Chapter 2 - Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children

Adina drew a sharp breath from the pain.

She looked down and lifted her blood-soaked dress. Then, she saw two babies.

They were covered in blood, and they clenched their fists as they wailed.

They were her children, twins.

Before Adina could rejoice, they suddenly stopped crying.

Their faces turned black and blue.

“Don’t be scared. Mommy’s here…”

Her heart clenched as she crawled over. She extended her hand toward her children to gather them up, but Dew stepped on the back of her hand.

“You’re amazing, Adina. I can’t believe you gave birth to twins.”

Dew stared at the children coldly. “But unfortunately, your b*stards didn’t get to live long. They only survived for a few seconds.”

“Shut up! My babies aren’t dead!”

Adina’s heart ached at the sight before her. She reached out once more to hug her babies, touch their faces, and pat their butts. But before she could touch their soft bodies, a maid walked over and grabbed the two children from the floor with an aloof expression on her face.

“Miss Dew, what am I supposed to do with the dead infants?”

Dew did not care about the two babies’ survival. If they died, she would get to see Adina’s face painted in grief, which would give her a lot of joy. But even if the two babies survived, it would be just as good. Adina would never be able to rise to power again if she had to take care of two b*stard children.

Dew’s gaze landed on the two babies, and she froze.

The twins looked exactly the same. Since their mother had suffered from malnutrition, their faces were thin, and their bodies skeletal, but the lines of their faces were clear.

Their little faces reminded her of Duke Winters, the demon who could do whatever he wanted in Sea City.

Then, she remembered something. The day after she set up Adina, the Winters family had started searching for a woman all over the city.

Could it be that Adina had a one-night-stand with Duke Winters?

My God…

Dew’s eyes went wide in shock, and she could not say a single word for a while.

“Dew, we’re sisters. Please send them to the hospital. They’re not dead yet. They’re alive… The doctor will definitely save them!” Adina grabbed the hem of Dew’s dress and begged her to save her children. “I’ll do whatever you want. As long as you save my children, I’ll give you the shares and won’t fight you for the status of the Daugherty family’s heiress…”

Dew snapped out of her thoughts, raised her leg, and kicked Adina away.

“Your b*stards are dead. No hospital can revive the dead,” she said coldly. “Bring them out and bury them somewhere.”


Panic flooded Adina’s mind, and she crawled to the maid.

But Dew kicked her away once more. “Adina, you just gave birth to twins, so you should rest. Look at you, you’re still bleeding. Father won’t send you to the hospital if you lose too much blood. Do take care of yourself.”

After saying that, Dew left the warehouse with the maid and shut the door behind herself.

“No! Dew! Dew Daugherty, don’t do this! Give me back my babies!”

Adina grabbed the metal bars of the door and screamed in rage.

Her bloodshot eyes were filled with grief. Then, hatred like she’d never felt before rose in her cold eyes.

If her children died, then Dew would be their murderer!

Her gaze was so fierce that Dew shivered when she saw it.

Animals who lost their cubs always took revenge. So, if Adina survived, Dew would have to face a powerful enemy…

Adina still had the shares of the Daugherty Corporation in her hands, after all.

She might also end up working together with Duke Winters, which might ruin all of Dew’s plans…

Dew turned to the guard coldly. “Mr. Granger, we will have an important guest visiting us in a few days, so go to the courtyard and make it presentable. There’s no reason to waste time standing guard here anymore.”


‘Your children died right after being born, so now your body is weak from childbirth and your mind is weak from the heavy mental blow. You’re probably going to go through another major loss of blood because of it.

‘And there’s only one outcome for those who lose too much blood, and that’s death!

‘I didn’t want to kill you, Adina, but you just had to sleep with the most powerful man in Sea City…

‘l have to send you off now.’

Dew picked up the lock and locked the metal door.

Right when she started walking away, the maid returned. “Miss Dew, the two b*stards aren’t dead yet. They’re crying again! Should we still bury them?”

Dew froze up.

‘Her b*stards sure are tenacious. I’m surprised they’re still alive…

‘But if they’re Duke Winters’s children, then they’re the only grandchildren of the Winters family…

‘And as their mother, Adina is the most important woman in Sea City…

‘No, Adina cannot be allowed to live! I must do something!’

Dew took the two dying twins and said coldly, “Don’t tell anyone about what happened tonight.”

The maid nodded.

Meanwhile, the smell of blood in the warehouse grew stronger…