Chapter 10 - The Lycan King's Long Lost Princess

Hunters POV:

Finally, the day of the festival has arrived. I dread seeing alpha Jaden, but I’m so excited to see Jess. When I get her out of here, I need to learn her real name. I know she was lying to me. I’m unsure if she’s Lycan or wolf. As nobody knows for sure, I have a feeling she’s Lycan.

“I’m excited. Mate is perfect.” Marcus purrs.

“She is perfect.” I smiled.

Mark and Mathew are outside talking with some of the other alphas. None of them like Jaden, not even in the slightest.

They’ve been telling my men stories of how he used to beat some of the omegas before they were claimed as mates to members of their pack. I can’t wait to take this man down. But first, the elders have to look over everything. If she is Lycan, we can at least put him in a cell until then.

I get up and head to take a shower when I get a mind link.

“My king, the men are ready for action when the time arises.”

“Thank you, Mark. I’m hoping we won’t need to take action, but it’s like he’s obsessed with her. He talks about her nonstop.”

“I know. A few of the alphas admitted they thought it was disgusting talking about her like that.”

“Yeah, that makes all of us. I can’t believe he’d talk about her body like that. I wonder, if he does that, what all he’s done to her.”

“We can’t think about that. I’m sure when she comes to trust you, she’ll tell you.” I’m getting so angry just thinking about it that I punch a hole in the shower wall.

“Let’s stop. I’m going to kill him right now if we don’t.”

“Yes, my king. I can already feel your anger, so it’s best we do. Will will get our queen. All will be okay.” He replied and cut the mind link.

I finish showering and step out with a towel wrapped around my waist. I get dressed in jeans and a short-sleeved v-neck t-shirt. It’s time to get this day over with. I need to be with my mate.

It’s getting past lunchtime, and everyone has arrived. I was right to assume it would be packed. Thankfully their pack lands are huge, otherwise, no one would fit.

Outside behind the patio, there are 6 huge tables and a stage about 20 feet behind them. Behind the stage is a field that leads into a forest. In front of the stage, many couples are sitting, eating sandwiches, and talking.

There are flowers everywhere and all kinds of lights, but it’s not dark enough for those to be on yet. There’s also a swimming pool to the left of everything. Some of the wolves are swimming and jumping off the diving board. I heard something from an omega saying they were having a contest on who could do the best tricks. That sounds pretty fun.

Children are running around everywhere blowing bubbles and playing tag. It’s a nice sight to see, as there are not many children at my castle.

I still haven’t seen Jess. I wonder what she’s up to.

Genevieve’s POV:

Alpha’s sister Lianne is getting me ready. My hair is done half up half down. She curled my hair and placed flowers from the decorations in the hair that were pulled back into a bun.

Even with my hair curled, it still sits almost halfway down my back. My makeup is very light, almost natural. With a warm shade of pink lipstick. It’s about 4 o’clock now, we’ve been in here for hours.

Lianne helps me into my dress and my shoes. She stands back and looks over me in amazement.

“I know my brother is a horrible man and doesn’t deserve you, but he is definitely lucky to have you as a Luna. You sure do look the part.” She says.

“Thank you,” I replied almost blushing. This is the nicest she’s ever been to me. I look in the mirror and I’m taken aback. I really do look good. The dress is a deep blue spaghetti strap. It’s mid-thigh length, and loose in my br*ast area. My scars are visible, but they’re not too bad.

Thankfully, the dress covers most of them. Which are on my back, sides, and stomach. She comes up behind me and puts a sapphire necklace around my neck, then matching earrings on.

“The sun will be going down soon, so you might want to make an appearance before it’s too dark to see your outfit.” She says pushing me out of the door.

I walk down the stairs into the main hall. I stumble a few times and almost fall. I’ve never worn heels in my entire life, so it’s something I’d need to practice with. Alpha Jaden is standing by the main hall entrance, talking to a couple of alphas and their mates.

“Mate.” I hear alpha Jaden whisper. How could that be possible? I thought Hunter was my mate. Why don't I feel anything then?

“You look amazing.” He says kissing my cheek. Wow, he’s definitely going to put on a show tonight. Why is everyone being nice today?

“Alpha John, Alpha Dunham, this is our future luna. Jess.” He says, wrapping his arm around my waist. They both look at me hungrily, like they want to attack me.

“Well aren’t you just a lovely little thing?” Alpha John says. A tall model-looking woman that I assume is his mate, steps up to me with a scowl.

“Yes, aren’t you just?” She looks like she wants to rip my face off.

