Chapter 6 - Kids from One Alpha

: The Babysitter

With her clothes unpacked, Serena double checked on the twins, making sure they clothes were property tucked away in dresser drawers. Olivia was a little more dexterous than Oliver, so she had to refold a few of Oliver‘s shirts and pants, tucking them neatly away. It had taken them most of the day to get settled in and organized. Serena liked the house though, and there was plenty of space in the yard to get a swing set and sand box for the kids. She was looking forward to giving them the opportunity to run around outside more. It was something werewolf pups enjoyed. “I like it here, Mommy,” Olivia told her as the three of them headed downstairs. Serena went to the refrigerator to get her children some juice. The kids were getting hungry. It was close to their dinner time. Serena hadn‘t had a chance to stock the kitchen, but apparently Adriana had taken care of that. It was the easiest move she‘d ever done! “It‘s huge!” Oliver said, pulling himself up into a seat at the table. “I like it here too,” Serena admitted. She gave the kids their juice and started looking for something she could make them for a snack. She wasn‘t confident in her cooking skills, but she‘d have to feed them. Before deciding on what to make, the doorbell rang. “Who‘s that?” Olivia asked, standing up on her chair. “Put your butt back in that chair!” Serena snapped, pointing at it. Oliva plopped back down. “Wait here while I get the door.” She was concerned Logan had come back, and she didn‘t want him to see the kids. She was still suspicious about him and how much he recognized her. Even if he didn‘t recognize her, she wondered if he would recognize the kids! It wasn‘t like they only had her features. Serena looked through the door window to see who was on the other side. It was a woman she hadn‘t met before, slightly older than her. She opened the door “Can I help you?” Serena asked, keeping the door half closed. The woman smiled at her.

“You‘re Serena, right?” she asked. Serena nodded. “I‘m Dana, Adriana sent me over as a babysitter.” “Babysitter?” Serena asked. “Am I needed at the medical facility?” Dana shook her head. “Oh, no,” she said with a light laugh. “Adriana said I was to be a live–in nanny, to help with the twins.” Serena crossed her arms. “I didn‘t ask for that,” she said, wondering why Adriana felt the need to get inter her

business. “No, but she thought you‘d like the extra hands, especially since you‘ll be on call for emergencies,” Dana said. Serena considered the offer. It was frustrating that Adriana hadn‘t asked her, but it did make sense. You‘re supposed to live here?” she asked. Dana nodded. “We don‘t really have more room…” Dana laughed again. “All the refurbished houses have a studio apartment in the basement,” she said. “When you don‘t need me, you won‘t even know I’m here.” Serena sighed, opening the door to let Dana in. She wondered why Adriana hadn‘t mentioned that with the tour of her house, but maybe it was for the better. “Would you like to meet the kids?” Serena asked. “Please,” Dana said, crossing the threshold. Serena headed back to the kitchen, motioning for Dana to follow. “Olivia, Oliver,” Serena called them to attention. “This is Dana. She will be staying with us and watching over you when I need to work.” “Hello there,” Dana said. “Aren‘t you the most adorable twins I‘ve ever seen. Can I sit with you?” Oliver looked at me, but Olivia took control. “You can sit by me,” she said, declaring her approval of Dana. Well, if her children approved, there wasn‘t much arguing. “I‘ll get back to work on that snack,” she said. “How old are you, Olivia?” Dana asked. Serena had her back to them while she worked at the stove, listening to the conversation. “Five,” Olivia said. “Can we show you, our rooms?”

“I would love to see your rooms,” Dana said. “I bet you have some fun toys to play with.” “So many,” Oliver said. He as slower to join the conversation, but Serena could tell he liked Dana too.

