Chapter 5 - Love You Enough to Leave You

“Amelia, do you know why I can remain married to you for such a long time?” asked Oscar as he held the glass of red wine. “Isn’t it because I’m only your wife in name?” guessed Amelia with a smile. “Because other than looking like Cassie, you know how to please me in bed.” Oscar did not conceal his strong possessiveness over Amelia. She shook her head, amused. “Although men claim to love a woman, they can praise another woman without a slight hesitation. Indeed, one must not believe in a man’s sweet nothings. ” “You’re my wife.” Amelia’s smile turned bitter. “Yeah, I’m a wife whom you bought with money. It’s expected that I should satisfy your desires. However, you are so harsh with your words sometimes. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll become sad? I’m still your wife, after all.”

“You won’t because you’re a sensible woman. You know that you’ll lose your source of income if you lose me. You can’t bear to part with the luxuries you already have.” Amelia burst out laughing. As she had drunk some wine, her cheeks flushed slightly, giving her a more alluring look. “You know me well, Mr. Clinton. You know that I love money the most. It’s no wonder that we can become such compatible partners in bed. Here, let’s have a toast to celebrate this amazing night,” declared Amelia as she raised her glass. Later, she lay on Oscar’s chest, naked. She had to admit that they were extremely compatible in bed even though they did not love each other. In fact, it gave Amelia an illusion that Oscar actually loved her. Her slender fingers traced circles on Oscar’s chest flirtatiously as she said in a seductive tone, “Mr. Clinton, you’re a very talented man. It’s no wonder that many women yearn for you.” Oscar grabbed her wandering hands and said, “As long as you’re not one of them.” Smiling, Amelia looked at Mr. Clinton and asked, “Are you so afraid that I’ll pester you?” He replied coldly, “I don’t like melodramatic women who refuse to cut ties cleanly.” Still grinning alluringly, she propped her body up and rested against Oscar’s body, her charming eyes brimming with a seductive look. “Mr. Clinton, aren’t you the least bit concern that you’ll make me sad with your ruthlessness?” Feeling satisfied, Oscar gazed at Amelia, whose charm was irresistible to any man. “You won’t.” Smirking, she

replied flirtatiously, “That’s because I only love the money you give me. Money gives one a greater sense of security than men.” The look in Oscar’s eyes changed. “You know how to display your materialism better than any woman.” The smile playing on Amelia’s lips faded slightly as a bitter feeling rose within her. She suddenly lost the energy to seduce Oscar and lay on the bed obediently instead. Oscar shot her an odd glance. “What’s wrong with you? ” Amelia continued closing her eyes. He turned around and propped his head up with a hand. “I thought we were doing great just a moment ago.” “Mr. Clinton, will you believe me if I say that I’ve fallen in love with you?” she blurted out. Oscar was stunned for a while before a cold expression crossed his face. “I’ve already told you four years ago that you’re not allowed to fall in love with me. We’re only in a transactional relationship.” Daily Latest Updates