Chapter 4 - Alpha Zander

I am going back to my old school today, Summer Vale College, one of the most prestigious high schools in our area. Both males and females attended since this is a coed school. It is also progressive and accepts both human and non-human students. Although mostly it’s humans and wolves. Vampires and witches aren’t really into mixing cultures.

I argued with my old man for about a week about why I had to go back to school, especially one with Oliver Steward and his little gang in it. Oliver is from Liverpool pack and they’re not actually bad folk. It’s just that our packs have been in a feud for three generations now. It got so bad at one point that it triggered a war which made humans aware of the existence of the supernatural.

My pack, Charwood, blamed Oliver’s pack, Liverpool, because of some witchy voodoo shit his great great grandmother did. At the same time, Oliver’s pack blamed us because apparently the witches were on our lands. Our pack gave the most evidence against theirs and the council gave their final verdict. Long story short, we all know it was the witches in the end, but it wasn’t until the leaders of Liverpool at the time were sentenced to death did the truth come to light. Charwood and Liverpool have been enemies since.

I shouldn’t have to waste my time with this shit. I finished all my studies when I went to Alpha training for two years. I was even already looking into university classes. But my old man decided that my packmates and I had to go back to the same high school as before, even though we clashed with the Liverpool pack the last time we were there.

He says that I still needed my certificate to state that I completed high school. So here I am on a Monday morning in the middle of a cold April day, driving back to the school I thought I had left behind. Personally, I think it’s all BS and his stupid way of trying to get me out of the house to “build relationships like the good little Alpha I'm supposed to be”.

Thankfully, I have Grace to keep me company. She’s a nice enough girl, I suppose, and she’s a good shag and fuck anytime I want.

Jace, my wolf, isn’t happy with all the women I’ve been with but, hey, I can do what I want until my mate comes along. He can just sit there being sulky and not enjoy anything in the meantime.

I’m standing near the pillar entrance with Grace all over me kissing my neck trying to look all cute while I catch up with my friends before class. Jace has retreated to the back of my mind sulking because of her.

In the middle of a conversation with Danni, the most beautiful scent of forest wood and fresh water smacks me like a freight train. ‘What the heck is that?’ I think as my body stiffens and I soak in the smell.

Jace is frantically pacing at the back of my mind salivating at the scent. Before I could grasp what happened the scent had all but disappeared. My eyes dart around trying to figure out where the scent is coming from, but as quickly as it came it vanished.

I sigh and turn to Grace and the guys, “come one, it’s time to head to class.” I have English and double Maths today, so yeah, not one of my favourite days.

- - -

Lunchtime at the cafeteria is crazy. I’d forgotten how busy it could get here. Grace is in the line with me and the guys, she ordered a warm pumpkin soup while I went for 2 meat pies and a coke. I am paying for the meals when I hear her shrill voice. I groan internally. What shit had she caused now?

I make my way over and to my surprise I find Ashleigh Steward soaked in Grace’s soup, her aura blazing around her. As I try to hide my surprise at how powerful her aura was, I give a cocky grin, “Is there a problem Beta?”

My smirk deepens as she turns around to face me with a frustrated look on her face. “Your pack member just deliberately ran into me and insulted me,” she growls, her wolf flashing through her eyes.

“I don’t believe it was intentional,” I reply, making my way over next to Grace. As I pass Ashleigh, I am hit with the same amazing scent of forest wood and freshwater. I frown. What’s going on?

“I can sense the malice coming off her, the words that came out of her own mouth were most certainly intentional,” she glowers back at me.

Grace just stands there her head bowed down in submission. I try to bring Jace forward in my Alpha power, but he isn’t budging. He just sat there smirking in my mind.

‘What the actual fuck, dude, she is dominating one of my pack members,’ I growl at him.

He smirks at me and says, ‘deal with this yourself, I told you a thousand times that girl is bad news’.

‘She is still a pack member,’ I snapped back.

He finally gives some power as I let out my Alpha aura. Ashleigh didn’t even budge, everyone else around us was cowering in submission, afraid to speak up against the stand-off between two ranked wolves. Even the humans were trembling slightly, some of the weaker ones had their eyes cast down and were looking away.

“Do I need to remind you of the peace treaty we have while on neutral grounds, Alpha? It seems not everyone is aware,” she states while narrowing her eyes at me.

“Not at all Beta, my pack members are aware, Grace here is new to my pack and doesn't know who everyone is yet.” I responded.

“I suggest you teach your new members who everyone is, Alpha, so there isn’t an issue, next time she may not be so lucky.” Her eyes snapped back at Grace, her aura not settling with her wolf blazing furiously in her eyes almost completely in control.

“Change the attitude, otherwise, you won’t get far here,” she snaps. She turns and pays for her order and stomps towards Oliver and her pack members, two females scurrying behind her to catch up.

I sigh, “well that was eventful”.

“The bitch didn’t even apologize or offer to pay for the food she spilled,” Grace pouts.

Jace pushes forward and growls at her, “Don’t be so stupid. They are the second largest pack around. Zander told you not to get mixed up with them. Next time, I won’t allow him to protect you.”

She bowed her head in submission. “Yes, Alpha,” she whispers.

With a sigh I pull out my wallet and give her a $20 bill. “Here, go grab some more lunch and I’ll meet you at the back with the rest of pack.”

She nods and takes the money then scurries to the back of the line.

I glanced over at the table where Liverpool pack sits. I couldn’t spot Ashleigh next to her Alpha or brother. What the fuck just happened?