Alpha Zander

Alpha Zander

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Zander Blackwood Two years in Alpha training and my old man expects me to go back to high school and finish my final year. Honestly, I think it’s just stupid. I don’t need to go back! I finished my studies while I was in training, Hell I’ve been looking into university degrees. Still here I am Monday morning going to the one school I really didn’t want to. Does he not realize that Oliver Steward and his little buddies are here? Does he expect me to play nice after all these years of hate between our packs? This peace deal we have signed while on neutral grounds is complete BS and I’m expected to roll over and play nice. ~ Ashleigh Steward 18, the age we can find our mate, the age that will determine if I stay in my current pack in my current position as Beta to Ollie or If I change packs because of my mate. If he is a higher rank than I, which will be Alpha then I will have to move to his pack. I have spent my entire life preparing to be next to Ollie when he takes over as Alpha. Doing training, making sure my marks are exceptional so I can be accepted into any university. Building relationships between all the different packs and pack members. The one thing I was not expecting Zander Blackwood. Book 1 of the Alpha Series: The Alpha Series: Book 1 - Alpha Zander (Completed) Book 2 - Alpha Oliver (Ongoing) Please follow my social accounts for updates, announcements and inspo pics. Alpha Zander is now available in Paperback on Am**zon, in the new cover and original.
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Chapter 1 - ASHLEIGH

“Ash, Ash come on! We’re gonna be late for school,” my best friend and soon-to-be Alpha, Oliver bangs on my bedroom door hurrying me up.“I’m ready, just give me a few minutes to finish my assignment,” I call back.

Chapter 1 - ASHLEIGH

“Ash, Ash come on! We’re gonna be late for school,” my best friend and soon-to-be Alpha, Oliver bangs on my bedroom door hurrying me up.“I’m ready, just give me a few minutes to finish my assignment,” I call back.

Chapter 3 - ASHLEIGH

The start of this week has been hell so far, and it's only 12.30pm on a Monday!!I don’t know how much more I can take, I’m not usually this wound up, I suppose maybe because I got up earlier this morning to finish some work and maybe because Kia has been so restless today … it all just added up.

Chapter 4 - ZANDER

I am going back to my old school today, Summer Vale College, one of the most prestigious high schools in our area. Both males and females attended since this is a coed school. It is also progressive and accepts both human and non-human students. Although mostly it’s humans and wolves. Vampires and witches aren’t really into mixing cultures.I argued with my old man for about a week about why I had to go back to school, especially one with Oliver Steward and his little gang in it. Oliver is from Liverpool pack and they’re not actually bad folk. It’s just that our packs have been in a feud for three generations now. It got so bad at one point that it triggered a war which made humans aware of the existence of the supernatural.

Chapter 5 - ZANDER

After an eventful lunch hour, the rest of the day went by slowly. I relaxed with my friends and figured out what I was going to do on the weekend. I love a good night out and am no stranger to the night life. Rumour has it that there is a party at the club on Friday night. The guys and I intend to go and check it out.As I walk into the packhouse after finishing classes I call out, “I’m home!” and wait around for a response. No one’s around. Dad is too busy nowadays to just be hanging around the house and Jake, dad’s beta, is surely with him.

Chapter 6 - ASHLEIGH

After the lunchtime drama I kept my head down and kept to myself. I didn’t enjoy being front and centre like that. I didn’t enjoy being questioned by Zander Blackwood of all people. I didn’t enjoy the rumours that went around the school after.In the car ride home, the boys mostly talked about the upcoming dance and football games. Every year the school holds a Valedictorian dinner dance where we can receive our diploma and also have a chance to say goodbye to everyone.

Chapter 7 - ZANDER

I had to drag myself out of bed this morning. I ran patrol for about 8 hours and didn’t get home until 1am so I was mentally and physically exhausted after last night.. I have half a mind to skip my first class because it was study hall, and no one really cared that much about it. But I don’t want to get a scolding from dad, so here I am, half-awake, getting ready for school.Danni practically tackles me to the ground for the keys when he sees how exhausted I am, insisting that he will drive instead. To be honest, I didn’t mind letting him drive, it means I get about 30 minutes' extra sleep. By the time we reached school, I managed to get a bit of energy about me. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m weak now, would I?

Chapter 8 - ASHLEIGH

I hate running late. The boys usually tell me when they are leaving, but they had training this morning so I was on my own. It is a nightmare. I get too distracted and forget what time it is, especially when I am busy working on my schoolwork or other stuff my dad has given me to look into. Today, unfortunately, was one of those days. I bolt out the door just as I know class had started. I have study hall first, so it isn’t as bad as a regular class, but I still hate being late. It gives me major anxiety.

Chapter 9 - ASHLEIGH

The rest of my day went by without incident, everything is back to normal. Lately it has been hard to connect so it is nice to be with Ollie and the rest of our pack members for lunch.Wednesday went by quickly and it is my turn to be on patrol that evening after school. It helps me get into the groove of what my duties will be when Ollie and I someday become Alpha and Beta of the pack. Father and Uncle like to keep us in shape and show us the ropes to what is expected of us when we are leaders.

Chapter 10 - ZANDER

Friday, who doesn't love Fridays? It sucks that we still have to go to school on this boiler of a day, but here I am on a Friday morning in the kitchen trying to get my shit together for school, instead of going to the river.I hear Danni coming down the stairs wearing just his boxers and hair all tangled. He looks around suspiciously and asks, "Are the parents around?"