Chapter 3 - The Lycan King's Gamma

Gamma Kailen Steele

After leaving the training field, I headed to my classroom to pick up my laptop before I headed home. I now had to read through that email and get ready to head out to Blue Crescent pack. I’ve been working on this case for the last four years and it was the reason I even considered the Gamma position.

Not only do I teach future Alpha’s and Beta’s, but I also investigate murders and suspicious deaths. I’m called in when a pack needs help with a case or if the body is not a member of their pack. My stomach was in knots thinking about what the report could say.

Blue Crescent was my old pack, and the new Alpha was my fated mate. I even dated him for over two years before I found out that he was my fate.

Six months before my 18th birthday, I was kidnapped and sold to this man named Marcus. He held me captured for almost six months, where he raped and tortured me. They also branded me with the number 00 on my right hip. I later had it covered with a massive lily flower tattoo, but you can still feel the scar.

A few days before my 18th birthday, when I would be able to shift into my wolf and find my fated mate. Two men took me from Marcus and moved to a secluded area in the middle of nowhere. On the day of my birthday, Aurora was able to give me her strength, and I managed to kill my two captors and made a run for it.

I ran into some of the king’s men on a mission to find rogues in the area. And they took me to the Ivory Moon pack, where I met our King. He was the only one I’ve ever told my story too. And he has been helping me try to solve my case ever since.

When I returned to Blue Crescent, I found that Owen, my boyfriend and future Alpha, had moved on with his father’s Beta’s daughter, Maya. I rejected him on the spot and left with the King.

When we returned, that’s when I met his son, Hunter, the future king. From the moment our eyes locked, I knew I loved him. He’s been the only male I’ve ever trusted with my body after what Marcus did to me. I love him more than I’ll ever be able to admit. The only reason we aren’t together officially is because I’m not his fated mate, I’m not his Queen.

I could never take him away from his fated mate, the one meant to be our Queen. I rejected my mate, which means I won’t be getting a second chance. But giving him up is not something I like to think about. I know I’ll have to give up everything I’ve ever worked for when he does find her. I won’t be able to stay here, and the thought of him being with anyone else had my stomach in knots.

Hunter tells me all the time that he wants me to be his Queen, but how do I accept that position when the moon goddess gifted it to someone else, gifted Hunter to another?

I finally made it to the Royal house and climbed the stairs to the second floor, where my quarters were located. I sat on the couch in the living room and pulled my laptop out of my bag. I turned it on and waited for it to load so I could read the email.

When the screen finally loaded, I clicked the mailbox, and that’s where I found the email from the new Beta of Blue Crescent pack. I never got along with Finn, even though he was best friends with my ex-boyfriend. Putting my personal feelings aside, I opened the email.

Alpha Owen was asking for the crown’s help with the body of a young woman found just inside their border. There were photos attached, so I opened them to find pictures of the victim and the condition of her body when she was found.

She was indeed young, maybe only 18, and she had the number 37 branded on her right hip, like mine. The size, font and depth all appear to be the same. But what’s the connection to the Blue Crescent? And why now? There hasn’t been a body found in over a year with a number branded.

Now, I have no choice but to head back to Blue Crescent. This is definitely not what I wanted, but I had to be professional. This is my job, my life, and I worked my ass off to get here.

I texted the King, to let him know that I would be driving to Blue Crescent and that I would be investigating everything tomorrow. There was a town about an hour out of the pack where I could spend the night. I also told him that I’d have the coroner’s office sent out tomorrow morning to pick up the body.

I knew he was in meetings all afternoon and would get back to me when he was free. Taking a deep breath, I emailed Beta Finn back to let him know I would be arriving tomorrow morning, then I closed my laptop and headed into my bedroom to get packed. I needed to pack for at least three days and I also had to set up a replacement for my classes. Maybe I’d ask Hunter. He is the future king and should know all my teachings already.

When I was almost done packing my clothes into my small suitcase, I heard Hunter enter my living room. I knew it was him, because his scent of vanilla and sandalwood hit me in the bedroom. I can feel his eyes on me now.

“Yes, Hunter?” I didn’t mean to sound so annoyed.

“Why are you packing?” He asked me.

