The Lycan King's Long Lost Princess

The Lycan King's Long Lost Princess

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Chapter: 100
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Synopsis about The Lycan King's Long Lost Princess

R 18+ •Completed•GRAPHIC CONTENT• •TRIGGER WARNINGS• BOOK 1 Genevieve was 8 when her parents were murdered by the Alpha of Blackstone Pack, Jaden. Unknowing of who she really is, thinking she was a servants child like many of the other children they took. He believes she’s a wolf. He’s always had a deep lust for her, he wants her to be his mate. They’re having a Full Moon Festival on her 18th birthday, to which he will claim her as his mate. He will kill her mate if she happens to find him that day. The lycan king, Hunter has been given word that somehow Alpha Jaden is connected to the murders of king Gerrick & his queen April. Which are Genevieves parents. Making her the lost lycan princess. Now Queen. What happens when she does find her mate? And he happens to be the richest and most powerful Lycan of them all? Will the Alpha risk his life & his pack over one girl?
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All Chapters of The Lycan King's Long Lost Princess

Chapter 1: I will find you

Genevieve POV: My name is Genevieve Rose Allaire. I’m 17 years old. My birthday is June 21st, which is also next week. When I was 8 years old my parents were murdered.. and It feels like sometimes they start to fade away. I’ve been beaten so many times that my brain seems to let go of my most precious memories. In turn, replacing them with the awful acts of Alpha Jaden. He’s the Alpha of Blackstone Pack. A pack I hate. He’s an abusive, disgusting man. He always tries to have his way with me, and sometimes he succeeded. Always with the most sinister grin on his face.

Chapter 2: I miss my parents


Chapter 3: Hi. And you are?


Chapter 4: Eye F*cking the King

Genevieve’s POV: As I was walking downstairs from the 4th floor, I heard the alpha yell for me.

Chapter 5: I never did catch your name

Hunters POV We were waiting a few minutes when the servants started bringing out our food. I was hoping when the door first opened that it would be her. But unfortunately, it was the male servant that showed us to our room and a few others.

Chapter 6: What’s the meaning of this?

Hunters POV We finished talking about the festival and the wolf run we’re going to do during the full moon. Then we all said our good nights and headed for our rooms.

Chapter 7: Too bad I’ll be gone

Hunters POV I heard screaming and growling and I ran into the main pack hall. I saw the betas mate slamming and screaming at my mate. I grabbed that b***h by her throat and started screaming at her.

Chapter 8: A heart racing

Hunters POV Since the alphas arrived, we had a big dinner. The alpha talks about Jess nonstop. I almost stood up to leave. Or maybe it was to kill him. My head was so fuzzy from rage. So we’ll never know.

Chapter 9: Rip this f*ckers throat out

Genevieves POV: I was so stunned, completely lost in his kiss. I’m literally putty in this man's hands. We melt into each other as we grind our lips together. He parts my lips with his tongue and swirls it around mine. Every touch sent shocks through my body. How is this real life? It sure doesn’t feel it. The king is kissing me. THE KING. why does he want me? I’m nothing but the alpha’s s*x slave. It doesn’t make sense.

Chapter 10: Mate

Hunters POV: Finally, the day of the festival has arrived. I dread seeing alpha Jaden, but I’m so excited to see Jess. When I get her out of here, I need to learn her real name. I know she was lying to me. I’m unsure if she’s Lycan or wolf. As nobody knows for sure, I have a feeling she’s Lycan.