Chapter 1 - Love Has its Will by Selena Lewis

Savanna was finally pregnant with Brandon’s child.She called Brandon, but no one answered the phone. Savanna was so happy that cooked a table of palatable dishes.

It was dark outside.

She curled up on the couch and fell asleep.

Being still half asleep, Savanna heard the midnight bells echoed. Then the sound of footsteps came, Savanna sat up, “You’re home.”

She took his jacket and hang it up.

The man glanced at the delicacies on the table, his face as cold as the night outside, thin lips hooked a mocking smile,”Well, you remember this date.”

“What?” Not hearing Brandon’s words clearly, Savanna asked softly.

“The food is cold, I’ll heat it up.”

“No, thanks. I’ve eaten dinner.”

Loosening his tie, Brandon opened the briefcase, took out some documents, and handed them over to Savanna with long-fingered, beautifully manicured hand.

“divorce agreements on the cover gave Savanna a rude shock.

Her smile got stiff and her voice trembled.

“You …… Want a divorce?”

“Isn’t that what you expected?”

Unlocking his cufflinks, Brandon walked upstairs. Savanna went after him.

“Brandon, I …”

Before Savanna could finish her words, Brandon exhaustedly began, “You don’t love me. I don’t love you. We made the deal when we got married two years ago. Today is the end. I have a business trip tonight. The farewell dinner is not necessary.”

The man went into the bathroom.

Standing at the door, Savanna’s face was as white as a sheet, and her fingertips were trembling.

In order to get pregnant, she took a lot of medicine and injection this year.She finally got pregnant, but he was going to divorce her.

Raising her head, the smile at the corners of her mouth was uglier than crying.

He didn’t love her, but she loved him so much.

How could he know that one of his kidney was hers.

Back then, in order to save the dying Brandon, she went to the hospital to donate kidney without telling everyone.

The sound of shower stopped. The man opened the door of the bathroom. There were water drop: hanging on his clear chest, and the eight pack abs were so clear and sexy that Savanna could not move her eyes away.

Not to mention his handsome face.

She stared at him with tears in her eyes.

After a while, the man dressed neatly, took the worn white watch and put it on

“Don’t binge-watch too much. Staying up late is not healthy.”

Lips moving for a moment, Savanna finally uttered:”Do you….care about me?”

The man hesitated for a while and said:”After all, we have been together for two years. In the

future, if you have any difficulties, you can come to me. If you are not satisfied with the property division, I can adjust it.”

His words were like a sharp knives stabbing into her heart.

Regardless of the pain in her heart, she gritted her teeth and said, “Brandon, mom…”

She wanted to say that it was not easy to explain to her mother, but Brandon answered:”Don’t worry about mom. If you really don’t want to talk about it, I can talk to her.”

“Can we wait for another two days?”

It seemed that she had exerted all her strength to squeeze out those words.

Brandon’s eyes were as cold as stone:”What’s the point of waiting for two more days? We will divorce sooner or later. Besides, Winnie is coming back.”


When she heard the name again, she felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

She was so shocked that she staggered back a few paces.

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Her face turned pale, and her heart seemed to be stirred by a knife. Her fingertips were tightening in her palms inch by inch.

Winnie, Savanna’s cousin, was jealous of her crazily but made Brandon crazy about her.

Two years ago, Giselle Cassel, Brandon’s mother, got a fatal disease. Krissa Thompson, Savanna’s mother, was a doctor in the brain tumor department. On the day when Krissa finished the operation for Giselle , she died in a car accident because of fatigue driving .

Giselle Cassel blamed herself and forced her son to marry Savanna. On the day of the announcement of the marriage between Savanna and Brandon, Winnie went on a hunger strike for three days.

During that time, Brandon was in a bad mood. He said to Savanna

“Winnie saved my life. Except her, there will be no second woman who can enter my heart. If I can’t fall in love with you in two years, you can tell my mother that you fall in love with another man and want to divorce.”

Brandon said that Winnie had saved his life.

She wanted to tell him that she had saved his life too.

“Actually, “Her trembling fingertips scratched the cut for kidney donation, and her index finger touched her heart:”There is really someone I love. It has been twelve years.”

But Brandon interrupted her impatiently:”That’s good. When the contract is due, you can go to find your sweetheart. We don’t want to delay each other’s happiness.”

In order to maintain her self-esteem, she sniffed and forced back the tears. She was devastated inside, but she looked calm:”Okay. When the day comes, I will talk to Aunt Giselle about the divorce.”

On the wedding night, he had sex with her, and ended up hastily as if he was fulfilling his business.

After marriage, in the eyes of outsiders, he was a model husband. He spoiled her to the bone and loved her to the soul.

Every time he took her to a banquet, he would hold her in his arms. They were a loving couple whom everybody envies.

However, everything was fake.

The reason why he treated her so well was that he was afraid that she would complain to Giselle Cassel who would come to Winnie, his love.

It turned out that he had promised Winnie to meet her again two years ago when she left.

And the reason that Savanna was willing to sign a two-year agreement with him was that she hoped that Brandon could see her true heart in these two years.

But his love for Winnie had been growing,

Maybe it was time for her to let go of him.

After putting away the divorce agreement, dishes on the table were removed. Annoyed, Brandon scratched his hair and suddenly stopped her:”My mother is in poor health and can’t bear any stimulation. Please don’t mention it to her for the time being. When I figure it out, I will tell her.”

With these thoughts in her mind, she lowered her eyes and began to clean up the table.

When she was washing the dishes, her mind went blank and her ears were ringing.


A bowl fell down and broke!

Just like her heart broken into pieces.

She bent down to pick them up, and her fingertips were cut by the fragments, with blood flowing.


Hearing the noise, the man turned back.

“Why are you so careless?”

He held her hand, took her out of the kitchen and disinfected her with iodine.

Why are you so kind to me, Brandon?

If you know I’m pregnant with your child, will you divorce me?

Looking at the busy Brandon, she couldn’t speak, and she didn’t dare to bet.

“Don’t do too much housework. I don’t hire a housekeeper for wasting my money.”

After the wound was treated, Brandon stood up and looked at her. In his dark eyes was her fair and beautiful face:”Love yourself. Don’t be too stupid. You can’t hurt yourself even if it is that man…”

That man?

It turned out that he still remembered what she had said two years ago.

However, there was no one else in her heart except him.

Outside the door, there was a harsh horn, interrupting Brandon’s words. Leo had already driven the car over, and Brandon vot in without looking back.