Chapter 3 - Love You Enough to Leave You

Stephanie shrugged and said, “Mom, I’m going out for a while. Someone here’s stinking the air up.” With that, she walked out without a care in the world. Olivia sighed. “Don’t mind her, Amelia. We’ve spoiled her too much.” Smiling, Amelia replied, “She’s only in her mid-twenties, an age where she’s just playful. It’s expected that she’ll blurt out the thoughts on her mind.” Olivia patted her hand, her affection for Amelia increasing. “Amelia, you’re a good girl. Don’t mind Stephanie’s words, okay? As for Cassie, just pretend that she doesn’t exist.” Amelia was not foolish enough to ask who Cassie was. “Mom, we’re a family. I won’t take her words to heart,” replied Amelia, not bothered by it at all. However, she knew that they would not remain as a family for long. “I’ve always known that you’re a good girl.” Olivia liked her even more now. Amelia chatted with Olivia for the entire afternoon. After lunch, Olivia felt tired and took a nap. Meanwhile, Amelia took a stroll outside while Stephanie trailed behind her. Daily latest updates “Amelia, don’t think that you can be the Clintons’ daughter-in-law forever just because my mom likes you. My brother still loves Cassie deeply. You should just give up,” mocked Stephanie. Amelia gazed at her politely and smiled.

“Steph, I don’t know who Cassie is, but you shouldn’t forget that I’m your brother’s wife. As long as we’re not divorced, I’m still your sister-in-law. So please show some respect, will you?” Stephanie cast a mocking glance at her. “Sister-in-law? I’m sure you’ll no longer be my sister-in-law soon. Only my mom is kind enough to treat you, a woman who has nothing under her name, as her daughter- in-law.” After a slight pause, she continued, “Stop pretending to be Cinderella and dreaming of marrying into a wealthy family. Just get a divorce with my brother as soon as possible. Perhaps you could still earn yourself a considerable sum of compensation instead of leaving with nothing in the end.” Amelia smiled even more sweetly. “Thanks for your reminder. I was going to divorce your brother, but I’ve changed my mind now.” With that, Amelia spun around and walked back. “You…” Stephanie was seething with fury. “You better not regret it.” “Don’t worry. I won’t.” Amelia entered the house without even sparing her a single glance. When she walked into the bedroom meant for her

and Oscar, her face immediately fell. Her heart ached as if someone was gripping it forcefully with a clenched fist. It was only after she hugged the soft toy on the bed tightly and sniffed it that the pain subsided. She whipped out a phone and made a call. When the call went through, she put on a bright smile and said cutely, “Darling, I miss you!” Oscar paused for a while before snapping, “Stop fooling around! I’m in a meeting now. Let’s meet at the usual place at nine tonight.” Amelia stared at her phone in a daze as the man hung up. Even though she had married Oscar for four years, they barely shared their true feelings with each other. In fact, it had never happened. Oscar had only treated her as a materialistic woman who loved money. Amelia spent the entire day at the Clinton residence. After eating dinner with Olivia at night, Daily latest updates she drove back to her home with Oscar in the city center. Returning to the apartment, she placed her bag down and meticulously chose her outfit for tonight’s date. What Oscar referred to by their usual meeting place was only a five-star hotel they frequently visited. Although she knew that Oscar did not love her, she did not want to show him her pathetic side. Amelia arrived punctually at the hotel at nine o’clock. The moment she opened the door of the presidential suite, someone forcefully pinned her against the wall. Stuck between the wall and a man’s broad chest, she sniffed his familiar scent and chuckled. “Mr. Clinton, aren’t you going to ask me if I angered Mom when I visited her?” Oscar merely glanced at her and replied emotionlessly, “Mom has a good impression of you. She called me earlier and told me to treat you nicely.” “Really? Then how could you bully me all the time?” Daily latest updates