Chapter 6 - Alpha Zander

After the lunchtime drama I kept my head down and kept to myself. I didn’t enjoy being front and centre like that. I didn’t enjoy being questioned by Zander Blackwood of all people. I didn’t enjoy the rumours that went around the school after.

In the car ride home, the boys mostly talked about the upcoming dance and football games. Every year the school holds a Valedictorian dinner dance where we can receive our diploma and also have a chance to say goodbye to everyone.

Once we reached the packhouse I head to my room and start on some homework and assignments.

Not long after mum comes up and knocks on my door. “Hi, sweetie, How are you doing today?”

I look up from the work I am completing. “Hmm I’m good, just finishing up a few things.”

“Okay, dinner’s nearly ready if you want to wash up beforehand. Are you sure you’re, okay? Oliver said there was an incident at lunch time, and you’ve been avoiding him since.”

I look back in surprise, “Oh, no it was okay. I was able to sort it all out.”

“Okay, sweetie, don’t take too long. Dinner will be about 20 minutes.”

“Sure ma, I’ll be down shortly.”

I shower quickly and I finish the last of my homework before mum calls me for dinner. I walked down the stairs and headed for the dining room. Everyone had already taken their seats and started dishing out dinner. I found myself at the end next to Alex and Ollie.

“You all right?” Ollie asks.

I nod. I didn’t exactly want to rehash all that happened at lunch time and neither does Kia, who has been quiet this whole time. I’ve never lost control over her like that and honestly, it’s scary. I just hope she doesn’t make it a regular thing.

“You definitely gave Blackwood a run for his money,” Brent says as he grabs the salad and chicken.

“He deserved it and so did that stupid girl. Kia wanted to rip her head off,” I grumble as I glare at him.

Thankfully, the parents were at the other end of the table and too engrossed in their conversation to care what we were talking about.

“What were you thinking of wearing on Friday?” Meghan asks as she leans over from Alex’s other side, opposite Brent.

“Hmmm, maybe something light and airy in pink! I do love pink at the moment,” I reply. “Are you going to make me wear heels?” I grumble.

“Of course! You have to show off those sexy legs of yours.”

I shake my head and smile. Maybe an afternoon shopping is exactly what I need after today.

"You're going to wear something fabulous at school on Friday!" Meghan claps excitedly.

"Let me guess, you want to make a huge statement, right," I sigh.

She grins mischievously, “you know I am. Don’t worry, I will make you look hot and sexy for your mate. It won’t be as blingy as the dress I have in mind for the evening.”

I sigh. It’s no use arguing with her. She always gets her way when it comes to fashion. In two days, she will be dragging me around the shopping mall like a mad woman.

“Oh, and don’t forget the sexy lingerie.”

Ollie and Brent cough and splutter over their dinner. Brent slaps Ollie on the back trying to help. “Can we please not speak about my cousin's underwear,” he wheezes out.

“More like please don’t talk about my sister’s underwear.” Brent says with disgust.

Alex just chuckles at his mate making the boys uncomfortable.

“Pfft,” she pouts. “We always have to listen to you boys and your crap. Why can’t we talk about our stuff?”

“You can. Just not around us,” Ollie said, folding his arms across his chest while giving us a frustrated look.

Meghan rolls her eyes and goes back to eating dinner.

“What’s everyone got on tomorrow?” I asked.

“I’ve got English, history, and sport in the morning,” Ollie said.

“Ahh, damn. That means I have history second class. First class I have a study hall.” I pause and take mental notes about what I still had to do before Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday is an easy day, so I just have to make the most of the next two days before crazy Thursday and Friday with Meghan. After that I could focus again on the weekend.

Dad is going to teach me a few tracking skills which I am super keen about. Kia’s always had a good sense of direction and is naturally cautious of new areas so we thought it would be a handy skill to learn. For the last few months, I’ve been studying the different pack lands and their borders. I’m already quite familiar with our pack lands but it isn’t always easy to tell when a border is crossed so it is best to know where they are.

Liverpool is the second largest pack in Australia with allies in Europe and America, which makes us a threat to many packs here and overseas. Thankfully, Liverpool has a good reputation with most packs and our leaders have earned their respect.

I know most of the packs in this state, but other states have hundreds of much smaller packs. We have been lucky that things have been peaceful and any altercations over the last few years have been manageable.

When the time comes, I hope that Ollie and I can live up to the expectations of our parents and grandparents.

Kia has been restless since lunchtime. I’m not sure what is going on. It's like she’s hiding something from me and just won’t let me in. It’s strange since we share the same body and mind, but for some reason, while Kia can access my thoughts, I can’t access all of hers.

Kia says it’s because they, our wolves, can communicate with each other when one is close by without the human connection and if they are in the same pack. For example, she can communicate to all of my family’s wolves that are currently around the table right now. Maybe she is, which is why she’s been so silent. I don’t really know, to be honest.

A part of me is worried. I just hope she’s okay and sorted out before Friday. I can’t have her on edge on the biggest day of our life.

After everyone had finished dinner, mum and auntie went to the kitchen to finish cleaning up. Uncle, dad, and Alex all went into uncle’s office to continue their talk about pack business while Ollie and Brent said something about video games in the pool room. This left just Meghan and me in the dining room. I’m not as close to Meghan as I am to Chloe and Skyla, but I am hoping that maybe Thursday shopping will help build the friendship even further.

“I’m really excited for Thursday night,” I smiled.

It was the truth. I’m excited to dress up for my mate. I’m really excited about the possibility of finding my other half right away. I just hope he won’t reject me. Plus, I hadn’t been shopping in ages. I would usually ask Chloe and Skyla, but Chloe has cheerleading practice and Skyla is rarely allowed out these days.

“I’m really glad you asked me and I’m so excited for you to find your mate. I know some people don’t like to be tied down so early but it’s just magical being with your mate from the start,” she sighed and looked into the distance, reminiscing.

“I can’t wait. Although I am so nervous. I’ve never even kissed a guy. I just hope he won’t be disappointed. I will dread it if he has been with heaps of women. I will always be so self-conscious.”

“Oh, honey, it’ll be okay. That is what the mate bond is for. It completes you; his wolf wouldn’t allow him to reject you, anyway. And even if he had been with others before, nothing will compare with the way it feels with you. The bond amplifies everything. The feeling when you are with your mate is indescribable.”

I’m glad I have Meghan to talk to about it. As much as I love my mum it would be hard to have this conversation. I know Ollie has been with others but with Brent, I can’t tell, if I’m honest. He’s a strange one. I know Alex waited for his mate and I wondered …

“If you don’t mind me asking... Did you wait for Alex?” I asked curiously.

Her eyes went wide with guilt. “Umm … no, I didn’t. I had a boyfriend in high school. They say you can sometimes tell who your mate is when they are nearby, and I guess I thought he was it at the time.” She looked a bit guilty … maybe because she knew Alex had waited for her.

“Sorry I didn’t mean anything by it,” I quickly said.

“Oh, it’s totally okay. You were curious and it’s not a secret … Alex knows anyway. I just feel a guilty about it sometimes,” she said.

“Thank you, though, I appreciate the advice. I hope my mate and I fall as much in love as you and Alex are.” I smile warmly at her.

She chuckled and said, “it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, especially being a ranked member. Like everything it has its good days and bad, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I wouldn’t even wish rejection on my worst enemy. Now I know what the mate bond is like. I don't know how I ever lived without Alex.”

I smiled at the thought of my mate and I having that type of love and relationship. I hope maybe one day we will be at that point of love and happiness.