Chapter 4 - Mafia Don And His 7 Sisters

Chapter 4 Whoever abused my sisters would be punished with no mercy!

After chatting for more than half an hour, Queenie stood up and said, “Grandpa, I’m going back to the Queenie Group. I’ll come to see you next time.”

“Well, your business is the priority. Everything is fine here.” Mr. Wodehouse said with relief.

“If Gary dares to make you angry again, please tell me and I will teach him a lesson.”

After saying goodbye to Mr. Wodehouse, Queenie looked at John and said, “You come with me, I have something to tell you.”

John nodded and followed her silently.

When they walked out of the yard, John saw a Porsche 911 parked on the side of the road, and the driver was waiting for her.

“Get in the car.”

Queenie said concisely.

As soon as John got into the back seat of the Porsche, he felt a chill, because her sister, Queenie stared at

him with cold eyes.

John was slightly shocked.

What’s wrong with her? Even if they hadn’t seen each other for fifteen years and were estranged from each other, she wouldn’t be so cold to him, would she?

“Tell me, what’s your intention to approach Mr. Wodehouse?” Queenie said coldly.

My intention?

“Sister, what are you talking about?”

“Are you still trying to pretend to be my younger brother? Since I don’t have so much time to waste on you,

just tell me how much money you want!”

Queenie looked at John coldly.

Hearing her words, John sighed in relief and finally understood the reason why his sister was so indifferent

to him because she treated him as a fake.


A smile suddenly appeared at the corners of his lips. Then he came up with an idea to tease his sister and leaned his back against the back seat, looking very lazy.

“Since you know I’m a fake, why didn’t you expose me in front of Grandpa just now?”

So he finally admitted it.

The expression on Queenie’s face became colder and colder.

Indeed, as John thought, she didn’t think her brother was still alive at all. She didn’t mention it just because she didn’t want to disappoint Mr. Wodehouse.

She knew Mr. Wodehouse still felt guilty for her younger brother’s missing these years. Although she felt sorry for him, there was nothing she could do

It was the first time that she saw the smile on Mr. Wodehouse’s face in the past decade, so Queenie couldn’t bear to speak out her doubts about John’s true identity.

Of course, she didn’t have to explain it to a fake, so she just looked at John coldly without answering his


John shrugged and said, “Since we have the same ‘destination’, how is bout giving me a ride first?”

Then he closed his eyes right after saying so.

Queenie had no choice but turned to her driver and said, “Drive.”

Everyone kept quiet when the Porsche was moving on the road, and the atmosphere in the car dropped to the

freezing point.

Her pretty face was as cold as ice.

After driving for about twenty minutes, Queenie suddenly frowned and said, “This is not the way to the

Queenie Group.”

But the driver just kept driving in a straight line as if he heard nothing.

Queenie had a bad feeling.


Finally, the car stopped in an open space.

The driver turned to Queenie and said with an evil smile, “Queenie, my boss wants something from you, be cooperate then you won’t get hurt.”

“Sam, what do you mean?” Queenie said coldly.

“Take it easy, I just want you to cooperate with me to take a few photos, But before that, you have to be


As he spoke, Sam locked the door, then took out a camera and a sharp knife that he hid under the driver’s

seat before.

“Queenie, you are a smart woman. You should know what to do, right?”

Then he took a look at John and said:

“Brat, you are so lucky today. So many men were eager to see the naked body of this ‘ice queen’, and now you

got a chance to take a look.”

Sam was going to take some nude photos of his elder sister.

Instead of shouting, Queenie stared at Sam with a cold face and asked, ‘Could you tell me who is your boss first? the Beauty Group or Jack?”

The Beauty Group and the Queenie Group both focused on the skin care products market. The two companies had been fighting openly and secretly for years.

Recently, the Queenie Group was about to be listed. If Queenie’s nude photos were exposed at this time, it would undoubtedly cause a fatal blow to the Queenie Group.

As for Jack, the HR manager of the Queenie Group. Since this new driver was hired by him, he must be somehow related to the Beauty Group.

“I’ve heard that you are both smart and bold, and I confirmed it with my own eyes today.” Sam clapped as he

said so.

His words undoubtedly confirmed her guess.

“Queenie, I always have a tender heart for women, especially for a lofty goddess like you, so you’d better take off your clothes yourself!”

*If you force me to do it for you, I may do something else after taking your pictures, ha hal

It seemed that he had expected that Queenie would not obey him. His eyes began to flicker with greed.

But at this moment:


Suddenly, Sam’s wrist was grabbed by a big hand, and then he met John’s cold eyes

“How dare you bully my sister in front of me? I’m sure you will soon regret what you did!”

His voice was as cold as his eyes.

In the past five years, John had met a lot of people on the battlefield. As long as someone showed a trace of

malice, he could tell it by a glance.

By the first time he saw the driver, John soon noticed something was wrong with his twinkling eyes, which was why he asked her sister to give him a ride.

Now it turned out he was right.

“Brat, don’t be so ungrateful!”

Sam’s face darkened, “I’ve already given you a chance to watch the play for free, so just stay out of my way! My patience is limited, so I won’t warn you twice!”

After saying so, Sam tried to pull his arm back, but he was soon shocked by John’s strength, his fingers were

as unbreakable as iron pliers.

All of a sudden.


With a crisp cracking sound, the bones of his wrist were instantly smashed as the knife fell,


It never occurred to him that a man’s fingers could be so powerful that crushed his wrist bone with only one


Sam screamed in fear.

He hurriedly threw the camera away, crazily opened the door lock, and escaped.

However, he soon felt a sharp pain in his legs, and then knelt on the ground.

Two stones were deeply embedded in his legs like two rounds of bullets.

‘What the hell happened to my legs? Ah!!!’ Sam screamed from the deep of his heart and almost wet his


A wave of unprecedented fear enveloped him, and his whole body was trembling violently.

“No one was allowed to bully my sisters including myself. You must be out of your mind to touch my elder sister, am I right?”

John stepped forward and stamped hard on the injured part of his leg.


With another scream like a pig being butchered, he passed out in pain.

Everyone who touched the tail of the tiger will be eaten!

And John’s “tail” was his sister. Anyone who dared to hurt his seven sisters would have to bear the anger of

the Oracle King.

If Sam was on the battlefield, he would have been dead already.

Queenie also got out of the car and stood behind John. Seeing what he did to Sam, her beautiful eyes couldn’t help trembling.

“Who the hell are you?” Queenie asked.

At this time, John suddenly turned around and took off his trousers.

“Sister, look!”

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