Chapter 4 - Welcome Home Mate

I decided to head to the office to get some work done after being in my room.

I walked back to the office and walked in.

I noticed my father sitting at the desk, buried in paperwork. He looked up at me and smiled. “There you are,” he said.

He moves out of the chair and walks around the desk, heading straight toward me.

“Have you heard that she's back?” he asks.

I nodded, but I walked past him to get to the desk. I could feel my father’s eyes on me as I sat down and looked up at him.

“What’s wrong?” he asks with a frown as he takes the chair in front of me.

Once he sits, he looks at me.

I couldn’t help but sigh, “I know she’s back, and I’m happy,” I said to him, “I just hope she accepts me. I hurt her feelings the last time I saw her.”

“You had to let her go,” he says. “You would have been driven mad knowing you couldn't touch her or be with her.”

I knew that; I was so excited when I found out, but I realized that she was only thirteen. My world came crashing down around me. I had to wait six years to claim her, which never sat well for Blaze or me. Werewolf law states if a mate is older than their mate, they have to wait till they are at the right to consent. I was screwed.

At first, it was okay, but then her scent was everywhere, which drove Blaze crazy. He wanted to be around her. I had to be locked in a cell a few times because my damn wolf wanted her. The mate bond was strong between us, and it was hard to control Blaze.

My father stares at me, “She will,” he says. “She might need some time, but she will want you. You just have to be honest and straightforward with her.”

I smiled, but I felt all kinds of emotions, but mainly my nerves were getting to me.

“Lex, she will accept you and become your Luna,” he says.

I looked up and stared at him, “I hope so,” I said.

My father nods, “let’s get the paperwork down, and by the time we finish, it will be time to head over to see Roxie,” he says.

I nodded and got to work on the paperwork my father was working on before I came into the office.

I’m the alpha of the Blue Shadow Moon pack, and I took over from my father about four years ago. My father has always shown me the ropes of running the pack throughout my life. When I took over, he helped me out whenever I needed him.

My mum died when I was young, so I’m all he has. I'm hoping once Roxie takes her place as my Luna, my father will start living more for himself. He deserves to be happy.

Time flies when you are having fun, not.

After a few hours, my father moved into his chair, and I could feel him looking at me.

I glanced up and noticed that his face was blank, someone was mind-linking him.

My stomach started to go into knots; maybe we can go and see her.

Blaze stirs in my head and looks through my eyes.

I glance at him and notice a smile. “We are going to see mate,” he says.

I looked at my father, who was smiling. “I guess Blaze told you we could leave now for the meal,” he said.

I can't help but smile.

Truth be told, my stomach was all knotted up; I didn’t know whether I was going to be sick or burst with excitement.

“Why the hell do I feel so sick?” I muttered to him.

My father smirks, “It’s the thought of seeing your mate,” he says. “I remember feeling the same way when I saw your mother; she could take my breath away, and the ground would swallow me up.”

I smiled, but I could see the sadness forming on his face. He does this whenever he thinks about mum. I wish the moon goddess would give him a second chance mate.

My father shakes his head, shaking his thoughts away, and looks at me. “Let’s go; we can finish this work tomorrow or another day,” he says.

I nodded and got up, moving from around the desk.

My father gets to the door, and we both leave the office.

We both walked through the packhouse and left on foot as Roxie’s house wasn’t that far away from the packhouse.

My father and I walk in silence, but I know he wants to tell me something. I look at him as he opens his mouth, “I have to ask,” he says and looks at me, “when do you think you and Roxie will announce her as your Luna?”

“Dad, let’s see what happens first,” I said to him, trying not to sound overly confident. “I want to say as soon as possible, but it all depends on what happens when we see each other.”

My father nods. “I think so too; Tim mentioned that Roxie only wanted her family there,” he says and glances towards me. “But he told me that we should come as you have been waiting long enough to see her.”

Thank you, Tim, I thought.

We walked through the forest and come to their house.

