Chapter 6 - Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children

The Xaviers’ mansion was in Lake Bay.

The scenery around it was lovely, and it was a quiet place, typical of an area where the rich lived.

The servants respectfully led Adina and her two children into the courtyard.

“Addy, you’re finally back…”

Madam Xavier had been waiting at the entrance for a long time. When she saw Adina walking over, she felt as if she was looking at her deceased daughter.

Her pitiful daughter had lived a short life, and her pitiful granddaughter’s life was full of hardships…


Adina rested her forehead on Madam Xavier’s shoulder and let herself feel a moment of peace.

If she had to name one other person besides her children whom she loved, it would be her grandmother.

She had lived in a small town abroad during the four years, and her grandmother had often sent people to persuade her to come back.

However, Adina knew that most of the Xaviers would not welcome her, which was why she delayed her return repeatedly.

“You must be Alden and Melody. Both of you are such good-looking children.”

Madam Xavier bent down and touched the children’s faces.

Alden smiled. “Great-grandma.”

Melody took a wary step back with an aloof expression on her pretty face.

Madam Xavier knew about the two children and their situation. She sighed and said, “I’ve already contacted a doctor. He’ll drop by and check on Melody a few days later.”

Adina did not actually harbor a lot of hope that her daughter would be cured, but she still nodded and led the children into the mansion.

The Xaviers were gathered in the living room.

They were in the main mansion, so all those who lived in it were direct descendants. Hence, they were all Adina’s uncles, aunts, and cousins.

“Mom, why did Grandma ask us to come here today?” Sophia Xavier asked impatiently.

She was a twenty-eight years old cousin of Adina, who had married and lived elsewhere, but grandmother had asked her to come back to the mansion.

The eldest aunt took a sip of her tea and said, “Your grandmother is already old. Since she asked us to come back so earnestly, I have a feeling it has something to do with her will.”


Sophia’s eyes sparkled.

She was married into another family, but she was summoned back to the main mansion. Did this mean that she would have a part of the Xaviers’ legacy?

She was not the only one who was excited. The other people in the living room started considering their positions in the family as well.

All of them were concerned about the will.

However, just as they were thinking about how much money they might get, Madam Xavier came into the room.

She was followed by a young and beautiful woman, who wore jeans and a dress shirt. Her hair hung casually behind her back, which matched her simple getup, but everyone in the room was stunned by her beauty.

Her elegant and ethereal presence was so unique that no one in Sea City could emulate her.

Sophia was sure that she had seen that woman before.

“Addy, your uncles and aunts are here. Go and greet them.”

Madam Xavier pushed Adina forward.

Adina put on a relaxed and calm smile. “Uncle Richard, Aunt Morganna, Uncle Henry, Aunt Maple…”

She greeted all of her elders.

And the living room sank into pin-drop silence.

“Addy? Adina Daugherty?” Sophia was in disbelief. “Didn’t you die four years ago?”

“What nonsense!” Madam Xavier schooled her face. “Adina just didn’t want to attract a lot of attention, so I never told you about her being alive.”

The Xaviers were so shocked that their eyes were about to pop out of their eye sockets.

But who could remain calm when someone who had died four years ago suddenly popped up?

However, judging by Madam Xavier actions and words, it was clear that she had known about Adina’s situation from the start. They were just surprised that she had been so tight-lipped about it!

Morganna’s eyes landed on the two children. “Addy, did you give birth to two more b*stards?”

Her choice of words infuriated Adina.

She looked up and said rudely, “Aunt Morganna, when you married into the Xavier family, you were already pregnant with Sophia, so should I call her a b*stard too?”

“You!” If looks could kill, Morganna would have killed Adina a hundred times over. “You’re so rude!”

She had gotten pregnant out of wedlock, which was something rarely seen among the upper-class in the past, and had resulted in a lot of mockery aimed at her. Everyone had forgotten about it in the thirty years since then, but someone not even of her generation had actually brought it up again! It made her boil with anger right away.

Sophia was also furious. “Adina, how dare you say that I’m a b*stard while in the Xaviers’ mansion?! You have no right!”

“Enough!” Madam Xavier roared, and all of them instantly fell silent. She looked at each person in the living room. “If I hear anyone call Addy’s children b*stards again, I will punish you!”

The younger generation of the Xavier instantly hunched their shoulders, but they found this situation unfair.

Adina’s mother was Madam Xavier’s only daughter and was doted upon since young. When she got married, she was even given twenty million dollars to create Daugherty Corporation. Madam Xavier treated her as if she was the most precious jewel in the world and gave her everything good.

Then, when she passed away, they thought that Madam Xavier would remember them, but to their surprise, Adina became the next target of her affection.

They had no idea what Madam Xavier had given to Adina over the past four years, but they began to burn with jealousy.

Adina knew what they were thinking, but just smiled without saying anything.