Chapter 8 - Let Me Go, Mr. Hill!

“It’s a must to enjoy warm pancakes with high-quality butter. Then, a sip of hot chocolate to go down with it.”

Catherine continued on with the eating show.

She was savoring every bite of food in earnest. Taking her pretty face into account as well, her performance was way more entertaining and convincing than the other eating broadcast shows available.

Shaun could not take any more of this.

“Meow.” At the same time, Fudge leaped onto the dining table while wagging its tail.

Thinking the cat must be hungry, he walked over to the cupboard. He returned with a plate of cat food and placed it before Fudge.

Fudge sniffed it for a few seconds before turning its head away. It looked at Catherine with greedy eyes.

An awkward expression flashed across the man’s face.

She suppressed the desire to laugh before feeding the cat a small piece of the cinnamon roll. The little cat devoured it within seconds.

“Good kitty.”

She patted the cat on the head lovingly. ‘You have much better taste than your owner,’ she thought to herself.

Shaun felt embarrassed. After the cat ate two more bites of the cinnamon roll, it went on to enjoy the churros. This put a frown on the man’s forehead.


Catherine seized the opportunity and shoved a piece of churros into his mouth.

A hint of anger flashed across his eyes. Just when he was about to spit it out, the crispy outside of the churros that were coated with cinnamon sugar melted on his tongue.

Instinctively, he began chewing on the dense dough. It was crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. It was delicious.

Surely, he had had churros before. The cooks from Hill household could make numerous kinds of food, but nothing tasted as good as this.

For some reason, the churros that she made brought out the creamy flavor of the milk without making it sickly.

“Is it nice?” Catherine asked, cupping her chin with both hands. She was confident in her cooking.

The light went out of his eyes when he noticed the smug smile on her face.

“It’s just alright.”

Then, he picked up another piece of churros and continued eating. The small bite from earlier was not enough for him to taste its full flavor properly.

She winked playfully. “Didn’t you say it’s just alright?”

“Surely you can’t finish all these. I don’t like wasting food,” the man replied calmly.

She parted her lips to retaliate, but he interrupted with a frown, “Keep quiet during meal times.”


Catherine gasped in astonishment as she had never seen anyone so shameless.

He had said coolly that he did not like having sweet foods for breakfast, but he was now devouring the churros, pancakes, and cinnamon rolls—the hot chocolate too.

He sure had the cheek!

Initially, Shaun only wanted to have a little taste of the food, but everything that she made was exceptionally delicious. They were even better than the ones he tried in restaurants.

It was definitely out of his expectation that this woman could make such a scrumptious breakfast.

His impression of her changed a little. Coincidentally, she turned her face toward him and their eyes met. “Shaunny, what do you want to eat for dinner? I’ll make it for you,” she said gently.

“I have a dinner appointment tonight.”

Then, he left to get changed in the bedroom without another word.

This did not annoy her. It was not unusual for the boss of a multinational business to be occupied with work.

However, it was still important to maintain a good relationship between them.

She cleaned up the table immediately and hurried off to get changed into work clothes too.

When Shaun was about to leave the house, she quickly reappeared from her room with her purse.

“Shaunny, can you give me a lift? I’m heading off to work as well. If it’s too much trouble, you can just drop me off at the subway station. Please.”

He pursed his lips while thinking of refusing. However, he eventually nodded upon considering that he had enjoyed the breakfast she made today a lot.

The two of them took the elevator to the parking lot.

Catherine thought she would be getting into a Bentley or a Maybach, but when the man stopped by the side of a white Lexus…

“Um… Is this your car?”


He opened the door and sat down in the driver’s seat.

Confused, she followed suit and entered the car. “Shaunny, why did you choose this car?”

This man was supposed to be the heir of a multinational business, yet he was driving a car that was worth only a little over 300,000 dollars?

“It’s cheap and fuel-efficient,” he simply replied while igniting the car.

“You do know the best way to live, my exceptional husband.”

She turned her head aside to find a packet of cheap tissue on the dashboard. Its packaging read ‘### Gas Station—cheapest and easiest.’


Catherine was confused.

Did all successful bosses nowadays live frugally like this?

Could it be possible that she was not treated well by the Jones because she had been spending lavishly instead of saving up like other successful bosses?

She fell into deep thought as she pondered over this.

Ten minutes later, the car came to a halt by the subway station. He turned to face her. “Off you go.”


She was speechless.

She only said that out of politeness but he really did as told.

Well, well, well.

While suppressing the anger rising inside her, she forced a shy smile on her face. “Thanks, Shaunny.”

The second she stepped out of the vehicle, the car sped away before she could say something else.

What an annoying and cruel man!

She only arrived at the company around 9:00 p.m.

Since returning from her studies abroad, she had been working at Summit Building Design Group. It was the Jones family’s biggest corporation.

However, as soon as she stepped foot into the building, the project manager, James Lennon, said to her in a strange voice, “You don’t have to show up starting from today. This project doesn’t belong to you anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

James’ eyes sparkled when he spotted someone behind her. “Rebecca, here you are.”

Catherine snapped her head around and saw Rebecca approaching their direction wearing a low-cut knitted white top. On her right was Ethan who was wearing a shirt of the same color. Their arms were linked together.

The sunlight that streamed into the room through the window enveloped the two of them. They looked like a blissful couple in their matching outfits.