Chapter 2 - Mafia Don And His 7 Sisters

Chapter 2 Gary, a man who distorted in jealousy!

Three slaps hit Gary’s face, one harder than the other.

The last slap was so hard that Gary fell to the ground.

He was dumbfounded!

And completely stunned!

‘Where the hell is this lunatic come from?

Gary came back to his senses soon with blue veins stood out on his neck:

“Damn it! No matter how badly I treat my grandpa, it’s my family business. You idiot, you don’t have any right to bother me?”

“Of course, it’s my business to teach you how to be a man!”

John stared at Gary with cold eyes, “Open your eyes wide and tell me who I am!”

“You are…”

His cold voice made Gary stunned for a moment, then he fixed his eyes on John and looked at him seriously.

Suddenly, his body trembled violently.

The young man in front of him gradually recalled his memory of a thin boy fifteen years ago.

How similar!

“It’s impossible…”

Gary shook his head desperately. The man’s name was already in his mind, but he didn’t dare to say it.

This was too ridiculous.

“Are you surprised?”

John sneered

“You often bullied me when I was a child. You peed on my shoes and deliberately stained my clothes with

water brushes.”

“You also set me up and made Mr. Wodehouse punish me for your mistakes many times. Did you forget these

things you do to me?”


Gary took a step back abruptly.

It was him! It was him!

John, who was often bullied by him, came back!

“That’s impossible! Why didn’t the fire burn you to death? Why did you suddenly come back? Why did you disturb my life again?”

Gary suddenly became very emotional.

“I tried so hard to please those women, but they refused to accept me as their younger brother because they said that only you were their brother.”

“I tried my best to behave well in front of Mr. Wodehouse so that he could adopt me. But this old man is so

your name in front of me.”

stubborn that he always

“I tried to become you, but all of them had never given me a chance. Why everybody still couldn’t accept me as their family even after you left?”

Gary’s expression became more and more ferocious while he was speaking. “Do you know how much I want

you to die?”

Finally, Gary completely lost his mind. He turned around and picked up a steel pipe, then pounced on John

like a crazy dog.


John only responded to him with a kick, which was as quickly as the wind.


Before Gary could beat him with the steel pipe in his hand, a clear footprint has already engraved on his abdomen, and the kick made him roll like a ball for five meters.

“Do you want to know why you are not as good as me?”

“Because I won’t bully the weak, because I won’t be ungrateful, because I won’t be jealous and hateful. Is that


Is that enough?

Said John in a low voice.

However, it was like a hammer hitting Gary’s soul hard.

These are the most basic moral principles. Does Gary have them in mind?


He was a scumbag who bullied the weak, ungrateful and jealous.


Gary spat out a mouthful of blood with his face full of pain.

John just looked at him coldly without any pity in his eyes.

This man had been devoured by jealousy and twisted so much that he didn’t deserve any sympathy.

“My child… You… Are you John?”

At this time, Mr. Wodehouse’s trembling voice suddenly came from behind.

Turning around, the coldness on John’s face disappeared, and then a sunny smile appeared on his face. “It’s me, Grandpa, I’m back.”

“It’s you!”

Mr. Wodehouse’s heart suddenly twitched, and finally, he couldn’t help but burst into tears with his arms.

around John.

“My little John, you are still alive… You are still alive… God finally stop torturing me… I thought I had caused your death indirectly…”

Mr. Wodehouse cried loudly, but he was much more relieved than sad.

The child who made him feel guilty for fifteen years was still alive.

“Yes, Grandpa. I’m still alive and now I’m back.”

John comforted him gently, but he also sensed something wrong with Mr. Wodehouse’s words.

After Mr. Wodehouse calmed down a little, John asked

“Grandpa, are you hiding something from me? The fire fifteen years ago was not an accident, was it?”

Mr. Wodehouse wiped his tears and said, “let the past be the past, what happened fifteen years ago was not important anymore as long as you are still alive…”

Mr. Wodehouse’s answer confirmed his guess more, then he said seriously, “Grandpa, if you feel guilty for me,

just tell me everything, okay?”

For a few seconds, Mr. Wodehouse still tried to avoid the topic, but when he saw the serious expression on John’s face, he knew that he couldn’t hide it anymore, so he had to tell him.

It turned out that the fire fifteen years ago was not a simple accident.

At that time, The Excellence Real Estate had taken a fancy to the land of the Sunshine Welfare Center. They had met Mr. Wodehouse many times and tried to force him to sell the welfare house at a very low price.

But Mr. Wodehouse was stubborner than what they expected. No matter what kind of tricks they played, he

would not sign the contract.

The boss of the Excellence Real Estate finally had no choice but to make a threat. They said If he didn’t sign

the contract, he would bear the consequences.

As a result, they set up a fire in the welfare house on the second day.

Mr. Wodehouse suspected that the Excellence Real Estate had set the fire for revenge, but he couldn’t find

any evidence of their arson.

After the fire, John disappeared.

Mr. Wodehouse thought he was responsible for John’s missing, so he resigned and adopted a child about the

same age as him, Gary.

Mr. Wodehouse put all his guilt for John on Gary, but he didn’t expect that his excessive indulgence would make Gary feel at ease and ask him for money every two or three days.

In the past, he didn’t say anything about pocket money, but this time, he went too far and asked for two hundred thousand dollars.

Of course, Mr. Wodehouse wouldn’t give him that amount of money, and that was the reason why Gary pushed and scolded him so hard.

After Mr. Wodehouse finished his words, there was a moment of silence.

Dead silence.

He looked up at John and was soon get startled because he saw the horrifying coldness in his dark eyes.

The Excellence Real Estate!

It was them who forced him to stay away from home for fifteen years. And “thanks to” them, he almost died in the fire and nearly lost his seven sisters!

They must pay for what they did to me! Right here! Right now!

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