Chapter 8 - Alpha Zander

I hate running late. The boys usually tell me when they are leaving, but they had training this morning so I was on my own.

It is a nightmare. I get too distracted and forget what time it is, especially when I am busy working on my schoolwork or other stuff my dad has given me to look into. Today, unfortunately, was one of those days. I bolt out the door just as I know class had started. I have study hall first, so it isn’t as bad as a regular class, but I still hate being late. It gives me major anxiety.

I hadn't spoken to Kia since yesterday's incident, but I know she is still around. I could feel her presence faintly, which concerned me a bit. But the thought of coming of age on Friday helped me settle down a little bit. We usually aren't out of sync like this.

I make my way to the library which seems to be quite busy with many students this morning. I rush to the room where study hall is conducted, and she pointed me to a seat beside Blackwood. I try to explain why I should sit somewhere else but in the end, she reminded me that we are on neutral ground and need to learn to get along.

I honestly don’t expect to have much of a conversation with Blackwood. He seems to be the typical alpha male … cocky as anything and without a care to what other people think. I wouldn't want to boost his ego any more than it already is, but damn, he is sexy.

His tall muscular figure, short dark brown hair and brown eyes … with the shadow of a beard growing along his jawline. It should be a crime that someone can look so sexy in just jeans and a button-down shirt.

I surprised myself by even allowing myself to think those things about him. We wouldn't even be able to date, or even be intimate. Sure, our generation doesn't hold the same amount of hate towards each other's packs compared to our parents. But it would still be a strange situation.

I suppose when we were told the stories of what happened to our great great grandparents it was hard to relate to because we haven't had a huge war break out like that since. We’ve been living in peace even amongst humans.

Is it so strange to think he could maybe be my mate? I am of an Alpha bloodline, so the chances are a bit higher than average. At the same time, any of the other unmated wolves could also be my mate. For all I know, I could have a human mate.

All these new thoughts are driving me crazy and arousing me. I hoped he couldn’t smell me; I would be so embarrassed after that stupid remark he made earlier.

When he said that class had ended and it was time to leave, I hadn't gotten anything done. He stood there for about thirty seconds looking like a constipated child trying to figure out something and just said 'laters' and took off.

I mean, I should count myself lucky, right? At least, he said something to me at all. I kinda felt a little like an idiot at the beginning of class when I tried to avoid sitting next to him. It wasn't as bad as I thought.

This weekend was going to be stressful, that's for sure. I at least had Thursday study class left, which made things easier. I'll try to finalize the rest of my work then.

I walk into the classroom for history and see that Ollie and Skyla are already there. Ollie is already seated next to one of the windows and Skyla is beside him, saving the end seat for me. I made my way over with a small smile, waving.

"Hi guys", I chipped.

I miss sharing classes with them. This being our final year, the school split us up into different classes. It was difficult at first. It's not like I don’t know anyone … I guess I’m just not used to them being around all the time. You can imagine my surprise at seeing Ollie and Skyla in my class. Thank goodness!

As we take our seats, our teacher, Mrs. Lang, arrives and tries to silence the class. Just as everyone had settled down, Blackwood and his bimbo walk into the room.

He definitely looked a bit more rumpled than he did at study hall where I had just seen him in. His shirt was untucked with one or two button loose and his hair was ruffled. If you weren’t a wolf, you wouldn't notice the distinct smell of sex in the air. I rolled my eyes. Really, we only had 10 minutes between each class and these two were off doing that.

I turn to Ollie and start chatting again with him, while Blackwood was having a discussion with the teacher about being on time. Luckily for her, she was a human, so she couldn't smell what they were really up to, but there were a few kids from Riverview snickering in the back seats.

Ollie was telling me about a football game they have in the next few weeks which will be the start to the season. The first game of the season is usually between Liverpool and Charwood. They try to make the teams as even as possible, especially, since us wolves are stronger than humans. They have two teams, the wolves and the supernatural, and then the humans. We don't really compete against each other, but the games are still a huge event, and everyone makes it to the fair with lots of food stalls, a BBQ and a few rides.

The school goes all out and usually each member of every pack attends too. I wondered who the captain of Charwood this year was. I am brought back to reality as our teacher starts the class.

"Today I will be handing out one of the final assignments. This will be a shared assignment between two people. I have already selected the pairs and you will be expected to present your findings together as well as write the report together."

"Oliver Steward and Skyla Long."

"Ashleigh Steward and Zander Blackwood," I groan as she reads out my name paired with Blackwoods.

"Lachlan Kings and Daniel Smar."

"Grace Hicks and Tommy Don."

Listening to all the pairings, it seems that she made a point with not only me but everyone and purposely paired us with someone outside our packs.

Ollie raised his hand just as he was given his assessment paper, "but Ma'am, this is due the week of the first football game, can we please have extensions? We are training nearly every day until the game in 4 weeks."

"Sorry, Mr, Steward, this assignment has already been given plenty of time for you all to finish and I’d taken into consideration other events going on. Any assignments that are late will receive a penalty."

I sigh and look over the assignment. It’s not too bad, I would be able to get my part done quickly. The question is if he would do any of the work. I glance over in his direction and see him talking with Grace. She is pouting and trying to lean into him.

Oh, moon goddess. I hope she won't be coming along to the planning sessions we will have to do. As the bell rang to let us know that class has ended, I got up and start to pack my books away.

I look up and see Blackwood making his way over. "So, it seems it’s me and you on this assignment Beta," he says with a smirk.

"Yep," I nod. I don’t trust myself to say more. Kia was stirring in the back of my mind as Grace walked beside him and linking her arm with his.

"When is your next study hall? I have mine both on Tuesdays and Thursdays," I look up and ask.

“Really? So do I,” he replied. He flashes a cocky smile and says, "it seems we have something to talk about now. See you then."

He gave Ollie a nod and headed out of the class.

"What did he mean by that?" Ollie asked.

"Oh nothing, I was just put on his desk earlier because I was running late." I sigh, not really wanting to go into any details.

"Ahh, we’ll let me know if he gives you any trouble."

I nod and look at the rest of my schedule for the day.