Love You Enough to Leave You

Love You Enough to Leave You

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Chapter: 450
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Chapter 1

Amelia, I’m back. Oscar’s mine now. As long as you leave him, I’ll pay you twenty million incompensation. Amelia smirked upon reading the message on her phone. Apparently, the message wassent by the woman Oscar loved the most. And she who had left four years ago had given Amelia the“honor” of becoming her substitute. Amelia walked into the bedroom with the phone and gazed at the tall man standing in front of

Chapter 2

After sending Oscar to work the next day, Amelia drove to the Clinton residence. The butler, Peter,welcomed her and said, “Welcome back, Ms. Amelia. Mrs. Clinton has been talking a lot about you.”Amelia got out of the car and replied with a smile, “How is she doing? I miss her food a lot after beingaway for a month. That’s why I rushed back here.” Peter chuckled. “She’s doing fine. However, Mr. Clinton and M

Chapter 3

Stephanie shrugged and said, “Mom, I’m going out for a while. Someone here’s stinking the air up.” Withthat, she walked out without a care in the world. Olivia sighed. “Don’t mind her, Amelia. We’ve spoiledher too much.” Smiling, Amelia replied, “She’s only in her mid-twenties, an age where she’s just playful.It’s expected that she’ll blurt out the thoughts on her mind.” Olivia patted her hand, her affection

Chapter 4

Oscar gazed at her broodingly before lowering his head and sealing her lips with his. After the kiss, shepushed him gently and kept a distance from him. She stared at him unblinkingly and said, “You’re a real playboy, Mr. Clinton. Despite claiming to love Ms. Yard, you are still in a relationship withme, your wife. Do you enjoy the exhilarating feeling of being a two-timer? ” “We won’t have anythi

Chapter 5

“Amelia, do you know why I can remain married to you for such a long time?” asked Oscar as he held theglass of red wine. “Isn’t it because I’m only your wife in name?” guessed Amelia with a smile. “Becauseother than looking like Cassie, you know how to please me in bed.” Oscar did not conceal his strong possessiveness over Amelia. She shook her head, amused. “Althoughmen claim to love a woman, they can prais

Chapter 6

Amelia’s heart ached terribly as if someone had just slashed it with a dagger. Taking a deep breath, shetried to suppress the bitter feeling rising within her. She opened her eyes and gazed at Oscar playfully. “Mr. Clinton, are you that afraid of me falling in love with you?” Oscar flipped the blanket away and gotout of the bed, revealing his muscular body. He dressed himself up meticulously and gazed down a

Chapter 7

Amelia removed the towel and changed into her dress. After leaving a note on the bedside table, sheleft the luxurious presidential suite unhesitatingly. The next morning, Amelia was woken up by theringing of her phone. Still bleary-eyed, she glanced at it and realized that it was a call from Oscar.“What’s the matter, Mr. Clinton?” she drawled, sounding like she had just woken up. “Why did you leav

Chapter 8

” “All right, go back to your work. I don’t want to hear such rumors again, understood?” “Yes,” mumbledLisa before slipping away. Amelia knocked on the door and called out, “Darling, it’s me.” Oscar’s voiceonly sounded after half a minute. “Come in.” When Amelia entered, she saw Georgia and Oscar talkingabout work intensely. Hence, she sat on the couch at the side and waited for their discussion

Chapter 9

“If you don’t have any objections to this contract, just sign it. When you sign the divorce contract nextweek, they will truly belong to you,” explained Oscar. Amelia placed the contract down and smiled. “You’re so generous, Mr. Clinton. Being your wife is quite a happy thing. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely signthe divorce contract next week.” “That’s good,” replied Oscar. Amelia grinned brightly. “

Chapter 10

“He is going to divorce me.” Tiffany suddenly sat up, not feeling sleepy anymore. “How much did youget? Amelia, you’re such a materialistic woman. Please don’t tell me that you fell in love with him andrefused the money he offered!” Amelia’s face clouded over as she asked, “Tiffany, how greedy do you think I am?” “You’re not greedy;you just adore money,” replied Tiffany seriously. “Tell me quickly