Chapter 9 - Luna On The Run - I Stole The Alphas Son

Chapter 9

Alisha left right after the ultrasound. She went to get me some clothes and returned twenty minutes later. “Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked as she helped me pull on the jeans and hoodie. Every movement made my body ache. I nod my head. I wasn‘t staying in this city, and I was not being forced under Alpha Axton’s protection when he was the reason for this entire mess in the first place.

“Jake?” I ask her.

“In the parking lot waiting for us,” Alisha says, glancing out the door to see if the guard Axton had placed at the end of the hall was still keeping watch. She sighs. “Surely he has to go on a lunch break or something?” she says, and I shrug. I would jump from the window if it meant escaping his clutches though my wolf disagreed with that idea. My pregnancy makes it difficult for me to heal quickly.

Pregnant, that word had been reeling in my head all damn day since I learned. I needed to get out of here before Axton found out. No way was I giving him that as an excuse to hang over my head. Wincing as I pull my hair into a messy bun on my head, Alisha comes over to me and helps; just lifting my arms makes my ribs and back ache furiously.

“What are we going to do about the guard? He will spot you if we run for the stairwell?” she asks, and I blink at her. She blinks back at me before I smile at her and bat my lashes.

“I noticed that the guard is unmarked?” I tell her, and her mouth

opens to gape at me.

“No! Have you seen how old he is?”

“Well, it will be easy for you then; flash ya those double D‘s at him, and you might give the old fart a heart attack,” I tell her, and she folds her arms across her chest and pouts.

“You got a better idea? I can‘t do it. I am an escapee!” | remind her, and she groans.

“He is old enough to be my father,” she whines, popping her hip and flicking her lavender hair over one shoulder. I push my lips out at her giving her my best puppy dog expression, and she rolls her eyes. “I would totally do it for you were our roles reversed,”

“Yeah, but you would probably get a hot guard. That man looks like he was born before the lightbulb was invented,” she huffs.

“Please?” | plead. “How can you say no to this face?” I ask her.

“Easily, you‘re almost unrecognizable with that shiner,” she says, and I raise an eyebrow at her, and she clicks her tongue at me and scrunches her face up.

“Fine, but hobble fast; I don‘t want to be around him too long in case old age is contagious,” she said before pushing her boobs up and popping the two top buttons of her blouse open, and

stomping out the door. I have seen her get out of so many parking tickets with her chest. Alisha was not lacking in that department. Hers were huge and hypnotizing. I had a good rack myself, but hers were in your face no matter what she wore.

I chuckle before following toward the door and peeking out after her. With the door slightly ajar, I see her place her hand on the guard‘s arm, turning him slightly. Alisha was one of those people that caught that could draw anyone‘s attention with her flirtatious attitude.

Heck, she even made me question my sexuality sometimes. I watched her for a few seconds, maybe a few seconds too long, because she had him distracted the moment she stepped in front of him. “Just to make her squirm a little,” Lexa chuckles, coming forward and watching with amusement.

“Okay, I have seen enough; he is almost drooling on her chest if he leans forward anymore” I laugh at Lexa as I slip out the door and across the hall to see Alisha touching his chest.

“Bet his chest hair is wiry like pubes,” Lexa tells me, and I accidentally snort my laugh out loud. I freeze, yet Alisha quickly draws his attention back to her as I push the door open and slip into the stairwell. I start rushing down the steps best I can. Who would have thought running down steps would be more painful than running up them?

It took me a good ten minutes to reach the bottom, and I was puffing and panting from the exertion. Opening the door to the

parking lot, I find Alisha standing there with her arms folded across her chest.

“Really, could you have taken any longer, woman? His dentures almost fell into my cleavage,” she snaps at me, and I press my lips in a line.

“What can I say? You had me hypnotized too with that performance,” I chuckle, and she growls at me.

“Good to see you are back to your normal sarcastic self,” she tells me, and I see Jake hop out of his car. His eyes run the length of me, a horrified expression on his face.

“El?” he stares at me before glaring at Alisha. “You said she was alright? You should have told me, Alisha, I would have come–“| he snaps at her, but she growls at him, cutting his words off as he rushes over to me. He wraps his arms around me, and Alisha growls at him.

“And what would you have done, Jake? You‘re human, remember. What were you going to do? Call the pound on the mutt, the police maybe?” she snarls at him. Jake sighs, knowing

she is right. Human authorities don‘t get involved in shifter disputes, yes, they help make the laws surrounding us, but they don’t get involved. That was for the city council, and even then, there was only

so much they could do. My father being head of the werewolf council, I knew nothing would be done at all.

“Come on,” Jake says, pressing his lips to my forehead. I lean into him, loving his familiar scent. He opens the car‘s front door and helps me into the car. Alisha leans down, pecking my cheek, before standing back. “I will meet you at Jake‘s; I just want to grab a few things,” she tells me, and my brows furrow.

“Wait, you can‘t,”

“I am not staying here without you. I‘ll see you soon,” she says, closing my door before I can argue she shouldn’t toss her life away for me.

“Ready?” Jake asks me as he starts the car.

“Are you sure about this, Jake? If Axton finds out where I am. What if he–“| stop knowing Axton would kill him. Especially when he finds out, I am pregnant and run off with another man, a human one at that. He didn‘t seem to be taking my rejection seriously.

“El, it‘ll be fine. We‘ll figure it out,” he tells me, gripping my hand and squeezing it before reversing out of his parking spot. As we leave the hospital, tension writhes through me, worried we would be spotted, yet Jake‘s windows were pretty darkly tinted,

so it was unlikely. Still, I worried.

That tension didn‘t leave until I saw the sign saying we were leaving the city. Only then did I let out a breath of relief and relax back in my chair

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