Chapter 1 - Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children

The night was as black as ink.

A gut-wrenching scream came from the warehouse at the backyard of the Daugherty mansion.

Adina Daugherty’s face was pale, and her cracked lips bloodless.

She suffered a contraction, and blood gushed out of her private parts.

She had just been pregnant for eight months, so why did she feel like she was about to give birth…

Was she going into preterm labor?

It was extremely dangerous to give birth when she was only pregnant for eight months…

The moment that thought entered her mind, she didn’t waste a single second more and crawled to the door on all four, then slammed her fists against it.

“Mr. Granger, I’m about to give birth. Please send me to the hospital. I’m begging you…”

A man in his forties sat outside the door while smoking.

“Miss Adina, you don’t even know who the father of your children is,” he said coldly. “Do you think the master and madam will send you to the hospital so that everyone could see how much of an embarrassment you are? Just stop causing a ruckus and stay quietly inside!”

Adina started weeping uncontrollably.

Eight months ago, reporters caught illicit pictures of her in a hotel, and she became the biggest laughing stock in the city.

Then, she discovered that she was pregnant. Her father found her an embarrassment to him and tried to force her to abort the babies, but before the operation she suddenly jumped off the operating table and fled.

She would rather die than abort her babies.

After that, her father ordered the servants to lock her in the warehouse, where she had to stay all by herself.

She was locked up for eight months and didn’t get to step out even once during that time.

“Mr. Granger, I’m begging you. Please save my children, or they’ll die… Please, help me…”

Searing pain surged through Adina’s abdomen, and her pleas grew weaker.

But the man in front of the door acted as if he did not hear her. He continued to smoke in a relaxed manner.

Blood continued rushing out of Adina’s private area, and her dress became drenched. She was now sitting in a pool of her own blood.

In despair, she grabbed the door handle and started throwing herself at the door.

She could not let her babies die in her womb! She refused to!

“Are you mad?! What are you doing?!”

Mr. Granger opened the door in anger and annoyance. He ignored the blood and grabbed Adina by the hair to drag her deeper into the warehouse and away from the door.

But then…

“What’s going on?” a cool voice asked from nearby.

Mr. Granger’s hand froze in the air. He turned around and greeted the woman respectfully, “Miss Dew.”

Adina looked up and saw the woman walk into the warehouse.

It was Dew Daugherty, her sister!

They had grown up together and were really close to each other.

Adina latched onto her like a drowning man onto a floating log. “Dew, please, help me. Save my babies…”

Dew sneered at her and said coolly, “Mr. Granger, this is the eldest daughter of the Daugherty family. How could you drag her around like a dying dog?”

Mr. Granger immediately understood what she meant and said even more respectfully, “Miss Dew, I didn’t cross any boundaries. Miss Adina just didn’t know what’s good for her and wanted to run to the hospital. If any outsiders learned that she’s pregnant with bastards, it would ruin the Daugherty family’s reputation. I was only doing it for the family.”

“Not bad,” Dew praised him. “I’ll tell my father to increase your wages later.”

She turned around, and her gaze landed on Adina’s stomach. “Your babies sure cling to life like cockroaches. When Father told you to abort them, you insisted on keeping them despite being told that the Daugherty family won’t take care of them. If they survive, we’ll have to consider them having unrivaled tenaciousness. But it’d be so much better if they just died. The Daugherty family would then get to retain its spotless reputation.”

“No, my children cannot die…”

Adina could sense Dew’s hostility, and she crawled back while covering her abdomen.

She was bloody all over, and her dress was drenched as well. Even her hair and face were covered in blood and sweat. Her lips were so dry that they had cracked open, and it looked like she was crying tears of blood. Those who didn’t know the whole story would think that she had crawled out of a garbage dump.

Dew laughed at the sight of the most beautiful woman of Sea City being reduced to this state. “Adina, do you know why you slept with a man eight months ago?”

She bent down and sneered mockingly. “It’s because I made arrangements for that.”

“What?!” Adina was stunned.

At the same time, she experienced another contraction, and more blood gushed out.

Dew smiled in satisfaction. “You were always the princess of the Daugherty family. You had half of the Daugherty Corporation’s shares, and on your eighteenth birthday, you became the heiress of the Daugherty family. Do you have any idea just how jealous I was? If you’re so pure that you stand above everyone else, then I will turn you into a whore who sleeps with everyone!”


Adina was in disbelief.

She had considered countless possibilities, but not once did she think that her beloved sister could be the person who had planned that event, which ruined her life.

“In the eight months you’ve been locked here, I became the new heiress of the Daugherty family. Adina, from now on, you’re only the woman with the worst reputation in Sea City. You’re a whore who

gave birth to b*stards, who’ll never even know who their father is! Your life is ruined! Hahaha!”

Great pain surged through Adina’s stomach as she listened to her shocking words, and she felt as if her private region had torn apart.

She was in so much pain that she nearly fainted.


A scream tore through her throat, and she fell on the floor.

Her pale face stared at the ceiling, and she opened her legs instinctively. Waves of blood gushed out from her private region.

Something pushed at the area between her legs, and she felt as if she had been torn into several pieces.

It felt like centuries passed by, but in truth, only some time went by when, suddenly, the cries of babies rang out in the warehouse.