Chapter 5 - Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children

Harold was brought into a VIP room by the bodyguards.

A man with an imposing presence sat on a couch there.

He was dressed in a black suit, and looked at them with cold and grim eyes. Even if he said nothing, his air of superiority was enough to make everyone feel inferior.

He cast his gaze on his four-year-old son. “Didn’t I tell you that you’re not allowed to leave without permission?”

Harold straightened his back defiantly. “I just went out for a walk. Can’t I even do that?”

“No.” Duke’s voice was cold, and whoever met his stare felt a chill crawl down their spines.

He stood up and walked over to Harold. “Do you have any idea how many people are after you? Do you know what fate may befall you if you run out by yourself?”

“No!” Harold turned his head to the side.

He remembered the woman he met just now.

Once he had her information, he would sneak out again…

At that moment, the woman, who had also been sitting on the couch, stood up and walked over. “Don’t be angry, Duke.”

She was wearing a fitting long dress that made her appear graceful and a thin layer of makeup that made her look full of life.

She squatted down in front of the boy. “Harold, your father is just worried about you, that’s why he’s so mad. You should listen to him and stop going outside to play, okay?”

“No! Why should I listen to you?”

Harold pushed her hand away. He showed her no respect at all.

The woman before him was no one else but Dew Daugherty.

She stiffly pulled her hand back, and suddenly, tears slid down her face. “Harold, I’m your mother. Why are you acting like this? I gave birth to you after carrying you for eight long months and suffering great pains. Could you not talk to me that way?”

“Hmph!” Harold’s face was full of scorn.

He was still young and did not understand what it meant for a woman to be pregnant for eight months, but he knew that he did not like Dew. He absolutely despised this woman who referred to herself as his mother.

“Harold Winters, apologize to your mother!”

Duke’s eyes turned cold. He was about to blow up.

The Winters’ children could be aloof, but they had to respect their elders.

A child who did not respect his own mother would be chased out of the family.

“Forget it, Duke…” Dew said in a choked up voice. “Even though I’m his mother, I didn’t bring him up properly, so it’s normal that he doesn’t acknowledge me as his mother. Don’t scare him.”

She paused for a moment before saying, “Duke, I’m a disposable person to the children since we aren’t married, so there’s no way they would respect me. I’ll show up less in the Winters mansion in the future. Otherwise, my presence might have a negative impact on them…”

She wiped away her tears in a sorrowful manner.

She knew how to make Duke pity her, and she put on her most pitiful expression.

Four years ago, she had brought the children to the Winters mansion, thinking that she would become Mrs. Winters right way.

However, Duke only took the children in. He did not agree to marry her.

She tried every method at her disposal, but not a single one helped her join the Winters family.

In the end, she could only hold onto the identity of Harold’s mother. It was the only thing tying her to the Winters family.

Her efforts over the four years weren’t in vain, however.

Harold might dislike her, but George, the elder son, listened to her every word.

George was also the next heir of the Winters family, so as long as Dew kept him under her control, she would definitely become Mrs. Winters.

As for Harold…

Heh, the worse Harold treated her, the more Duke pitied her.

One day, they would be together!


Adina walked out of the airport with her children in hand and found a car waiting for them at the entrance. It had been there for a long time.

“Miss Adina, please get in. The madam has been waiting for you.”

Adina nodded and helped the children into the car.

They drove to the Xavier mansion.

The Xaviers were her mother’s family, and her grandparents were the ones behind the rise of Daugherty Corporation.

That was the reason as to why her mother had fifty percent of the company’s shares. When she passed away, those shares ended up in Adina’s hands. With half of the company’s shares, she was doted upon in the Daugherty family and was appointed as the heiress of the family when she turned eighteen.

But to everyone’s surprise, reporters took illicit photos of her on the second day after her coming-of-age ceremony.

After that day, she was locked in the warehouse and could be said to have lost her life…

All of that was arranged by Dew.

After Adina fled the fire, she headed to the Xaviers to seek help from her grandmother, but Dew organized a press conference and told the whole world that Adina had given birth to children before wedlock. She also said that after her children died moments after being born, Adina set the Daugherty mansion on fire, which resulted in billions of dollars worth of damage. Then, she committed suicide because she was afraid of being punished.

This story made Adina into a person despised by everyone online.

Since she was the Xaviers’ granddaughter, the reporters also attacked her grandparents.

Adina did not want to bring trouble to the Xaviers, so she left.

In any case, she was already dead in the world’s eyes. The best thing for her to do was to leave this hotbed of trouble.

This was why she had lived abroad for four years.

She stayed hidden the whole time and stopped being the eldest daughter who was deceived and framed in the past. The Adina Daugherty of back then was dead.

The car soon reached the Xaviers’ mansion.