Kids from One Alpha

Kids from One Alpha

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 159
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Chapter 1

: Return to Night Sky Pt. 1When Serena drove across the border into Night Sky pack territory, a moment of hesitation struck herheart. Her foot itched to press the break and reconsider, but she clenched her hands on the steeringwheel and kept going. No! She‘d come too far to turn back now, and all because she had a case ofjitters of the last time she‘d been there? Night Sky wasn‘t the pack Serena had been bor

Chapter 2

: Return to Night Sky Pt. 2Out in the forest, Serena kicked off her shoes. She laughed as she dropped her companion‘s hand,running faster through the trees. She could hear his footsteps behind her. “Are you trying to get away?”he called after her. Serena looked behind her for a moment, sticking her tongue out at her pursuer.“isn‘t the chase half the fun?” she asked. She giggled again, running faster. The man

Chapter 3

: Welcome to the PackSerena parked her car outside the house address she was given. There was a woman waiting on thefront porch for her. Although Serena hadn‘t had many interactions with her yet, she knew it wasAdriana, the woman who had secured her position in the pack medical facility. Adriana waved andstepped off of the porch, heading to the driver‘s side door. When Serena cut the engine, Adrianaopened th

Chapter 4

: Alpha LoganParalyzed, Serena couldn‘t speak. Logan was smiling at her, waiting for her to do something. Sheshifted her weight from one leg to the other. “Can I help you with that box?” Logan asked, reaching outto take it from her. Instinctively, Serena pulled away, and Logan took a half step back. She sighed,finally snapping out of her daze. “Yes, thank you,” she said. Logan stepped forward again and took

Chapter 5

: Logan and HollyAs Logan headed back to his office, he couldn‘t shake the feeling that he had met Serena before.Something about her scent, the way she moved, was familiar to him. He couldn‘t place it though, andthe more he tried, the more confused he became. She had acted strangely around him too. He couldeasily write that off as her nerves in regards to being back in a pack and meeting the Alpha right away

Chapter 6

: The BabysitterWith her clothes unpacked, Serena double checked on the twins, making sure they clothes wereproperty tucked away in dresser drawers. Olivia was a little more dexterous than Oliver, so she had torefold a few of Oliver‘s shirts and pants, tucking them neatly away. It had taken them most of the day toget settled in and organized. Serena liked the house though, and there was plenty of space in th

Chapter 7

: First Day on the JobSerena parked outside the medical facility and ran inside. There was a nurse at the reception desk,directing some of the other nurses who were tending to the pack members that were still in the waitingarea. They were injured to various degrees of seriousness. “Serena?” the nurse at the front deskasked. Serena nodded. “Where do you need me?” she asked as a nurse rushed behind her, hands

Chapter 8

: Meet the ParentsWhen she arrived home, Serena found that Olivia and Oliver were already in bed. Dana had alreadytucked them in and read to them. Serena was a little relieved that she could sit down and rest her feet.She was looking forward to quietly contemplating the events at the hospital. Sometimes, it was hard togo back to being a mother after seeing so much blood and tragedy. After stitching up Logan,

Chapter 9

: FamilyCharlotte hugged Serena fiercely, and they both clung to each other, tears in their eyes. Serena was sohappy that her mother was being supportive. She‘d been so afraid they‘d be mad at her, or reject herchildren. “I’m home!” Serena heard Santino call through the house before he appeared in the livingroom. Serena turned to look at him and he stared at his twin and mother hugging each other tearfully.“

Chapter 10

: BustedA night without the kids wasn‘t as relaxing as Serena had hoped. She hadn‘t been without them for anight in all five years of their lives! Every gust of wind outside, every creak down the hall, Serena wokeup, listening for her children‘s laughter or pattering feet. She was groggy the next morning, loading upon caffeine when there was a knock on her door. Serena expected it was Alpha Logan. She‘d blow