I remember staying over here a few times over the years with Jason. His father would let us get ready to go out or even have a few games of pool in the garage. The house has never been changed. Well, decorating-wise, it hasn't; Tim wanted to keep everything the way his mate left it as it reminded him of his mate and also Jason and Roxie. They lost their mum nine years ago. Jason took it hard, but Tim told us that Roxie suffered more as she was close to her. Jason stayed with us more while Tim kept a closer eye on Roxie. I knew how they felt, but I lost mine when I was five.

The house came into view. It looks small on the outside, but it is enormous inside. Tim kept adding to it. When Jason turned fifteen, he added a garage to the house, which he turned into a game and gym section for us boys to work out in. It was fantastic as we would all be there, working out. I never saw Roxie there, but we were older than her.

As we approach the door, my father walks in front of me and rings the doorbell, which can be heard around the house.

After a few moments, the door opened and there stood Tim with a smile on his face.

My father and Tim mutter a few words, but I'm hit with the most intoxicating scent that stirs Blaze and everything inside me as soon as I walk inside.

I didn’t move and stared towards the kitchen door.

Blaze is close, and he wants to see her. He has been dying to see her as much as I have.

“You okay there,” says Tim. I looked at my father and him, and they had stupid smirks on their faces.

I can’t speak, as I don’t know whether I can get my words out or not.

I nodded to them.

Tim moves and walks first, opening the kitchen door with my father following him.

I walked behind them both.

Her scent is strong, and Blaze is going crazy in my head. He wants to see her, and he wants her.

“Rein it in dude,” I said to him, “We don’t want to scare her away.”

“I can’t human,” he says with drool slipping from his mouth, “all I want to do is mound her and have her in every dirty position I can think of.”

Damn wolf, he needs to have his nuts chopped or something.

Sensing my thoughts, he frowns, “Don’t be an idiot,” he says, “we want pups, and I want to make her have as many as she will give us.”

I groan inwardly.

My father walks through the kitchen door, and I walk behind him. My eyes scan the kitchen, but they instantly land on the most stunning creature known to man in front of me.

As I looked at her, my mouth seemed to have gone all dry. I can’t help but take in her beauty. She was not the scrawny little girl I remember. Her features are stunning with light makeup on, her hair now brown hair with a hint of red going through it.

I can feel my cock twitch in my pants.

Her eyes were glued to me, and no one was saying anything.

I couldn’t help but smirk. “Welcome home, mate,” I said.

Her face never changed, but I could sense she was talking to her wolf.

There was another pause, but she looked at me, “Hello Alexander, it’s been a while,” she said with a slight smirk.

Fuck, she still calls me by my first name.

I groan, but I look towards Jason, who has a stupid smirk on his face.

“Well, why don’t we all take our seats?” says Tim as he sits at the head of the table. My father heads to the other end while a seat faces my mate, so I sit in front of her.

Her eyes follow my every move as I sit in front of her.

I can feel my cock harden slightly.

As we all sit around the table, Tim gets up and places all the dishes on the table.

Food was served, and we all dished out what we all wanted. I kept sneaking glances at Roxie, but she kept her head down.

Jason and my dad were making small talk. While Tim and Sofia were eating quietly, their eyes glanced between Roxie and me.

I continued to look at Roxie while placing some meat into my mouth, but she never looked up from her plate. But I could feel the change in the air around her, “Stop looking at me,” Roxie says as she looks up from her plate. “Why don't you take a picture to remember me.”

I smirk.

Blaze smirks too, “Mate's feisty,” he says. “I like it.”

I have to admit; I like it too. She is making everything come alive inside me. I stared at her more, and her eyes never left mine.

Without saying anything, she moves her chair back and gets up. She doesn’t eat anything. She looks away from me and glances at everyone who has now gone quiet around the table. Her eyes landed on her father.

Where the hell is she going?

I was about to move, but she turned her attention back to me and looked at me, “How long have you known about us?” she asked.

I stared at her, but I didn't say anything. I don't want to have this conversation in front of everyone.

Sensing I wouldn't tell her, she sighs. “Okay, how long have you all known then?” she asks as she stares at her father.

The room is silent.

All eyes are on my mate, but I know everyone wants me to open my mouth, but where do I start?