“Hello. It’s nice meeting you all. I think we should head outside, we all need some sunlight before the run!” I said, trying to escape the awkwardness.

“Yes, let’s do so,” Jaden says. He pushes me forward with his hand on my lower back towards the back door. When we step outside, my eyes widen. There are so many wolves here! Kids running around, people eating and talking. I think I heard a few find their mates. This is pretty amazing.

I notice many of the alphas starting at me, but they notice Jaden's arm around mine so the don't pursue me.

We head towards the main table when I catch his smell.

“Mate” I mumble. Alpha Jaden looks at me. My Lycan is coming in soon. I’ve heard some muffles in my head but I just chalk it up to me being exhausted.

“What did you just say?”

“Nothing. Just amazing.” I said trying to cover my words. I really hope he believes that’s what I said.

“Mate.” I hear the voice full force.

“Uhh.. hello?”

“Hello. I’m your Lycan.” She says.

“I didn’t realize we could talk.”

“We can Genevieve.”

“What’s your name?” I ask.


“It’s nice to meet you, Ophelia.”

“You too. Now go get our mate!”She growls.

“We can’t. Alpha Jaden will kill us.”

“He doesn’t know we’re Lycan. You can kill him right here, right now!” She says.

“I’m not risking it. The king will claim us before alpha gets a chance.”

We eat and chat among the alphas and betas. I even think I made a few friends with some of the Lunas. The alpha glares at me the entire time watching my every move. Everyone’s dressed in fancy suits and dresses.

Thank goddess I’m not the only one. The last thing I wanted was to stick out like a sore thumb. I smell the king here and there, and I even catch his eye a few times. I seriously can’t believe he’s my mate. He’s so perfect.

“Yes, he really is.”

It’s starting to get dark, and it’s about the time for everyone to shift. I’m completely nervous. The alpha is about to claim me.

We walk up to the stage, and he starts speaking. Where’s the king? I thought he was going to claim me?

“Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to this year's Full Moon Festival.” Alpha Jaden says. Everyone starts clapping and cheering.

“This year is extra special. It is the birthday of my dear little raven, Jess. This will be her first time-shifting.” Everyone starts cheering again, this time louder.

“Now, as all of you know, I have yet to find my mate. But when I felt my sweet little raven, I knew she was my mate.” I look at him like he's crazy. There's no way I'm his mate! I'm the kings. Everyone starts clapping. Then all of the sudden, I feel the king’s presence. I turn and see him walking up the stairs of the stage.

My Lycan is going crazy in my mind.

“Mate. He’s here. He’s coming for us.”

“Mate,” I mumbled again.

“What did you say, dear?” Alpha Jaden asks gripping my side and shoving me into him.

“Mate!” Roars the king. “Mine!” He walks towards me to grab me.

Everyone in the audience gasped.

“I think you’re mistaken, my king. She’s MINE.” The alpha growled yanking me away.

“You would get in the king's way, claiming his mate?” Yelled someone from the audience.

“I-I.” Is all Jaden could get out before the king’s beta jumps on the stage.

“She is MINE. Not YOURS.” Growled the alpha.

“If I were you, I’d back down alpha. You do remember who you’re talking to, right? The king. The Lycan king.” Stated the king's beta. Alpha Jaden drops his eyes to the floor. He almost looks defeated. But I can feel the rage exploding out of him.

“She is my mate. I will be taking her.” Said the king in a firm voice.

“Let her go.” He commanded. The alpha bowed his head and let me go. Letting me run to the king, being wrapped in his arms.

“I promised.” He whispered against my ear. Shivers were sent down my spine and tingles landed everywhere he touched.

The alpha walks off the stage p*ssed.

“Let us shift, and forget this moment.” The king yelled to everyone in the stands. The moon is at its highest right now, I can feel that I’m getting ready to shift.

“Are you ready Gen? “

“Yes. But I’m nervous.” I admit.

“We’ll be okay. It’ll get easier.” Talking with her is beyond soothing. I’m so glad I can actually talk to my lycan.

Everyone runs behind the stage and waits for me to shift. If it wasn’t my first shift, everyone would have shifted already.

That’s when I feel the sudden itchiness. Like my skin is ripping. I start screaming and fall to my knees. I feel my bones breaking and the fur shooting out of my skin. My claws coming out and my fangs elongated. It takes a good 20 to 30 minutes for me to fully transform. The next thing I know, everyone’s staring at me.

“She’s Lycan.” I heard someone gasp. The alpha looks my way wide-eyed and terrified.