Chapter 10 - The Lycan King's Gamma

Gamma Kailen Steele

“Pretty impressive for a stupid omega.”

“You know that’s not what I meant,” Owen defended.

“Then what did you mean?” I asked him.

“I just mean that she’s beautiful and I didn’t expect you to have a white wolf.” He admitted.

“It doesn’t matter anyway,” I told him.

“Kailen, that’s not fair.” He sighed.

“What’s not fair, Owen?” I asked him and he ran a hand through his hair.

“You left a note.” He started to say, but I interrupted him.

“I didn’t leave a note, Owen. Why the hell would I have left? I thought we were happy. Were we not?” I could feel everyone watching us.

“I thought you found out,” he whispered.

“Found out about what, Owen? What did you do?” I could feel the tears flooding my eyes. He didn't answer me.

“With her?” I breathed out.

“Yeah.” I had to close my eyes and take a deep breath.

“The night of that party?” The tears were falling down my cheeks now and no amount of willpower could stop them.

“Kailen, I’m so sorry, and then we had that fight the night before you left. I thought you found out and left.”

“You want to know what’s not fair, Owen. Praying that the person you love will rescue you from the hell you were trapped in. Just to find out they were too busy being balls deep in someone else. Now, if that isn’t heartbreaking, I don’t know what is.” I told him. I walked around him towards where I knew the crime scene was located.

I kept walking, and I didn’t look back. I felt like such an idiot for thinking that he could ever love the stupid omega. Was it just some cruel joke that he got caught up in? We were together for two years and it all meant nothing. And it explains why he never fought my rejection. He just accepted it and moved on with her.

I remember that night, the one of the party. He snuck into my room that night, and I thought it was weird that he had showered beforehand. He said that he had beer spilled on him, and he had to get cleaned up. He had sex with me that night. After he was done with her, the thought made me feel sick.

And I don’t remember the fight we had. Maybe that was a side effect of the drug I was given. I remember being happy with him. He hadn’t turned 18 yet, so he didn’t know if I was his mate. And he would have known on his birthday that Maya wasn’t.

This is all just too much. I should have listened to Hunter and sent someone else here. I thought I was strong enough to handle this but I’m not. Even though I love Hunter, I once loved Owen and to think that he didn’t love me, that he just left me in that hell, hurts more than anything Marcus ever did to me.

I finally made it to the crime scene and I managed to get my emotions in cheek. I needed to focus on the task at hand. I can break down tomorrow when I’m alone.

I stepped under the bright yellow crime tap and started looking at the scene through my camera lens. I noticed a small pool of blood, which I’m assuming seeped out of our victim's back. I had photos of her body at the scene and she was lying on her back.

Nothing else seemed to be out of place, and I didn’t notice Marcus’ scent either. I looked up from my lens to find that the others had arrived. I knew I probably looked like a mess, but I didn’t care at this point. I just wanted to get this done and leave this place for good.

“Greyson, can you pull out a couple swabs for me please?” I asked him. He slid off my backpack to find them for me.

“Alpha Owen, I need to speak to all the warriors that found the body and everyone else who was ever at this scene.” I told him and he nodded.

Greyson finally found the swabs and I walked over to the tape to retrieve them from him. I walked back over to the pool of blood and knelt down to take a few different samples. I’m hoping there are a few different blood types. Maybe we could get lucky and find the killer's blood mixed in with hers.

I spent a few hours out there looking over everything while the others just stood around and watched. I was glad for the distraction. I needed to focus my mind on something else. I can’t wait to get back to the hotel and have a nice hot bath.

When I was finally satisfied, I walked over to the yellow tape and started to remove it. There wasn’t anything more here. I needed to upload the pictures and go through everything. But I can do that back in my office.

Our coroner’s office should have picked up her body already, so that’s one less thing to worry about. We have the best coroner and he will find anything their doctor missed.

“All done?” Hunter asked me when I was balling up the tape. I went over to my backpack and stuffed it in. Greyson had left it on the ground, probably so he wouldn't have to take it off again if I needed something else. I picked up my bag and swung it over my back. I could carry my own stuff.

“Yeah, I’m ready to go.” I answered him. I turned on my heel and made my way back the way we came. I didn’t feel like talking with anyone. I just wanted this day to be over.

When we were walking by the reservoir, I noticed that Zach and Beta Finn were just pulling the boat ashore. I could see the cooler from where I was standing. I walked over to the warriors.

“Anything to report?” I asked them.

“Nothing, Gamma Kailen.” One answered and I nodded.

Zach and our other warrior were carrying the cooler over and I asked them to set it down. I slid my backpack off and dug around for my duct tape. Once I found it, I knelt down in front of the cooler and I opened it to make sure it was all there. I took a photo of the note and the heart and I closed the lid back up. I then took the duct tape and wrapped it around the lid a few times to seal it for transport.

“We can store that in the morgue?” Owen asked me. And I looked over to Hunter.

“Thank you Alpha Owen. We are going to get everything packed up and we’ll head back here tomorrow morning. I’ll do all my interviews then.” I told him and he nodded.

Two of our warriors grabbed the cooler handles and we all started to walk back to our vehicles. I was ready to get the hell out of this place.

“What the hell did I miss?” Zach asked Hunter and I could hear him sigh. I tried not to listen to the conversations that were happening around me. I needed a moment to breathe. I felt like this place was sucking the life out of me.

I was almost at my freedom until the pack house driveway came into view and I noticed a familiar face standing with Alpha Landon. I stopped suddenly, and turned around.

“Fuck.” I breathed out, right before Hunter walked into me. He reached out and grabbed my arms so I wouldn’t fall. I could feel him staring at me while I was staring up at the sky.

“I can’t catch a fucken break today? Why the fuck did I even get out of bed? Why did you make me get out of bed?” I tilted my head down to look at me.

“What’s wrong?” He asked me, looking around me.

“Cathy.” I whispered to him and he looked back at me.

“Why wouldn’t you want to see Cathy?” Owen asked me and I sighed. I rested my head on Hunter’s chest.

“Is it too late to run?” I mumbled.

“Yeah, they are walking towards us.” He leaned in to whisper.

“Fuck!” I mumbled before I turned around to face them.

“Cathy, it is so good to see you.” I told her, while I met her half way to us. I gave her a hug, which she returned.

“Oh Kailen, you look as beautiful as ever. I’m so proud of you.” She said, pulling away.

“My dear, what happened to your forehead?” Alpha Landon asked me, concerned, and I forgot about hitting my head earlier.

“Oh, I hit a low branch. It’s no big deal.” I told them, brushing it off.

“And who is this young man?” Cathy asked and I didn’t notice that Hunter was standing beside me.

“Cathy, this is the Lycan Prince, Hunter. Hunter, this is Cathy.” I introduced them.

“Prince Hunter, it’s an honour to meet you. Do you work with Kailen?” Cathy asked innocently. And I wanted to facepalm.

“I do, Ma’am. Kailen is one of the Gamma’s that work with my father.” He explained and her face lit up.

“That’s so wonderful. I would love to hear more. Kailen, the Alpha and I have tea ready if you have time before you leave?” She asked me.

“Of course, I just have to drop my bag in my vehicle, but then I’ll be right in. Library, as always, Alpha?” I asked him.

“Yes, Gamma Kailen,” he answered. And I smirked.

“Prince Hunter, you are welcome to join us?” Cathy asked him and I noticed that Owen pushed past everyone and started to head into the pack house.

“I have some work to finish up, but I’ll try to stop by.” Hunter told her and she nodded.

“Kailen, we’ll be in the library when you’re ready.” She told me before she turned around to start her walk back to the pack house with Alpha Landon.