Chapter 9 - Let Me Go, Mr. Hill!

Catherine felt as if someone had punched her in the chest. The intense pain was suffocating, especially when Ethan’s indifferent gaze swept past her without lingering for a second longer.

James hurried toward Rebecca. “HQ has given the order to hand this project over to Rebecca.”

A shudder passed through Catherine before she turned to face the other woman.

“Cathy, don’t get upset.” Rebecca staggered backward as if she was utterly shocked. Fortunately, Ethan had his hand on the small of her back.

This scene only aggravated the situation.

“Rebecca, what more do you want? You’ve already stolen my man and now you’re trying to snatch away the project that I spent so much time and effort on. Are you really that envious of everything I have?”

“How ridiculous! Since when was Young Master Lowe your man?” James scoffed. “You’re quite something, aren’t you? You’ve been pestering Young Master Lowe in the past, but he hasn’t shown any interest in you at all. Besides, do you think you could’ve gotten the project if Young Master Lowe hadn’t pulled some strings with the boss of the said company?”

“James, that’s enough.” Rebecca signaled the man.

“I insist. You’re the fiancée of Young Master Lowe, so it’s only right you take on the project.”

“Do you think so too?” Catherine stared at Ethan who had been keeping quiet all this while.

As a matter of fact, Ethan did pull some strings to introduce her to Young Master Clark.

However, the two men were not particularly close either. It was Catherine who took the time to meet up with Young Master Clark throughout the entire month so that they could discuss the plans over and over again before finalizing the terms.

Ethan frowned slightly. “Young Master Clark did agree to meet you because of me.”

James sneered, “Everyone knows this, but someone just insists on humiliating herself.”

“I don’t believe this. I’m going to Dad.”

Catherine drove to the main company to look for Jeffery Jones.

“Dad, why did you hand over the hotel project to Rebecca? You know that I’ve spent a lot of effort on this particular project.”

Jeffery, who was in the middle of work, was displeased at the woman who had barged in out of the blue. “I’ll assign another project to you. What about the Campbell villa project?”

“This small-scale project is more appropriate for Rebecca. She’s inexperienced in this industry, so it’s better if she starts from the bottom…”

Jeffrey slammed his palm on the table. “She’s your elder sister and you should show her some respect. No wonder your mom has been saying you’re getting out of hand.”

Catherine was startled. Her voice was full of grievances when she spoke next. “She stole my boyfriend and now she’s stealing my project too. How can I possibly show my respect to that woman?”

“She didn’t steal your project as every project belongs to Summit. I’m the president, and I can assign any project to anyone as per my wish. Besides, Ethan was never yours. He chose your elder sister.”

Words escaped her lips before she could stop herself. “Ethan wouldn’t have chosen Rebecca if you didn’t transfer 80 percent of the company’s shares to her.”

“Your sister has suffered unthinkable pain throughout the years. Give her your assistance whenever you can. Also, apologize to her for what happened yesterday,” the man said.

“I can’t do that,” she replied through gritted teeth.

Jeffery slammed on the table once more. “Leave if you can’t do that, you ungrateful brat. You’re nothing without Summit!”

His angry words slapped her across her face like a gust of brutal wind. Her cheeks reddened with mixed emotions.

“Fine, I’ll leave. I don’t believe a highly qualified designer like me with a first-class architect certification can’t find a job somewhere else.”

She returned to her own office after that. With a heart full of grievances and anger, she packed up her belongings into a cardboard box before heading to the entrance.

Numerous people murmured as she walked past.

“I heard she was fired by the president because she was mean toward First Young Lady!”

“How petty she must be to push aside her own sister. It’s rumored that First Young Lady was abducted when she was young and it’s only recently that they reunited. She must’ve suffered unimaginable pain during those years.”

“Exactly! Besides, First Young Lady isn’t only nice but easy-going too. She even bought us dinner for working overtime last night.”

“This woman is getting what she deserves!”