Chapter 5 - Mafia Don And His 7 Sisters

Chapter 5 The birthmark and purple lightning!

Queenie panicked, an unprecedented panic filled her mind, mixed with incomparably strong shyness and


Queenie had already changed her opinion of John since he helped her out of danger just now. She also wanted to make friends with him even if he was not her brother.

But she never expected he could take off his trousers in front of her.

Queenie had a feeling that she had just escaped from the wolves but was soon trapped in the tiger’s den.

She struggled to get up in anger, but what she saw next made her stunned.

John has a secret mark on his body. On the outer side of his thigh, there was a birthmark, which looked like.

purple lightning.

Almost all the children in the welfare house knew it.

Including his seven sisters.

Therefore, when Queenie saw the purple lightning on his body, she knew that the young man in front of her

was her younger brother, John, who had been separated from her for fifteen years.

“John, so you are not a fake, you are my younger brother! I thought I would never see you again.”

Queenie stood up and held John in her arms with the tears streaming down her face.

John’s nose twitched.

Nothing had changed. Queenie was still the sister who loved him the most. In the past fifteen years, the relationship between them had not become alienated, but more and more intimate.

John was moved and swore to himself that he would try his best to protect his sister for the rest of his life.

But why did he always feel that something was wrong with the lower part of his body?

Soon, John found the answer and said with a bitter smile, “Sister, let me put on my trousers first.”

……”Queenie was speechless for a second.

With her face blushed, but soon she glared at John and said, “You don’t have to be shy in front of me, I’ve seen it many times before!”

“But sister, there is someone else here.”


She suddenly realized that there were not only the two of them in this place.

She hurried to check on Sam and found that he was still unconscious. Then she breathed a sigh of relief.

Sam would never know that he had missed a perfect chance to take the photos.

The Porsche 911 started again.

The driver was Queenie, while John sat in the passenger seat.

They hadn’t seen each other for so many years, so they had a lot to talk about.

But what she cared about most was how John survived the fire fifteen years ago.

And where did he go in the past fifteen years?

John answered Queenie’s questions one by one, except for his five-year journey on the battlefield. He only told her that an old wizard saved him and taught him a lot in the past fifteen years.

After hearing this, Queenie cast a stern glance at him and said, “Are you telling me the fairy tale story here?”

Of course, she wouldn’t believe such a ridiculous fact.

John felt so helpless about his sister’s reaction.

Fortunately, Queenie didn’t insist on getting to the bottom of his story and soon changed the subject.

“I don’t know how your other sisters will feel if they know that you are still alive and already become a

handsome young man.”

“Hey, keep it a secret. I’m going to surprise them one by one.”

“You are such a bad boy.”

Queenie smiled knowingly.

They chatted on the way to the Queenie Group, and when they came to their senses, they had already arrived.

When the two entered the Queenie Building, talking and laughing, everyone showed an unbelievable


Their icy goddess had never been so intimate with a man before.

Some of her fans could be heartbroken.

They were doomed to suffer from insomnia tonight.

The first thing Queenie did when she came back to the company was to ask Jack, the HR manager, to get out

as soon as possible.

She was never sloppy in her business and life.

Queenie was such a vigorous and resolute woman.

Since the position of HR manager was vacant. Queenie blinked at John and said, “Little John, are you interested in being a manager?”

John shook his head with a bitter smile, “No, I don’t know how to manage a company.”

Although he was the king of the Oracle and his thirty-six subordinates were all famous soldiers, being a king

was different from being a manager of the company.

It only needed a strong force to manage the Oracle, but managing the company needed various rules and


John was not good at the desk job.

However, Queenie said, “It doesn’t matter. I just want you to stay here with me. If you don’t know what to do, Amy will teach you.”

Amy was Queenie’s secretary. The two of them had a good relationship. They were superior and subordinate in the company and best friends in private.

Since his elder sister had made up her mind, John had to agree first. If he felt it was not appropriate, he

could quit at any time.

When John and Queenie were talking, Amy knocked on the door and came in.

Amy was a sexy woman, about 25-26 years old. She always wore an office lady outfit with her white legs tightly wrapped in black silk stockings, which attracted every man’s eyes in the office.

A pair of pink glasses covered a lachrymal mole at the corner of her eye, which made her much sexier.

On the whole, Amy was pretty enough to be the second goddess as Queenie.

However, John only took a glance at Amy and soon looked away. In his heart, no woman in the world could compare with his seven sisters.

“Amy, you come at the right time. I’ll introduce someone to you.”

“He is my younger brother, John. I’m going to give him the position of HR manager. What do you think?”

Following her eyes, Amy looked at John with an intriguing expression.

When she was outside the door, she already heard her colleagues talking that the CEO came back with a toy


Of course, Amy didn’t believe it, because she knew that her boss had a high aesthetic perspective on men and not everyone could attract her attention.

But now it seemed that the CEO was depraved.

“Boss, I got something to say to you, but I’m not sure if you are willing to hear or not.”

Although the two of them were on good terms, Amy was very sensible to call her “Boss” in the company.

Queenie smiled and said, “We are best friends. If you have anything to say, just say it!”

After she said so, Amy touched her pink glasses with a serious look and said:

“I think the company is going to be listed soon, so it’s better not to do the personnel changes these days, especially the position of the HR manager. I suggest leaving it empty instead of letting your younger brother

take the position.”

“Oh? Could you tell me the reason?”

Amy thought for a while and finally said two words, “Company’s reputation.”

“Amy, you think John is my toy boy, right?” Queenie was so smart that she immediately understood what she


Amy said, “It’s not only what I think, everyone in the company thinks so.”

The company would be listed soon. If the news that Queenie kicked off an old employee to help her toy boy get the position, the company’s reputation would surely be damaged.

Of course, Queenie was fully aware of the consequence of her decision, but she didn’t want to explain too much to Amy. She waved her hand and said:

“I’ve made up my mind. From now on, John will be the HR manager of our company. Amy, please lead John to

his office first.”


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