The Lycan King's Gamma

The Lycan King's Gamma

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 69
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Synopsis about The Lycan King's Gamma

Kailen worked her ass off to become the youngest and only female gamma to the Lycan King. She overcame so much in the last four years to get to where she is today. She teaches and trains the future alpha’s and beta’s and she also investigated murders and suspicious deaths. She has been having a secret relationship with the Lycan Prince for the last three and a half years but her finally happy life is about to be turned upside down. He past of abuse and her ex mate are about to catch up to her. Will she be able to move forward with her relationship with the Lycan Prince or will her past come back to finally claim her? *trigger warning*
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Chapter 1

Gamma Kailen Steele I was sitting on the platform in my auditorium, teaching the future Alpha’s and Beta’s about pack history. I am the Lycan King’s youngest and only female Gamma.

Chapter 2

Lycan Prince Hunter I had to go have a shower and change before I headed to training. I didn’t care that I smelt like Kailen, but she didn’t want anyone to know about our relationship. We have been together for the last three and half years, but only my beta and gamma knew.

Chapter 3

Gamma Kailen Steele After leaving the training field, I headed to my classroom to pick up my laptop before I headed home. I now had to read through that email and get ready to head out to Blue Crescent pack. I’ve been working on this case for the last four years and it was the reason I even considered the Gamma position.

Chapter 4

Lycan Prince Hunter I was riding shotgun in Zach’s truck, following Kailen in her SUV. She wasn’t happy that I insisted on coming with her and that I was bringing warriors as well. We had two warriors driving in front of Kailen’s SUV and two driving behind us.

Chapter 5

Gamma Kailen SteeleEven though I was sleeping beside Hunter, I didn’t get much sleep. My mind was racing with the thought of having to return to my old pack and to have to see my ex-mate again.

Chapter 6

Gamma Kailen Steele We pulled up behind our warriors at the Blue Crescent gate. I didn’t wait to speak to a guard. I got out of my vehicle and headed to the shack they had for the guards on duty. Hunter was yelling at me. When I entered the shack, it was small and was only there to keep the guards out of the elements.

Chapter 7

Hunter Kailen left the morgue quickly, and I didn’t blame her. I couldn’t imagine how she was feeling smelling that bastard’s scent again. I was furious on the inside, but I couldn’t comfort her in public; I knew that would only make it worse. Running after her and making a scene wouldn’t help her with how she was feeling.

Chapter 8

Kailen We were finally hiking up to the crime scene. We could shift and run there, but I wanted to take in the surroundings. I was trying to focus on the task at hand, but my mind was racing.

Chapter 9

Hunter I growled when the Alpha referred to Kailen as his mate. She was never going to be his mate; she was mine. I love her and I’m the one that has been there for her for the last four years of her life. Not him. She was broken, and I helped her pick up the pieces.

Chapter 10

Gamma Kailen Steele “Pretty impressive for a stupid omega.”