Chapter 7 - Luna On The Run - I Stole The Alphas Son

Chapter 7

Axton POV

I watched as the news played out across every channel, my wolf snarling in my head at the display. I felt sick knowing everyone could see her in such a vulnerable state, yet I made sure the essential parts were blurred a little.

However, it left little to the imagination. I warned her; / messaged her, telling her she had to ring me or else. So she can hardly complain when else happened. She was warned, and now she pays for the consequences of her actions.

Smug satisfaction washed through me. My mate would be begging at my feet to take her in when she has nowhere else to go, and I handled the issue with her father, too. Her father would kick her out of the pack and remove her titles, forcing her back to me or going rogue. I scoff at the idea of the Alpha‘s daughter volunteering to go rogue.

His spot on the werewolf council will be removed, and I know I would win the majority vote ruling. Everything was falling into place. Soon I will have my mate, and soon I will have acquired over half of the City. Giving me ultimate control over all the packs that reside in this city.

Eli pats my shoulder triumphantly as I shut the TV off. “Well, you told him you would find a way to ruin him. I am pretty sure you

just did,” he laughs, walking toward the bar. My phone starts going off. The mind–link fills with excited chatter from the pack at our victory. Excited for the future was an understatement. My pack had successfully found its place. This City now belonged to us.

“You‘re not the least bit worried about our mate?” Khan asked me as I watched the few pack members who came over to celebrate with us dance and fool around in the rumpus room.

“No, why would I be? It is only a matter of time before she rings or knocks on our door,” I tell him, and he growls, sauntering off to the back of my mind where I can longer feel him. He had been in a terrible mood for the past few hours. He was dampening my excitement. Putting my troubled thoughts about my wolf aside, we continued to celebrate until, eventually,

everyone passed out drunk or had gone home.

It wasn‘t until the early hours of the morning, when I heard laughter and the sounds of voices talking, that I woke up on the couch. I could hear the TV playing in the background, and I rubbed my eyes, staring up at the ceiling. Man, why did I drink so much?

My head developed its own pulse as the headache following last night‘s excitement decided to take its place in the forefront of my mind. With a groan, I sit up, putting my head in my hands, when I hear the door leading into the room burst open, making me flinch at the loud noise that rattled my already scrambled brain. I felt sick, and Khan snarled in my head angrily, picking up

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on the agony I felt.

“Everyone out, now!” Eli bellowed, and I lifted my head to watch my pack members rush out of the room while he stormed toward me. I wondered what had upset him when he stopped in front of me.

“You can‘t answer your fucking phone?” he snarls, grabbing the remote from beside me and turning the news up.

“What is it?” | groan, rubbing my temples to try to ease the throb of my head.

“Your mate!” he snaps, which had my head snapping up at the mention of her. Khan raises forward, pressing beneath my skin

at the mention of her while he flicks through the channels, stopping on the news. The title reads across the screen.

Alpha‘s daughter was rushed to Nightfall Hospital. I blink, trying to make sense of the heading. It could be any of the Alphas in the City‘s daughter. Yet when her face popped up on the screen, I was already racing toward the door. Khan came forward to take control. He forced my legs to move faster as we ran toward the garage, and I tried to take control back from him. He could control my human form just fine. That didn‘t mean | trusted him to drive in it though.

My hands grip the door handle, and I yank the door open, only to nearly break the door handle off when I hear footsteps coming

up quickly behind me. The lights beep on my car as my Beta hits the key fob unlocking the doors. Khan is about to toss my body in the driver‘s seat when Eli‘s menacing growl behind me challenges my wolf.

“Khan, passenger seat. You can’t drive,” he snarls at my wolf. My body turns sharply to face him at the challenge before reason settles over my wolf.

“Listen to him, Khan. Or give me control back,” I snap at my wolf. Unwilling to relinquish his control, he moves to the passenger side and drops into the seat while my Beta climbs into the driver’s side and starts the car.

“Khan, you need to hand control back to Axton,” Eli tells him calmly. While I was anything but calm, I was worried and anxious, wanting to know why she was in the hospital. Yet as I got out of the car, I felt Khan recede and hand the reins back to me. I let out a breath as we made our way to the reception. I let Eli handle speaking with the woman at the front desk. She makes a few phone calls upstairs. When she hangs up, I glance at the desk before turning my attention back to the doors that led to the wards.

“Sorry you aren‘t on her list of visitors, and she doesn‘t want to see you.” the woman says, and I growl and move toward the desk, my hands slapping down on the laminated wood angrily.

“I am her fucking mate,” I snap at the elderly woman who flinches, her chair squeaks on the linoleum floor as she sits

back further. The only thing separating us was the perspex glass, luckily for her, because Khan wanted to rip her to shreds.

“I‘m sorry, but unless you–” her words cut off when the double doors bang wide open, and a woman about my mate‘s age came storming out in a blaze of fury, her hazel eyes pinned on me as she lifted an accusing finger. I recognized her as the girl from the nightclub. She was with Elena, so I knew it was her friend, but for the life of me, I couldn‘t remember her name.

“You fucking bastard! How could you!” she screamed at me, yet my eyes only saw the open doors behind her, and I ran for them, barging past her and letting Khan forward to pick up her scent.

Yet the only smells were disinfectants, hand sanitizer, and bleach, so instead, I raced up corridors and checked rooms as | passed each one while being screamed at to leave or get out. One snarl from Khan leaving me has them backing up when they recognize who they are talking to. He demands to know where she is before a startled doctor points us in the direction.

Yet as we stalked the corridors, unease filled me, and I stopped at a blue door. My heart raced as I gripped the handle and twisted it, shoving it open and stepping into the small room. Elena lay on the bed in a hospital gown, drips hanging out of her and blood caked in her hair, one side of her face so swollen she couldn‘t even open her eye on that side. Her face was covered in black and purple bruises. From what I could see of the rest of her that was not covered by the blanket, the rest of her was the same.

Moving to her side, I grip her hand, and she looks at me before recognizing me and jerking her hand from my grip. “Who did this to you?” I ask, ignoring the pang of hurt when she wiggles over on the bed, trying to get away from me.

“You did!” she snaps. Looking away and reaching for the emergency button on the remote. Just as she does, her friend rushes in behind me. Reaching for her hand again, she jerks away, her eyes going to her friend behind me.

“Get security to get him out here,” she tells her friend.

“Elena, I am your mate,” I whisper when she turns her wounded gaze back to me.

“You are nothing to me. Now get out!” she growls before wincing. I press my lips in a line and fist my hands at my sides before hearing the security, who no doubt would use tranquilizers if I refused to leave.

“Tell me who did this. I will make it up to you,” I tell her. She laughs, shaking her head.

“Pack business is dealt with inside the pack. You have done enough. I‘m not part of your pack or any pack now. Yet you knew what leaking that video meant, and still, you did it. Now get out of my room. You are not my Alpha, and you are certainly not my mate!”

Hearing the footsteps outside the hall, Eli pops his head into the room. “Axton, we gotta go,” he says and nods.

“I‘ll make it up to you,” I tell her, turning on my heel before my ass gets shot with wolfsbane darts.

“Did she say who did it?” Eli asks.

“No, but my best guess is her father. No one else would dare touch Alpha Derrick‘s daughter,” I tell him, and Khan growls loudly in my head. He wanted blood.

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