“Go upstairs and show Dana your rooms. Your snack will be ready soon,” she said. The pot on the stove was giving off a strange smell. She didn‘t want the kids around if it was going to get messy. They wouldn‘t eat it if they thought it smelled bad. Oliver took Dana‘s hand, but Olivia held back. She came up to her mother’s side. “What‘s wrong, love?” Serena asked. Olivia motioned for Serena to come closer. Serena took a knee beside her daughter. “Mommy, I think you‘re doing that wrong.” Olivia said. Serena smiled, placing a hand on her daughter‘s head. “I think I am too,” Serena admitted. “I‘m not very good at this, am I?” Olivia shook her head. “No,” she said with a soft whisper. Serena laughed, shaking her head as she rose to her full height “Why don‘t I help with dinner,” Dana said, coming up to the stove. “I can set this right.” Serena sighed, happily handing over the spoon in her hand. “Thank

you,” she said. Having Dana around wouldn‘t be such a bad idea if it meant she didn‘t have to cook as much! “Cooking isn‘t so hard,” Dana said. “Olivia, if you could get me that box of pasta on the counter. Oliver, can you bring over that bowl.” She pointed to the items as she directed the children. Serena was pleased to see her kids obey without question. They wanted to help! Taking a step back, Serena gladly gave herself a little break. Dana could keep the kids busy and feed them! She felt odd about having a stranger living in her basement, but it already seemed to be helping. “Mommy, after dinner can Dana play with us?” Olivia asked. Serena nodded.

“Yes, you can show her your toys and even do a little dress–up if you

want,” she said.

The phone on the kitchen wall rang, causing Serena to start. She hadn‘t even known she had a land line. “Hello?” she asked, answering the phone.

“Serena, can you come to the health clinic immediately?” Adriana asked. There was urgency in the other doctor’s voice. “Is something wrong?” Serena asked. She was supposed to have a week to settle in, but she knew Adriana wouldn‘t call her in if it wasn‘t an emergency “There‘s been an attack,” Adriana said breathlessly. In the background, Serena heard people running around, the sounds of medical equipment being gathered and gúrneys being pushed around. “An attack?” Serena asked. She was already running back upstairs to change into scrubs, carrying the cordless phone with her.. “Alpha Logan, Beta Carson, and a convoy was attacked on their way through the northern border of Night Sky territory,” Adriana explained quickly “Injured?” Serena asked, awkwardly changing while keeping the phone pinched between her ear and shoulder! “Several,” Adriana said. “I know this is sudden…and with the kids..“. “No, no, I can be there,” Serena assured. “Dana is already with them.” “Great!” Adriana breathed out. “Hey! Don‘t block the door, we have more coming in!” Adriana was shouting at someone in the health clinic. Serena held the phone away from her ear to lessen the loud voice. She grabbed her stethoscope from the bedside table and looped it around her neck, then pocketed her car keys. She

half hopped down the stairs while stuffing her feet into her comfortable work shoes. Serena was no stranger to getting ready for a medical emergency. She‘d worked ER rotations in the human world while in medical school. “I‘m on my way,” she said. “Good, thank you,” Adriana said. She hung up before Serena had the chance to say goodbye. Whatever had happened, it wasn‘t good!

Serena raced back to the kitchen, practically slamming the phone down on the receiver. “There‘s a medical emergency at the clinic,” she said. “Are you okay to stay with the kids?” “That‘s why I‘m here,” Dana said. “Go on, save some lives.” Serena kissed her children goodbye, who were comfortably eating at the table. Oliver looked nervous at Serena‘s flustered rushing about.

“Do you have to go, Mommy?” Olivia wined. “I do,” she said. “I’ve got to go help some pack members that are hurt.” Olivia pouted. “Will you be home to tuck us in?” Oliver asked. “I will try,” she said. “Stay here with Dana, she will play with you and read to you.” I looked at Dana and she nodded in confirmation. “I love you, babies. I’ll be back as soon as I can,” she assured. They waved goodbye with spoons. “How do I get to the clinic?” Dana gave her quick instructions, and Serena ran out the front door, pausing only long enough to make sure it was shut completely.

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