Chapter 2 - The Lycan King's Long Lost Princess


Genevieves POV

When I get out of his office, I make my way downstairs. I want nothing more than to run and hide away forever in the little room I have. Technically it’s not a room, but a storage closet with a makeshift cot. The Alpha doesn’t want me near anyone, so this side of the castle is empty.

I hadn’t realized I was standing in the middle of the packhouse living room when I was met with a powerful heated slap to my cheek.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE? WHY ARE YOU NOT COOKING DINNER?” Serene, beta Justin’s mate spat at me. She was tall and had a beautiful body with long and wavy blonde hair. But her face.. absolutely covered in makeup. If she just toned it down a bit, she would look really good. Besides her personality which was sh*t.

“I’m sorry. I’ll get right on it.” I said looking down.

“You’d better, you’re already 10 minutes late. Nobody has eaten. Get in that kitchen and learn your place, mutt.” She said slapping me again.

I ran to the kitchen and started getting the ingredients for dinner together. Nobody in this pack house knew how to cook besides a couple of servants. But I was the best. I rushed and decided on making chicken broccoli casserole. Since it was the quickest thing to make.

I had 50 minutes before the Alpha wanted me back. I don’t even want to think of what he’ll do if I’m late. The last time I was late he had Beta Justin beat me. Then he dragged me to Alpha Jaden and he beat me some more. I could tell he enjoyed it. His d**k got hard, which was just plain wrong.

I finished the casserole and was plating it up when Beta Justin walks into the kitchen coming up behind me. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me into him.

“If it wasn’t for the Alpha having you tonight, I would.” He said. Just then, Serene walks in. Beta Justin backed up away from me & Serene launched herself at me.

“NOT ONLY ARE YOU LATE TO COOK DINNER, AND F***ING THE ALPHA, YOU’RE ALSO TRYING TO F**K MY MATE?!” She screamed while she threw punches at my face and grabbed my hair. She pulled me to the ground and started choking me.

“You’re such a nasty sl*t. You’re always on any man you see. Why don’t you just die?” She growls. I feel the pressure on my face as I try to push her off. Beta Justin grabs her and pulls her away.

“The Alpha will have your head if you kill her. I will NOT let my mate get us killed.”

I took a minute to breathe and collect myself before I finished plating everyone’s dinner. I wasn’t allowed to eat with the pack. I was hardly allowed to eat in general. Besides when Gamma William would bring me something or I’d sneak a few pieces of something before I headed to bed. Which I wouldn’t be able to do tonight, since I have to go back to the Alpha.

OH MY GOD.. ALPHA. I looked at the clock, quickly jerking my head to the side. It kind of hurt a little. I realized I have one minute to be there. I’m not even done here in the kitchen. He’s going to kill me.

I quickly served everyone and cleaned up my mess and ran up the stairs. I was 10 minutes late. I knew I was done for. I stood looking at his door and began to open it when I heard him growl behind me.

“Little Raven. You’re late.” He said grabbing my arm and dragging me to his room.

“What did I tell you about being late? Have you not learned from last time?” He asks me as he slams his door shut. He tosses me to his bed.

“I’m sorry Alpha. Serene attacked me and I had to rush to finish dinner.”

“Serene knows better than to do that. Now you’re lying to me?” He snaps. He slaps my face hard. My vision blurred and it took a few seconds for it to correct. He pushed me down on my back with my legs hanging off the bed, placing himself in between them.

“I’m going to make you wish you hadn’t been late.” He growls as he rips off my shirt. Well, that’s one less shirt I have. I quickly cover my breasts and he reaches out and grabbed my wrists pulling them away.

“Don’t cover yourself up. I will beat you if you try and fight.” He places my hands above my head.

“Don’t move or I’ll make you wish you hadn’t.” he lets go, moving his hands to his pants button. He pulls off his pants and he rips off mine.

I turn my head to the side as a tear runs down my face into my hairline. He bends down, sniffing in my neck as he grabs it.

“You smell so good, my little raven.” He growls. He pulls my face to his and goes in for a ravenous kiss. I know fighting will only make this worse. I want to gag when he shoves his tongue into my mouth.

He leaves the kiss and gets ready to enter me when my mind leaves. I’m no longer there in my body. Instead, I’m back to when I was 6 or 7. I was having a picnic with my parents seeing my mom smile at me. Kissing my forehead before she feeds me a strawberry. And my dad smiles as he watches. We sing and dance around with the sun beaming down on us. I hate them not being here. I miss my parents.

The next few days fly by. Preparing for the festival is a daunting task. Alpha Jaden wants it perfect. If it’s anything less, he won’t be very happy. Thankfully, I have Gamma William. He is the nicest one here. He’s helped me when I needed it, hanging lights, arranging flowers, hanging drapes, and moving tables.

Gamma William is a little bit taller than me. Probably about 5 inches. He’s in his early 30’s, with short swoopy hair. His big brown eyes are the best to look at. And he’s a very nice man.

He brought me dinner last night after I hadn’t eaten all day as we prepared the patio. Which I was very grateful for, as I rarely ever get to eat.

Sitting on my cot I finish my sandwich. Full and tired, ready for sleep. I brush my hair and lay down for bed. After a while, my eyes get too heavy and I’m drifted into a deep sleep.