Chapter 2 - Love Has its Will by Selena Lewis

Marriage was a gamble.

However, she lost, completely.

Tears streamed down her face, and her belly was as uncomfortable as a needle pricking. Her trembling body fell from the wall.

The phone rang.


Her voice was so weak.

“Are you okay?”

Brandon voice was extremely gentle.

“Nothing. Haven’t you gotten on the plane yet?”

“It’s about to take off. It’s cold now. Ask Debbie to cook something warm for you.”

Brandon remembered her period and thought she was uncomfortable because of the menstrual period.


The smile on her face froze. Her eyes grew dim and she fainted.

The phone fell to the ground with a loud sound.

Before she lost consciousness, she vaguely heard Brandon’s anxious shout.


When she woke up, she only saw the white ceiling and the sinell of disinfectant floating on the tip of her nose.

Who sent her to the hospital?

“Mrs. Cassel, you finally wake up.”

Looking for the voice, Leo Brandon’s loyal assistant, She looked behind him.

Leo knew that she was looking for Brandon, so he told her

“Mr. Cassel is flying to Ireland.”

Two years ago, Winnie went to Ireland for treatment and lost contact. Last month, she accidentally heard from her mother-in-law Giselle Cassel that Winnie appeared in a hospital in Ireland.

By accident, she got to know that today was supposed to be the day for the operation of Winnie.

The reason why Brandon left in a hurry must be to accompany his beloved woman to get through the difficulties.

The pain spread all over her limbs.

“Why don’t you go?” Asked Savanna, trying to calm herself down.

“Mr. Cassel asked me to take care of you.”

“No need.” Shaking her head.

Looking at her eyes, Leo felt sorry for her, and there was even an unknown sentiment in his heart. After hesitating for a long time, Leo said:

“Mrs. Cassel, the doctor said you are… Pregnant.”

Her face was as pale as a piece of fragile doll

“Leo, if you want Mr. Cassel to be happy, please don’t tell him about it.”

Of course, Leo hoped that Brandon could be happy.

However, he hoped that Savanna could be happy, safe and sound.

“Mr. Cassel is not going to see Winnie…”

Knowing that he was comforting her, she closed her eyes wearily

“You can go out now.”

Leo hesitated and took out a box “This is the birthday gift from Mr, Cassel.”

When she opened the package, she saw two little goldfish. The fish wagged their tails and blew bubbles from their mouths. Last year, onhiet birthday, Brandon gave her an expensive set of hand accessories, and she said to him

“In fact, I prefer real goldfish.” He said gently

“I will send you that next year.”

He fulfilled his promise.

Bearing the tears in her eyes, she said

“Say thanks to him for me.”

Every year, she would also give a gift to Brandon on her birthday.

This time was no exception. She handed the watch she had prepared to Leo. Looking at the delica watch, Leo remembered what Brandon had said before boarding the plane.

“If she send me a watch, tell her that I’m allergic to mental and can’t wear it.”

Thinking of this, Leo made up his mind and said cruelly

“Mr. Cassel said he was allergic to metal and couldn’t wear it.”

Allergic to metal?

But he never took off the watch given by Winnie.

After all, different people were treated differently

Leo went out.

Looking at the pattern in the center of the watch, she saw the three men she had drawn herself.

Tears streamed down her cheeks.

She threw the watch out, and the next second, she got out of bed in a hurry. Regardless of the ne piercing through her skin, she crazily picked up the thrown watch, put it in palms and kissed it.

Over and over again, big teardrops fell from her face.

In the end, her deep love could not keep the steps of the cold man.

Tears welled up in her eyes and blurred her vision. She touched her belly with her trembling fingers:

Baby, you don’t have a father. Mom is useless and can’t keep him.

He couldn’t help but burst into tears. Her cry was gradually drowned in the rain outside the window, and strings of raindrops fell along the eaves. Under the eaves, the dark figure of Leo

Baby, you don’t have a father. Mom is useless and can’t keep him.

He couldn’t help but burst into tears. Her cry was gradually drowned in the rain outside the window, and strings of raindrops fell along the eaves. Under the eaves, the dark figure of Leo blended with the night, and his eyes in the dark night were filled with pain.

In the ward, Savanna’s phone rang.

It was from Brandon.

Wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes, she calmed down and pressed the answer key:

“Are you feeling better?”

“I’m fine… Have you arrived?”

“I just arrived. It’s very cold here…”

All of a sudden, a familiar voice came in and said softly, “Brandon, I opened a bottle of red wine. We haven’t seen each other for two years. Let’s celebrate the reunion.”


Her lips turned pale and her hand holding the phone kept shaking.

After a pause, Winnie raised her voice and asked

“Is it Savanna?”

There was no trace of illness in her voice.

“Savanna, I’m Winnie. Have you had a good time in the past two years?”

Before she could finish her words, Brandon said

“Go to bed early. I’ll be back in two days.”

Before she could ask him why he had gone to Ireland on a business trip?

Brandon hung up the phone quickly.

The busy signal on the phone kept ringing in her ears, accompanied by the words of Winnie, as if to break her eardrum.

Savanna tried her best but she couldn’t stop her trembling body.

At the thought of the scene that Brandon was with Winnie, she wished she could fly to Ireland right away. But even if she did, it was meaningless except for humiliating herself.