Chapter 1 - Mafia Don And His 7 Sisters

Chapter 1 The king has come back!

The sun was scorching in New York in July.

In the bustling crowd, a thin young man silently stared at this familiar and strange city.

“It’s been fifteen years. I’m finally back. How are things going with my seven sisters?”

The young man murmured.

His name was John, an orphan. He grew up in a welfare house and had seven sisters who were not related by

blood. They treated him as their family.

Their favorite game in their childhood was to play house with John, and they promised to marry him when

they grew up.

At that time, John was five years old. He said in a childish voice that we were not three or four years old anymore, so we had to keep our word.

So his sisters made pinky promises with him and decided never to eat their words.

In this way, John looked forward to growing up every day until a big fire completely burned his life.

His sisters could have escaped from the fire, but when they knew he was trapped in the

back to find him. In the end, they were all surrounded by a sea of fire.

fire, they soon turned

John was frightened and burst into tears.

But even in this kind of condition, his elder sister still held him in her arms and comforted him not to be


The fire was burning.

The eight kids leaned against each other and soon passed out because of the smoke..

When John opened his eyes again, the sea of fire was still there. The only difference was the existence of an old wizard who stood in front of him.

The old wizard just stood on the blazing flames, with his clothes still intact.

The old wizard said. Can eave your sisters, but you have to take me as your teacher.”


This sentence was like a life-saving straw, and John agreed without hesitation.

At that time, he didn’t realize that his life would be completely changed.

After leaving the welfare house, the old wizard took John to a wizard school, then taught him medical skills, martial arts, and magic, and even let him learn a nameless skill.

He had stayed there for ten years.

When John was fifteen years old, he thought he could finally go back to New York, but the old wizard sent him to the border battlefield instead.

Then he stayed there for another five years.

In the past five years, he had fought together with other soldiers, and an organization named ‘Oracle’ had


The thirty-six soldiers of the Oracle were all as powerful as gods, they kept the peace of the US, and no one in the world dared to offend them.

And their master, King of Horizon, had already quietly returned to the place where he had been in his childhood-New York.

Recalling the past, it was like a dream.

But John knew it was true.

If it hadn’t happened to him, John would never believe what he has experienced over these years. Everyone would think he was crazy if he told them his story..

John stood in front of the Sunshine Welfare Center.

The building was still there.

However, John had mixed feelings at that time.

The fire fifteen years ago attracted a lot of attention. People all over the country actively donated and rebuilt

the welfare house.

The old brick house had become a small high-rise building now, and its facilities were much better than before, but at last, it was no longer the place that John was familiar with.

However, when John saw the children’s innocent smiles, the strangeness in his heart disappeared in an


He seemed to see himself and his sisters when they were children.

It turned out that nothing had changed. The welfare house was still the beautiful place that he remembered.

John found the employees of the welfare house and explained the purpose of his visit.

Soon, a woman with presbyopic glasses came to John and looked at him in confusion.

“I’m the director of the Sunshine Welfare Center. Who are you looking for?”

“Are you the director of the welfare house?”

John was stunned.

In his memory, the director’s surname should be Wodehouse, and he was a kind old man, definitely not the

woman in front of him.

The old woman nodded and said, “I’ve been the director here for more than ten years. Didn’t you look for me?”

“I’m looking for Mr. Wodehouse.”

“Oh, I see. He has retired for a long time!”

Hearing that John was here for the old director, the woman dispelled the suspicion in her heart and treated him more friendly than before.

But John frowned.

Mr. Wodehouse retired?

According to what this woman said, Mr. Wodehouse seemed to have resigned from the position of director

more than ten years ago.

Was it because of the fire?

“Do you have Mr. Wodehouse’s address?” John asked in a hurry.

“Yes, yes. Wait a moment. I’ll write down the address for you.”

The woman turned around and entered the room. Soon she took out a note with an address and handed it to


“Thank you!”

With the address given by the woman, John came to a single-story house.

A stooped old man with grey hair was cleaning the courtyard before the house. John recognized him at the

first sight, he was Mr. Wodehouse.

They hadn’t seen each other for fifteen years, and Mr. Wodehouse had aged so much.

Seeing this, John had a queer sense of sorrow and quickened his pace, but what happened next soon turned

his sorrow into anger.

When Mr. Wodehouse was cleaning, a young man in a flowery shirt suddenly pushed him hard, then cursed

him rudely.

“Old man, I know those women will send you money every month. Where is the money?”

How dare he rob an old man in broad daylight?

In a towering rage, John rushed over, grabbed the collar of the young man in a flowery shirt, and shouted,

“How dare you rob the old man’s money? You poor bastard!”


The young man didn’t expect that someone would suddenly rush over. A trace of panic flashed across his

face, but he quickly pretended to be calm.

“You… Let go of me. How dare you do this to me? Grandpa, help me!”

“What? Grandpa!”

John narrowed his eyes and turned to look at Mr. Wodehouse.

Mr. Wodehouse looked sad and sighed, “Lad, he is not a robber indeed. His name is Gary, and he is the child!




John stared at the young man in a flowery shirt for a while and finally realized who he was.

No wonder John felt a little familiar with him. It turned out that he was Gary, who often bullied John and was punished by his sisters when he was a child.

Why was he adopted by Mr. Wodehouse?

John was lost in thought.

Gary seized the opportunity to break away from his hand. He coughed violently and took a long time to recover from the panic.

“Son of a bitch, mind your own business and get hell out of here!”

Gary gave a ferocious stare at John, and then shouted at Mr. Wodehouse

“Old man, since you adopted me, it’s your duty to offer me delicious food, and nice clothes, and make me happy. If you can’t satisfy my needs, why do you adopt me?”

“Where is the money those women gave you? Take it out! Why are you hiding it from me? Do you want to spend it in the coffin, right?”

“Old man, I don’t think you can live that long. Anyway, you have to rely on me to live in the future. Who else could you leave your money for? You brainless old man!”

Gary went too far with his words.

Mr. Wodehouse trembled violently, but he just lowered his head in silence and endured Gary’s abuse.

Watching this scene, John couldn’t stand it anymore and slapped him.


“This for you not showing any respect to your elders!”


“This for you robbing your grandfather instead of looking after him!”


“This for you not knowing who I am!”

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