Chapter 8 - Luna On The Run - I Stole The Alphas Son

Chapter 8

Elena POV

Alisha paced the room; I don‘t even remember coming here. I only know what she told me. She told me that my mother had called an ambulance, and Alisha raced to meet me here and she hadn‘t left my side since. My father banished me from the pack, and she was not taking that news well. Whereas I felt nothing but numb inside despite the pain coursing through me.

“We can join another pack?” she mutters, and I knew she would for me. She was that kind of friend. The ride or die sort. We had been best friends since first grade and I knew that wouldn‘t change.

“And leave your family behind?” I ask her. It sounded ridiculous. She shouldn‘t suffer because of my foolish actions. She wasn‘t the one that jumped into bed with Alpha Axton.

“No, I will think of something,” I tell her, shaking my head.

“Jake is on his way. I rang him already. He should be here soon,” she tells me, finally sitting down and no longer pacing. She had been pacing that spot for so long now I was worried she would wear a track into it.

“Did my mother try to contact the hospital?” | ask, hopeful. My mother apparently attacked my father to stop him from killing. Alisha‘s eyes crinkle in the corners as she smiles sadly. She didn‘t have to answer. I knew the answer automatically by the look on her face. Mum would never go against dad by ringing me. She risked enough attacking him, apparently she got pretty banged up for it too. He was her mate. Her motherly part was done now. She did that by saving me and calling an ambulance. I was a grown woman. She was no longer required to hold my hand, and after last night, I doubted I would ever feel her motherly embrace again. She would be ashamed of me, just like my father was. I made a fool of him in front of the entire city. Swallowing, I nod, wiping a stray tear.

“It will be okay. We will figure out something,” Alisha whispers, clutching my fingers and giving them a squeeze just as the doctor walks into the room. He was an older gentleman. He has a worried look on his face as he enters, glancing from his notes to me. I could hardly look anyone in the eye here. No doubt they all saw the video, it showed by the way their eyes nervously darted away when they met mine.

He clears his throat, setting his pen in the lab coat pocket and tucking the notepad under his arm.

“Elena, your father has informed us you are no longer a pack member. Which means we can‘t treat you if you aren‘t covered by the pack insurance.” | swallow, taking in what he is telling me, no doubt he canceled my trust fund too. Tears spring in my eyes, and I nod. Of course, he would be that petty.

I tug the blanket back and throw my legs out over the side,

wincing with each movement when Doc grabs my arm to steady me as I try to rise to my feet before wincing and falling back on

the bed.

“Alpha Axton said he would cover the costs. I just wanted to inform you that your mate has taken over, and you are under his pack‘s protection and no longer your father‘s.” Doc says and my brows pinch together.

“What‘s that mean?” Alisha snaps at Doc.

“You are his mate, aren‘t you?” Doc states, looking at me. I shake my head.

“No, I rejected him.” Doc clears his throat awkwardly.

“Well, you might want to reconsider that, Elena,”

“After everything he has done, why would I do that?” I asked, horrified by his suggestion.

The old man looks uncomfortable. His eyes dart from side to side like Alisha can get him out of this. He coughs and looks down at his notepad.” because you‘re pregnant,” he blurts like he can‘t say it fast enough. He raps on the sheet with his knuckle. “I just got the lab results back.”

I stare at him as if he‘s some alien talking in a language I‘d never heard. Pregnant? How could that even be possible, we

had sex once? My lips part, and I peer over at Alisha. She cups her mouth with her hands, shaking her head and taking a step back. She‘s in as much shock as I am.

There has to be a mistake.

“Because you are pregnant. I just got your labs back.” I blink at his words, unable to comprehend what he is telling me. My lips part and I peer over at Alisha, who puts her head in her hands.

“No, I can‘t be,” I tell him. How could any child survive after the beating I just received?

“We were just as shocked given your state. That is why we want to take you off for an ultrasound to make sure everything is alright.” Doc explains. Yet panic courses through me at the thought of being rogue and packless. But it wasn‘t as terrifying as being forced to accept Alpha Axton‘s help.

“Have you told Alpha Axton?” I ask the doctor.

“No. We figured we would get a scan and confirm whether the pregnancy is viable, and once you have told him, we could call him and answer any of his questions.” Doc tells me, and I nod my head, exhaling with relief. Moments later, a nurse comes in with a wheelchair before helping me into it. We are taken down a couple of floors to a room.

Alisha remains by my side as I try to process everything going

on and how my life has turned into this spectacle. Everything was falling apart, and that weight really smashed into me when I tuned back into my surroundings. I don‘t even remember climbing onto the table or the feel of the gel on my stomach: 1 remember nothing, only coming back to what is going on when the clinician taps my shoulder and points to the screen above my head.

“Your babies are fine, strong heartbeats,” she tells me with a sad smile as if this news was good and may cheer me up. It did the complete opposite.

“Babies?” Alisha asks the questions that fail to leave me.

“Yes, she is pregnant with twins,” the woman says, turning the screen so she can see, my entire world stops and turns on its axis, and I feel as if I am falling, that everything is crashing down around me.

“I will print you a picture to show your mate. He will be so excited about this news,” the woman tells me, yet my horrified expression was on Alisha. I needed to get out of here. I am not remaining with the man responsible for destroying my life, and I sure as shit not letting him have access to my children. Alisha, seemingly knowing where my mind is going, nods once. I swear that girl understands me better than I know myself.

“The scans are being sent to the Alpha?” she asks innocently and the woman turns to face her.

“Of course, we will send them off right away,” she smiles, and Alisha holds up a hand.

“Can we perhaps hold off? Elena would rather be the one to tell him this wonderful news. She would rather do it in person,” Alisha says enthusiastically, grabbing the excitement I didn‘t hold and playing her part.

The woman seems unsure, yet after a few minutes, Alisha convinces her of some fake plan of surprise for him. Yeah, he was going to get a surprise, alright, because I was not going to be here when he got back.

I had no idea where I would go, but as far away from this city and my mate was my only intention at this point. Because being forced to accept that monster after what he did was not a pilli could swallow. And for once, my wolf and I were in agreement.

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