Chapter 10 - Alpha Zander

Friday, who doesn't love Fridays? It sucks that we still have to go to school on this boiler of a day, but here I am on a Friday morning in the kitchen trying to get my shit together for school, instead of going to the river.

I hear Danni coming down the stairs wearing just his boxers and hair all tangled. He looks around suspiciously and asks, "Are the parents around?"

I looked up from my phone frowning "huh, nah. Why?"

He quickly sprints back to his room and comes back a few minutes later with Annie. She looks dishevelled with her light brown hair in a mess and her short black tank dress just barely covering her ass and boobs.

I roll my eyes and chuckle, "If your mum found out what you were doing on a school night, she would beat your ass."

He shoves the girl out the door as quickly as he could, while she gave him a quick kiss and said, 'call me'.

"Shut up, you're one to talk. You know ma scolded you for some of your stupid nights," he mumbled.

"Haha, Oh, I know only too well. Grab something to eat before we hit the road, if you like. I need to pick up Grace in 10 minutes.”

Danni scrunches up his nose. "It's all good. Maybe next time."

"It's Grace, isn't it?" I sigh.

He just shrugs. "You do you, man. I need to freshen up before school anyway. Are we still going to the clubs tonight?"

I nod in response, "we will head out at around 8.30pm."

"Ok I'll tell Annie. Are you inviting Grace?"

I shrugged, “Still haven't decided."

"No worries. Till then." He salutes and heads back to his room to get ready for school.

I start my car and drive to Grace's house. Jace was grumbling in my mind about picking up Grace today. He didn't want to be around her.

'She isn't that bad', I tried to reason with him.

He snorts. 'You only like her because of her pussy.'

'We had a deal, until I find my mate, I can do what I want. Until that happens either enjoy it with me or shush.' I growl back.

'Fine' he snaps 'but mark my words. As soon as our mate enters the picture, your shenanigans are over. I will not allow you to hurt her.'

He curls himself up at the back of my mind, sulking and giving me a death glare. If looks could kill, I'd be a goner.

Five minutes later, I pulled up to the apartment block Grace lives in and I shoot her a quick text message. The apartment building isn't very big, about five floors with two car parking garages underneath. It has a modern look with white paint and grey and tan trim with a glass stairway leading to the top.

The balcony of each apartment is wide enough for a small table and two chairs.

Grace came bounding down the stairs with an excited little smile. Damn, she dressed fine today, wearing another one of her miniskirts, making it easy for me to grab her ass. My eyes go straight to her boobs as they spill out of her top. We make small talk during our half-hour drive to school. I'm painfully reminded that she isn't as bright as one would hope. I guess that is what her looks make up for.

My mind drifts off to yesterday's conversation with Ashleigh in our study session. It was easy, simple. I enjoyed teasing her, making her annoyed and frustrated in a playful way. I smiled a little to myself. I wished, hoped, being with my mate would be that easy.

We arrive at school a little earlier than usual with fifteen minutes to spare before the bell rings. I hate being the first one in the classroom. I pin Grace against the side of my car and lean my weight against her.

"Someone wants a little fun?" she purrs groping my dick as it twitches in my pants.

I grunt as she squeezes my junk. She starts kissing me needily, wanting more than just playful teasing. She tries to unzip my pants while kissing me furiously.

The breeze suddenly changes direction, and I am smacked with a mouth-watering scent of pine and freshwater.

'MATE', Jace screams. I jerk back suddenly, confused about what he said.

'What?' I said.

'MATE, MATE, MATE you dumbass', Jace yells.

'Are you sure?' I asked, looking around frantically. If she's here she may have just seen what I was doing with Grace. Shit, shit, fuck! I would be so screwed if she saw me.

'Yes, you dumbass, find her now!' I kept looking around in a craze.

My eyes land on a pair of beautiful brown eyes, locked on me a few cars away, frozen in place. Her eyes widen as she realizes what just happened.

Fuck! How am I going to get out of this? I don't want to be rejected; I have longed for my mate ever since mum told me about mates. Someone to love, someone to cherish, someone to be yours forever.

I wanted the love that mum and dad had. She passed away when I was just ten and it has been hard for us all. I still remember the love she gave everyone, not just her family. She would greet you with a beautiful smile and be the most patient, kind person you would ever know. I want the love of a mate. My mate.

I looked into the beautiful eyes of Ashleigh Steward, pleading silently for her to give me a chance, begging for her forgiveness.