“You know why I’m packing,” I told him. I zipped my suitcase up and placed it on the floor by my bed. Hunter walked over and wrapped his arms around my waist, and buried his face into my neck.

“Hunter, I’m really just not in the mood.” I told him, trying to push him away.

He pulled away from my neck to look at me. I could tell that he was worried about me.

“Then let’s change that.” He crushed his lips to mine, and I moaned into his mouth. He thrust his tongue into my mouth to play with mine, while he was trying to undress me. He pulled away just to lift my top over my head and then he attacked my lips with his again.

I was undoing the buttons of his shirt while he was unclipping my bra. When I finally had all the buttons undone, I ran my hands down his chest and abs to find the top of his pants. Hunter finally had my bra unclipped and he slid the straps down my arms, falling to our feet.

He pushed me back onto the bed and I watched as he took his shirt completely off. It didn’t matter how many times I’ve seen this man naked, I couldn’t get enough of him.

I sat up while he stood between my legs. I was kissing his abs while I undid his pants. He pulled my hair out of the elastic and started to run his hands through my hair.

When I undid his pants, I pulled them down, along with his boxers, to release his beast of a cock. I licked off the small amount of pre-cum that escaped, and Hunter groaned. I moaned at the taste of him on my tongue. I looked up at him while I took his tip in my mouth.

“Fuck, Beautiful.” He groaned while he gripped my hair. I knew what he wanted. I opened my mouth more, and he slammed his cock to the back of my throat. I dug my nails into his ass while he fucked my face. I sucked in my cheeks and started to swirl my tongue, moaning around his hardened length, filling up my mouth.

“Beautiful, you’re going to make me cum.” He groaned while thrusting faster, chasing his release. I sucked in harder and he exploded in my mouth, grunting while he shot his hot cum down my throat. I moaned, knowing the pleasure I was giving him.

He let go of my hair and let me take control. I licked him clean before he pushed me back on the bed, kissing my stomach to my breast. He took a nipple into his mouth, making me gasp. He sucked and nipped on my nipples while sliding down my leggings. I was moaning while I ran my fingers through his hair.

“Hunter.” I moaned while he kissed his way down my stomach. He kissed his way to my pussy, planting gentle kisses while he took my leggings off. He licked a line from my entrance to my clit, making me buck my hips into his face as I cried out.

“Baby, please.” I begged him. I needed more. He sucked and licked my clit while he inserted a finger into my pussy, turning me into a moaning mess.

“You’re so wet, beautiful.” He groaned while removing his finger and pushing it into my ass. He knew how much I loved it when he played with my ass.

He thrust his thumb into my pussy while his finger was in my ass and sucked my clit into his mouth, causing me to explode all over his face.

“Fuck, Baby.” I screamed out. He gently lapped up my juices while I rode out my orgasm. My whole body was over sensitive from the pleasure he just gave me.

He stood up from kneeling on the floor and thrusted his hard cock into my pussy while placing my legs over his shoulders. I moaned out from the friction and he groaned.

“You’re so tight, beautiful.” He groaned as he started to move in and out of me. He moved my legs around his waist and leaned down to crush his lips into mine. My fingers were digging into his rock hard biceps while he pumped into me harder and faster.

I could taste myself on his lips, which turned me on even more. I love the way we mix together. He started kissing my jaw to my neck. He nipped at the spot where his mark should be and my orgasm ripped through me, causing me to scream out while I pulled his body closer to mine.

I’m not sure what came over me. I leaned forward and sunk my teeth into his shoulder. He grunted while he released himself deep inside me. Once he stilled, I realized what I had done.

I pulled my teeth from his shoulder and panicked. It wasn’t in his mark spot, but it was close and he was bleeding. The guilt was overwhelming. I almost marked him. I tried to lick up the blood and Hunter groaned.

“I’m so sorry, Hunter.” I whispered, while trying to wiggle away from him. Tears were blurring my vision, and I felt horrible. Hunter pulled me back down and rested his forehead on mine.

“Beautiful, it’s fine.” He whispered, pecking my lips.

“I almost marked you. I’m so sorry, Hunter. I don’t know what came over me.” I rushed out, and he shushed me.

“And I would have let you, Beautiful.”