Chapter 8 - Mafia Don And His 7 Sisters

Chapter 8 I, Duke of Southern River, greet you sincerely, King of Horizon!

“King, what can I do for you?”

A respectful voice came through the phone.

“Help me invade a private network. I want all the documents and photos in his computer to be given to me as soon as possible.”

“Yes, sir!”

After hanging up the phone, he sent a resume to the other side.

The host of the resume was Jack Lewis.

John was there when Queenie fired Jack yesterday. Through observation, he found that Jack was not simple.

First of all, he didn’t even bother to defend himself in the face of Queenie’s questioning. He admitted that he had colluded with Beauty Group.

Secondly, when he left, a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth, as if he was premeditating something.

With the recent movements of Queenie Group, John thought the most possible problem was the new product

launch tomorrow.

So he copied Jack’s resume from the company’s information base.

As long as he found someone to hack Jack’s computer, he would definitely find some clues to prevent him from doing anything reckless in the press conference.

This was John’s insurance strategy.

After breakfast.

John was about to go downstairs for a walk. He came to the garden of the villa, and saw a figure standing

straight outside the gate.

It was a man in his forties with a square face and short beard. He looked quite dignified.

His name was Leo Glenn.

People in New York were more used to calling him Duke of Southern River.

“I, Leo Glenn, Duke of Southern River, greet you sincerely, King of Horizon!”

Leo’s voice was loud. The moment he saw John, his body suddenly bent into ninety degrees.

He had been waiting here for more than an hour.

He stood straight all the time, as if no moment of slackness was enough to express his respect.

It was not until John appeared that he made a ninety degree bow.

“You are well-informed.”

John glanced at Leo and said lightly.

He didn’t know who Duke of Southern River was, but he could feel that he had some skills.

“I have an elder brother who works for General of Nature. He specially told me to take good care of you.”

“Take care of me? I’m afraid he’s asking you to please me!” John snorted.

“I dare not!”

Leo sweated heavily, like a waterfall. His heart seemed to be tightly suppressed by a mountain, unable to


The aura of King of Horizon was too terrifying.

Ordinary people might think he had an ordinary temperament, but as long as they knew him a little, they

would know that the more ordinary he was, the more terrible he was.

Leo had experienced it.

If he didn’t know John’s identity in advance, he would think John was an ordinary young man. But when he knew his identity, what he said and did could bring him a great sense of pressure.

“Don’t be nervous. You come at the right time to take care of me or please me. Whatever.”

When Leo was about to suffocate, John’s words brought him back to life in an instant.

“I’m willing to listen to your orders!”


John nodded and said

“There are a few things I need you to do for me.”

“First, I suspect that the fire in Sunshine Welfare Center had something to do with Excellence Real Estate. You should focus on investigating the person in charge of it.”

“Second, my sister’s company, Queenie Group, will hold a new product launch tomorrow. I hope you can set an example.”

“The third place..

John ordered one by one. Then Leo left respectfully. He was very excited.

To be able to work for King of Horizon was something that countless people dreamed of. He was lucky to obtain this honor, and many people envied him.

Not long after Leo left, John received an email alert.

He went back to his room. Then he used Queenie’s computer to log in to his email and download the compressed files.

He opened it and saw some shocking news.

A sneer appeared at the corners of John’s mouth, “you are good at playing!”

It would be fine if Jack didn’t make trouble tomorrow. If he didn’t know what was good, these documents

were enough to ruin his reputation.

The next day.

In the meeting room on the thirteen floor of Queenie Building.

The medias entered one after another.

Queenie emphasized again and again, “You must check their work cards carefully and don’t let others in.”

Herman Goodwin, the director of the security department, patted his chest and promised, “Miss Yeats, don’t

worry about it. You can depend on me.”

But when she was preparing at the backstage, Queenie still felt uneasy.

John pinched her palm and asked, “What’s wrong, sister?”

“I don’t know. My right eyelid has been twitching since this morning. I always feel that something bad is going

to happen.”

“It’s okay. I’m here. Even if the sky falls, I’ll hold it you.”

“You just say that to comfort me.”

Queenie glared at John. Although she knew that John couldn’t help her if something really happened, she

somehow felt much more relieved with his words.

At ten o’clock, the press conference was held on time.

Queenie tidied up her makeup and walked to the stage, which immediately amazed countless media.

They had heard of the name of Queenie before and knew that there was such a beautiful CEO in New York,

but most people thought it was too much.

Nowadays, as long as a woman with regular facial features dressed up carefully, she could be called a


Especially with the aid of beauty and filter, an ugly woman could also become a fairy.

But when they saw Queenie show up, they found that they were wrong.

Queenie was tall and had an outstanding temperament, especially her exceedingly beautiful face. Unlike the

online celebrities, she only wore light makeup. But almost all the women would be defeated by her beauty.

She was a queen just like her name.

The journalists came to their senses in an instant.

Queenie’s performance did not disappoint them. She was generous and decent, and introduced the

company’s new products in an orderly manner. They could not see her nervousness under the stage.

The first half of the press conference went smoothly.

Queenie breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that she might have worried too much.

But before long, something unexpected happened.

A female reporter suddenly stood up and asked, “It’s said that in order to make a toy boy famous, Miss Yeats kicked off the senior employees of the company. Is the news true?”


The faces of the people in Queenie Group changed instantly.

“What’s wrong with this reporter? Why do you ask such an ignorant question?”

Several group security guards were about to kick the female reporter out of the venue, but Herman, the

director of security, stopped them.

*Miss Yeats, please answer my question.” The female reporter didn’t give up.

Other media also focused their cameras on Queenie. Compared with the new products of Queenie Group,

they were more keen on digging out the private life of the beautiful president.

Queenie said coldly. “This question has nothing to do with the content of today’s press conference. I refuse to

answer it.”

“How could it be irrelevant?”

At this time, the door of the meeting room was suddenly pushed open, and Jack came in with a sneer.

Sam Harts was with Jack.

He was sitting on a wheelchair. His legs were in plaster, and one of his arms was wrapped with bandage, hanging in front of his chest.

Seeing this, Herman, the director of the security department, didn’t stop them. Instead, he took the initiative.

to help Sam push the wheelchair.

A reporter immediately handed the microphone to Jack’s mouth, “Sir, do you have any grudge against

Queenie Group?”

“Of course, I am the old employee who was fired by Queenie Yeats.”

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