Chapter 7 - Mafia Don And His 7 Sisters

Chapter 7 This younger brother was a little domineering!

All the employees of Queenie Group were shocked.

Their iceberg president, Queenie, unexpectedly fell out with the eldest son of the Holland’s family for a toy


Was she crazy?

The Holland’s family was the biggest channel of Queenie Group!

It was true that once a woman was overwhelmed by love, she would lose her mind.

Even a strong woman like Queenie couldn’t escape from this routine.

Rumors were flying.


Not in the mood to talk to him, Queenie directly pulled John out of the Queenie building. Unfortunately, she met Gary outside again.

Gary Williams was still the young man he used to be. He didn’t change at all.

The moment he saw Queenie, he knelt down and begged, “Sister, please give me another two hundred thousand dollars. This is really the last time. I swear!”

It turned out that Gary didn’t pay off the debt with the two hundred thousand dollars that Queenie had given him. Instead, he wanted to earn more. Finally he lost all the money again.

“Fuck off! I feel sick to see you!”

Queenie was in a bad mood. Gary happened to be shot, so of course he wouldn’t get a good result.

The Porsche roared and left.

On their way home, John looked at the serious side face of his sister and said with guilt, “Sister, I’m sorry!”

John admired himself for making his sister so worried on the first day he came back.

Queenie’s face softened. She said, “What are you talking about, John? It’s not your fault.”

She was fed up with Karl’s harassment, but she didn’t make everything clear because of his identity as a channel.

Even without John, this conflict would break out sooner or later.

“Sister, I’ve thought it over. The position of HR manager is not suitable for me.”


Queenie slammed on the brake, turned around and glared at John, saying angrily

“Do you also mind those rumors? We do right as sister and brother. Why should we be afraid of being gossiped?”

She was really angry this time.

No matter what people in the company talked about her, Queenie didn’t feel hurt. But what John said made her very sad

‘No, sister, you misunderstood me.”

John quickly explained. ‘I’m just used to freedom. I’m really not fit to manage a company. It has nothing to do

with rumors.”

After a moment’s silence, Queenie sighed and said, ‘Okay, as long as you are happy.”

“By the way, do you have a new product launch the day after tomorrow?”

“Well, I’m a little worried now. I don’t think Karl and Beauty Group will let it go.”

Queenie Group was going to hold a new product press conference before it was listed, with the focus on Introducing its new products. They had already contacted the reporters in advance.

But judging from what had happened recently, the press conference might not be so smooth.

Queenie felt a headache.

In Greenland Villa

The place where Queenie lived was surrounded by butterflies.

Every time she pushed the door open and the fragrance of flowers came to her, her troubles would be swept


John looked around and said in surprise, “Sister, do you live alone in such a big house?”

“Well, your other sisters have been very busy recently. They seldom come back. If you hadn’t asked me to keep it a secret, I would have called them home tonight.”

Queenie had changed into a loose home wear. It was a shirt with a cartoon pattern of white rabbits. She

looked very cute

It seemed that she changed from a cold goddess to a sister next door in an instant.

“John, watch TV in the living room. I’ll cook for you.” Said Queenie.

“Don’t bother, sister. You can just cook a bowl of noodles for me.”

“Is… Is it too casual?”

“No. Do you remember? When we were both kids, we didn’t have a lot of snacks. You often cook noodles for us secretly with Grandpa Wodehouse’s pot. I’m really happy to recall the taste of our childhood.”

“Well… Okay!”

All of a sudden, Queenie turned into a pretty cook. She worked in the kitchen for a while. Soon, she brought

out two bowls of steaming boiled noodles with eggs.

While wolfing down the noodles, John praised, “Oh… Sister, the noodles you cooked are still the same taste as before. I haven’t eaten them for a long time.”

“If you like it, I will cook it for you for the rest of my life.”

Seeing that there was no drop left in the bowl, Queenie smiled. Her eyes looked like crescent moons.

When she was about to clean up the table, John stood up first and said, “Sister, let me do it. Your hand is so delicate that it is easy to be hurt by the detergent.”

“Oh, John, you are so considerate.”

Queenie smiled with relief and said, “Then I’ll take a shower first.”

Then she went into the bathroom.

But after the shower, Queenie was suddenly stunned.

She forgot to take her pajamas.

There had never been a man in the house before. Queenie would come out after taking a shower, not only her,

but also her sisters.

Looking at the dirty clothes thrown into the washing machine, Queenie was lost in thought.

It was a question whether she should wear it or not.

Finally, Queenie grabbed a white bath towel and was about to sneak back to her room when John was watching TV, but she slipped halfway.


“Sister, are you okay?”


Before Queenie could say the word ‘come’, John appeared in front of her, and her pretty face flushed.

John was also stunned.

What happened?

When he heard her scream, he immediately ran over and saw her fall to the ground.


After a moment’s daze, when John came to his senses, he suddenly strode forward and picked up Queenie by

her waist.

“John, you…”

Queenie’s pretty face turned red and her heart beat fast.

Although the two of them were as close as sister and brother, they were not related by blood. Would John…

Queenie was extremely nervous.

At this time, John suddenly asked, “Is there lodine at home?”

“Yes, it’s in the cabinet under the TV.”

After taking Queenie to the bed, John immediately turned around and walked out of the room to find iodine

and cotton swabs.

Taking advantage of this moment, Queenie put on her nightgown in a hurry.

“Your knees are injured. Let me help you apply iodine for disinfection.”

John carefully wiped the bruise on her knees with a cotton swab dipped in lodine.

“…I can do it myself!”

Queenie said in a trembling voice.

Although she had put on a nightdress, her clothes was still relatively thin. It was a little shameful to face

John in such a posture.

“Don’t move!”

However, at this time, John shouted in a low voice with a serious expression,

Queenie was slightly stunned.

Then she buried her head into the quilt shyly.

What a shame!


This younger brother seemed to be a little domineering!

John slept soundly this night.

The second day, when he got up, Queenie had already gone to the company. In the living room there was some breakfast she made for him. And there was a love note left beside it.

“Little bastard, have your breakfast!”

She drew a smiling face at the back.

John’s heart was full of happiness.

Although Queenie was cold outside, she would definitely be a warm-hearted sister at home.

Therefore, he couldn’t let her suffer any grievance.

Thinking of this, a cold light flashed in John’s eyes. He took out his mobile phone and dialed a special



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