew that her mother would never believe her words. “I won’t cause trouble, but I have to go into Winnington Mansion today.” She was drenched, and there was a foul-smelling stench coming from her. The smell on her body was sticky and disgusting.

She didn’t care about Kayla. What she cared about was the true reason behind Julian and her divorce.

She wanted to go in and find the clues she desperately needed.

Kate did not expect Diana to be so resolute this time. She didn’t have time to delay for too long. She missed Kayla terribly, and wanted to hurry in and meet Kayla. “Fine! You can go in, but you can’t interfere with the reception banquet we’re holding for your sister.”

Diana looked at the sudden expression of joy on her mother’s face and felt a strange emotion surge in her heart. She thought that she was already done with the Winnington family.

Because of that, she never came to see them at all in three years.

Unexpectedly, she was still hurt by them when they met.

She nodded slowly. “Okay.”

Kate immediately sighed a relief, as if she had sent the God of Plague away. She then called for the maids joyfully and said, “Hurry up and set up a table for Diana in the backyard so it’ll be convenient for her to eat later.”

The maid asked, “What about the dishes?”

“Diana’s very sensible, and there are some dishes that she can eat,” Kate responded casually. When she saw the resemblance between Diana and her husband, she felt a little distressed. She took off her cloak haughtily and threw it at Diana. “Wipe your hair. How can you look so dirty?”

Wasn’t it all thanks to Kate that she looked dirty?

Diana’s fingertips trembled again.

She didn’t understand why her mother could be so cruel to her when the woman carried her in her belly for ten months. On the contrary, Kate was considerate toward Kayla in everything. It was as if Diana should really have been lost at the age of three. That was her fate, and it would’ve been best for her never to return to the Winnington family!

Diana rubbed her belly and silently vowed in her heart that she would never leave her baby behind, let alone allow her baby to be wronged by his own mother.

After a while, Diana saw that no one was watching her, so she walked to the front yard cautiously.

Even if she couldn’t find out the reason for the divorce, she still wanted to take this opportunity to look at her ‘sister’ Kayla for the time being. Kayla, whom she had never met, and whom her mother loved in every possible way.

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